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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is not in any way a cult classic. It's just a terrible movie. Amber Heard is hot in this. Billy Bob Thornton is ok in it. (He kind of phones it in.) Johnny Depp has more screentime than Theo James, but is uncredited somehow. Too much of the movie is taken up by a darts throwing yellow-toothed Jim Sturgess who plays it far too unsavory to be believable. And the film is made up of these horrible Thornton voiceovers and... you know what? You are probably going to watch because of the hot girl. But trust me, just put on Showgirls, it's a better movie.
  • mikehavekin20 February 2019
    I'm going to be brief: Jim Sturgess overacts so much it's embarrassing, my neighbours three dogs bark from the minute they leave to when they get back, Jim is way more irritating than them. It's like amateur dramatics night.

    Give this one a wide berth.
  • This movie is a real stinker and that's the best thing I can say about it. If Jim Stugess' does not win an award for most dreadful, horrible performance in a movie for London Fields, there is no God.
  • onestopconcepts30 October 2018
    This movie made no sense. Transitions were non existent, the character development was poor except for the main character who only seemed to make her appearance known by sleeping with all the male actors for no apparent reason. This was waste of money.
  • She just bad, idk kinda bringing down the entire movie
  • jacktiggermilner10 January 2020
    I managed about 10 minutes and I'm wondering if there is a worse actor in the industry than Jim Sturgess. How does he continue to get work? Not even lovely Theo James can persuade me to carry on!
  • This film tells the story of a writer who gets inspired by her neighbour of his flat swap.

    Seriously, this film is so sexually charged that it gets me uncomfortable. It basically is the vehicle to objectify Amber Heard, thereby fulfilling someone's perverted sexual fantasy. It tries a bit of noir, but it does not succeed. Instead, it is less than engaging and does not offer suspense or mystery as intended.
  • Two versions of London Fields are currently playing in theatres. The film most theatres are showing is the producer's cut, but select theatres are showing the director's cut instead.

    It's amazing how two different edits of the same film can make such different movies. Yesterday I saw the producer's cut of London Fields and today I saw the director's cut, and wow THE DIRECTOR'S CUT IS SO MUCH BETTER! Why isn't this one the main cut? Here the bad CGI'ed skies are substituted for tension, mystery, emotion, and a plot that's easier (plus more interesting) to follow; as well as a whole new score and different takes that bring out better performances from the actors. Every emotional beat is so much more powerful, which makes the mystery of who will kill Nicola Six that much more suspenseful and engaging.

    THIS is the version of the film that should be playing everywhere. The producer's cut honestly shouldn't even exist; it just doesn't add anything to the film. It's no wonder the director sued the producers over this. According to him the "main" cut released is a cut he hasn't been involved in for over four years.

    If you had any intrest in seeing London Fields I would 100% recommend seeing the director's cut, and if you liked the producer's cut then you'll love this one even more! It's still not a perfect film, but THIS one is more entertaining, engaging, suspensful, and overall just a better film. I really hope both cuts are released on the DVD to compare them even better; I find the whole thing so interesting.
  • jnrb715 July 2020
    The ingredients: (1) A very bored chain smoking Billy Bob Thornton without yellow fingers. (2) The femme fatale who is consumed by all things sexual like a female cat on heat. She doesn't work, prepare food or go shopping but instead prances around all day in her underwear in her flat in case male visitors arrive. She has also been living in the neighbourhood for a year but the boys never noticed before. How come? (3) The posh gentlemen who prefers to hang around in sleazy underground bars all by himself where he has no friends and doesn't fit in. (4) The dart player scumbag who squints his eyes and pulls faces every time he speaks as if someone emptied a bottle of lemon juice in his eyes. (5) The kid in a dinosaur suit who behaves like a total gremlin and has to be stopped physically or he will eat the furniture. Where can it go to from here? Only downwards, and we didn't even get to see her boobs.
  • One of the worst movies I've ever watched. Amber Heard plays a woman who has foreseen her own murder and spends the rest of the film trying to work out who her killer will be, apparently by ... shall we say "sleeping with" .... with all the possible suspects.

