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  • This is a wonderful, endearing film which appears to be the beginning of a series on Hallmark network.

    While it resembles the former Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman television show of years back, we need more of this quality, heartwarming tales.

    Two female doctors venture forth to the west, this time Missouri. In a rural area, they encounter a cholera epidemic as well as the usual superstitions, prejudice and viciousness of a town in believing that the orphans caused the outbreak.

    82 year old Cloris Leachman is just wonderful as a dedicated woman working in the orphanage. There is also fine acting by Patrick Duffy as the conflicted mayor of the town and by director Lou Diamond Philips, who also plays a heavy in the film.

    One doctor soon finds a male interest and by the end of the show, they wed. Of course, just like Dr. Quinn, they adopt Lillian, a precocious youngster caught up in the epidemic, who acts like a young Florence Nightingale.

    Looking forward to the continuation of this Love series.
  • Two female doctors Haylie Duff and Sarah Jones come to Sikeston, Missouri and none too soon. The town is in the grip of an epidemic that appears to have started in the town orphanage. It's soon identified not as a kind of influenza as was thought, but the far more deadly cholera, most common back in a time of less sanitation.

    Besides having to battle the usual Victorian prejudices about women in certain male only professions, both women especially Duff have their own demons to battle. Duff in fact is a recent widow who was unable to save her husband despite her medical training. Back two centuries ago, it was common for folks to die a lot younger.

    The only real support they get is from the matron of the orphanage, Cloris Leachman and from Jordan Bridges the town blacksmith whom Duff gets romantically involved with. They have a week mayor in Patrick Duffy who wants to do the right thing, but is also mindful he has to go to these folks for votes later on. Sikeston also has a rabble rouser in Lou Diamond Phillips who lost family members and is willing to just throw the sick orphans on the street and out of town.

    In addition to being the Grinch of the story, Lou Diamond Phillips also directs Love Takes Wing and gets nice performances from his cast. Particularly effective are the scenes with Haylie Duff and orphan Annalise Basso who bond quite nicely in the story and on the screen.

    How do they deal with the epidemic? Well it seems that Johns Hopkins has developed a brand new technique for dealing with dehydration which is how cholera kills. I won't say, but I will say that nowadays it's something taken for granted.

    Which shows you that even the most matter of fact and mundane things we have now are things that someone had to think up and bring about. And prove they work.

    Love Takes Wing is a nice family film from the Hallmark Channel definitely worth a viewing.
  • This is the seventh movie in the Love Comes Softly series.If you Love this movie you just have to start from the beginning .The movies in order is as follows....

    1.Love Comes Softly 2.Love's Enduring Promise 3.Love's Long Journey 4.Love's Abiding Joy 5.Love's Unending Legacy 6.Love's Unfolding Dream 7.Love Takes Wing 8.Love Finds a Home

    I really Love this series of movies.If you like to read the books are a must.This and all the other movies it this series are prefect for the whole family. That is not always the case with other movies made today.The Hallmark channel brings us great movies that everyone can enjoy and learn some good morals to boot.
  • The eighth of Janette Oke's novels to be translated to a Hallmark TV movie is full of peculiar choices. First is the casting of Annalise Basso and Haylie Duff as nineteenth-century graduates of Harvard Medical School. Each is younger than 25 and could play 15 if she wished. This makes for a very unprepossessing start to the movie that it never quite overcomes.

    Director Lou Diamond Phillips makes some interesting choices among his supporting cast, including Cloris Leachman as the orphanage matron, Patrick Duffy as the out-of-his-depth mayor and himself as the local bigot. These characters are presented early on, along with with a cholera epic, leading to a story that by now is fairly cut-and-dried.
  • Belinda comes into this movie with her husband having recently died from disease. As a result, Belinda is bitter with God. This faith based movie centers on her struggle.

    In the previous movie, Belinda, as a teen, had a chip on her shoulder as she face a male dominated world with the dream of becoming a doctor. In this movie, that chip has become a mountain, and it makes her completely unequipped for the challenge before her. If she isn't facing enough of a challenge, her attitude can do nothing to help her deal with townspeople who are already suspicious of a stranger and a woman. It also doesn't make her winsome for the viewer.

    Lee is a saint and a little too perfect, but he is likeable. Unfortunately, Belinda is so bitter, it's hard to see any chemistry.

    Lou Diamond Phillips is the director and as an actor plays a character that is totally one dimensional. It is a terrible job of acting and only he can be responsible. None of the acting is outstanding. Sarah Jones shows almost no spark but much of that is the result of the character's bitterness.

    The story is somber. There is a complication or two that really aren't altogether clear as to how they impact the outcome. Despite all the negatives, the underlying story comes through. Of course it is sappy, and ultimately predictable, but there is room to enjoy the finished product.

    There is a scene near the end that has no subtlety whatsoever. When you see it, you'll know it.
  • The seventh part in the Hallmark's 'Love Comes Softly' movie series. Yet another satisfying movie with the convincing performances. I expected this part to take place in a city, but deliberately avoiding those things from happening. One thing from this series is crystal clear, that is the women and their live struggles in the countryside.

    The story continued, but as usual once again the cast has been changed as the timeline did. After the medical graduation and her husband's death, the mourning Belinda returns to the rural life. In the town where everybody panicked for the sudden deaths, blames for the orphanage. Belinda's arrive brings a new hope, so would she stand and deliver what people are expecting is the remaining story.

    The movie series is reached at a different level now. Comparing this to the first, not only the cast and characters changed, but the plot as well. So far the story was narrated moving forward to the next generation and their struggle. Now with this, a new view about the society and its causes. Well, there is a romance, but less focused on it to give a chance to explore on the fresh subject.

