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  • There are comedies that aren't all that funny. There are those who are dull and boring. "Nasa mala klinika" isn't any of those. It's just plain stupid.

    I don't know any person who watched this. As a matter of fact, I don't know anyone who managed to withstand one whole episode, me included. God knows I tried, but alas, it was too tough to bare.

    "Nasa mala klinika" or "Our little clinic" is thought to be a sitcom based in a local hospital. The idea wouldn't have been all that bad if the scriptwriters pushed some effort. They didn't. The appearance is a mix of screaming, bad jokes and wannabe funny characters (but not funny at all). To make an impression of humor, their names were made in an effort to sound silly like "Dr. Rabbit" or "Primarius Butt". The saddest thing about all is that the authors of this cyborg are also the creators of "Top lista nadrealista", which by all means WAS one of the best bright-witted TV entertainment shows in ex Yugoslavia... such a disappointment.
  • This is the lowest point of comedy, the worst of the worst, utterly unwatchable, horrible acting.

    The question is how exactly this series have over 70 episodes? Were there actual people who have watched this?

    If anyone is going to read this, PLEASE never ever think about watching this, Croatian version is superior in literally every single aspect.