    "I wouldn't be who I was today if I hadn't grow-up the way I did."

    Of all the films, the cast was the best thing happened. The women were beautiful by appearance and excellent in character display. Particularly in this, Haylie Duff filled that part, but she's only been a sidekick and I hope she will return in the next as well. Because the character Belinda became more serious and professional. Refuses to blend in with the other characters, I mean in the human emotional way, in another word the chemistry is missing.

    That's not how we remember the women of this film series. They are gentle, caring and liked by the other characters around them. So, feels the change has come, but does it go on like this in the following films is the question. The old lady who runs the orphanage was the main attraction in the performance. That is also my weakness, I always fall for when I see the older people struggle in their lives. The role was small, maybe won't return in the next, but one of the best in the entire series.

    We have already talked about the deaths, especially the husband's, but the movie without a little girl is also impossible. It is kind of routine, without it the narration won't proceed, because they are the one who is going to lead in the follow-up films. In this the new girl, Lillian was introduced. The girl from one of my all time and favourite children's film 'Standing Up'. It was a wonderful role, but I already began to analyse her character's field of interest, because that's what the next narration going to be.

  • Some attention to detail would have paid off. Infusing a cloudy solution into patients blood would have caused an immense amount of pain because there is way too much in there and contents aren't properly dissolved. I didn't see a single patient stir from the pain. I can assure you one of those patients would have woken up in pain because they couldn't all be equally ill. They probably should have checked with an educated doctor or scientist before they made up those "solutions."

    Dramatically, the characters also didn't sell. Unfounded frustration and angry outbursts don't make for good viewing.
  • youngever_8719 August 2013
    it's actually that kind of movies you watch without being engaged in, the could be a negative point, but I see it a positive one for someone who want to watch simple light movie with good story and characters. Kevin Richardson plays the rule of some jerk here, and He did really well, and the story is about Dr. Blinda who goes to a city needing a doctor to treat a spreading flue that turns out to be Cholera. she was nice sweet looking but short tempered person who tend to judge everyone.

    her friend Anne is a rich girl, understanding and kept her inline in terms of dealing with the citizens and helps her through out the process. Mr. Owen, a very gentle lovely person supporting them as well and showing a strong yet loving personality.

    the movie talks about fate, believe, god and his reasons, telling the story of someone who lost his faith when he was surrounded by sorrow and hardships.
  • Before I begin, I'll say that I have always been a fan of Jeanette Oak and her work. I am not however, a fan of Hallmark channel movies.(I've always thought them to be too predictable and repetitive)The Love comes Softly series is no different, except for the fact that it is set in the 1800's. The constant playing of dramatic music is irritating and the acting is far too modern for a western movie.And to be honest, it doesn't stray far from the other Love Comes Softly movies. Girl meets boy, they fall in love and get married, then have a child who repeats the same thing in the next movie. I'll admit that the plot is intriguing enough to keep you watching,and if your looking for a good family film, then this is for you.All in all this movie is your typical, feel good, western-love story.If thats your cup of tea then you will enjoy this, otherwise don't watch it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was so excited when I heard they had made another movie in the Love Saga... boy was I disappointed when I saw this one.. Belinda was not Belinda at all-completely different character, different personality, and she was BLONDE- I was extremely disappointed to how much they changed Belinda-however after watching it again, I actually liked it taken out of the Love Saga context- If I take it as it's own movie and not identify it with the Saga, it's actually a very good movie, good storyline, and good acting-it's seeing her as Belinda that is disappointing-Jordan Bridges does a great job- I did not know his name the first time I saw it, but thought that his expressions and some facial features looked really familiar.. it drove me crazy- Finally I looked him up and discovered he was Beau Bridges' son.... his expressions and everything are Beau Bridges- Lou Diamond Phillips and Patrick Duffy do a Great job as well.. as well as the little orphan girl.. So I would recommend this movie as a movie on it's own.. but definitely not as part of the Love Saga-If that makes sense
  • I live in Sikeston Mo and this movie said it was filmed in Sikeston Mo. Can anyone give me any information on who came up with the town name? I looked up the writer and she came from Canada. I thought the movie was great and especially was excited when my town and state was mentioned several times in the movie. I cannot seem to find out any information on the internet so I thought I would try this comment section. thanks for any info on this and if you can direct me to a place on the net where i can look this up. several residents in my home town are anxious to find out how this came about. this is the most excitement to happen here.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Love Takes Wing is one of a series 'Love Is......' made for the Hallmark Television Channel.

    Now most of us know that Hallmark makes films for the entire family, similar to films from years back.

    The executive producer is Micheal Landon Jr.; this is the type film his late father would have made.

    It was written by Rachel Stuhler & adapted from the novel by Janette Oke,

    Lou Diamond Phillips directed capably & portrays a villainous character.

    Even though the setting is a small town in Missouri in the 1880's or '90's,it is not the usual type western that we know so well.

    The acting is very good,The following have major roles Sarah Jones, Hayley Duff, as 2 very young Doctors. Patrick Duffy as very political small town mayor. Cloris Leachman (she may be in her'80's) is excellent as the orphanage caretaker. Jordan Bridges (Grandson of Lloyd) as the blacksmith hero. I do not know the name of he actress who has the main juvenile role, She is adorable.

    Love Takes Wing is the sort of film that used to be on the lower half of a double bill.

    Nothing great just pleasant hokey entertainment.

    Ratings: *** (out of 4) 81 points (out of 100) IMDb 7 (out of 10)