    I am writing this while half way through it and I already want to kill her myself. She sashays and vamps around valiantly, but cannot pull off the film noir vibe. Heaven only knows what Jim Sturgess thought he was doing. I would like to say he chews up the scenery, but I doubt his crack-head yellowed teeth would be up to the job. Billy Bob Thornton is, well, Billy Bob Thornton, only sleepier than usual. The only high spots are the few appearances by Johnny Depp as a cheerfully villainous Cockney gangster, but he is uncredited in the final product. One can only presume he did not want to be associated with this abomination.

    Pretentious, badly acted, boring tosh. Total waste of a good book and almost two hours of my life!Awful. Absolutely awful.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw "London Fields", starring Amber Heard-Justice League, Machete Kills; Billy Bob Thornton-The Bad Santa movies, On Deadly Ground; Jim Sturgess-Geostorm, Across the Universe and Theo James-The Underworld movies, Golden Boy_tv. This is a messed up, weird movie. And I like different types of movies, but this one is just strange. First off, it is about 3 years old-made in 2015-and I know this because of 2 things. First, I read the end credits and it had the date. Second, Amber's ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp makes a cameo and their scenes together are anything but antagonistic towards each other-in case you may be unfamiliar with their real life situation, they had a real bad messy break up. There are other cameos-Jaimie Alexander & Jason Isaacs just to name two-that are short and have no real reason for them doing them in the first place. Anyway, the plot goes something like this: Amber plays a woman living in England and she is clairvoyant. She sees her own murder but she's not a very good clairvoyant because she can only narrow her killer down to 3 men that she meets in a bar. Billy Bob, Jim and Theo. So her plan, you might ask? She decides to have an affair with each one. Billy Bob is a writer, Theo is a businessman and Jim is a darts player. A lot of things in the movie just don't make sense-maybe it was edited a lot in the last 3 years. Oh, and the movie title, London Fields, is the name of the book that Billy Bob is writing but I don't remember seeing any fields-the book is about Amber. It's rated "R" for violence, drug use, language and sexual content-including nudity-and has a running time of 1 hour & 58 minutes. I would not buy this on DVD. I wouldn't rent it, either. If you really want to see this movie, I would wait until it comes to cable tv.
  • I've sat through all kinds of awful movies to their end because something or someone kept me interested. Some movies are so bad they're fun to watch. Some really bad movies I've given 30 to 40 minutes hoping they might get better but eventually I realized it was pointless and gave up. I made it through only 10 minutes and 41 seconds of London Fields before I said to myself, this is awful and turned it off. I have no idea what the director was going for with the over the top acting, the close-ups, the stupidly of it, but if you're annoyed 10 minutes in, why bother ? Why is Amber Heard the star of anything (well we all know and it's not her acting talent) ? BTW, I was watching the directors cut which many fake reviews here tout as better then the theatrical version. If you worship Amber Heard this is your movie.
  • ap29076117 February 2019
    There are bad films, and there are pretentious films. This one does not belong to the former category.
  • If you want the real outcome of the movie, check out the box office. High budget, low ROI.
  • SnoopyStyle29 March 2019
    Struggling writer Samson Young (Billy Bob Thornton), sleazy darts player Keith Talent (Jim Sturgess), and well dressed man Guy Clinch (Theo James) are in a dive bar when Nicola Six (Amber Heard) walks in dressed in sexy mourning. The clairvoyant femme fatale can see the deaths of people. In that moment, she realizes that she has seen her eventual murderer. She lives above Samson and is a character in the story he's writing.

    It's a disjointed mess. I like a few of the surreal touches but dislike a whole lot more other ones. The Enola Gay makes Guy look stupid or is the writing stupid? Or is the writer's expectations of the audience is too low? At least, the story could be about Bockscar and Fat Man. It just makes the movie stupid overall. Next, Samson Young is an unreliable narrator. He's a sleepy unreliable creator. It makes everything in the movie unreliable. In addition, Amber Heard is nothing but sex. She's an empty character. There is no motivation. She is a figment of Samson's imagination. She is a surreal fake creation of the male libido. She's a sex robot bending to each male's fantasy. Finally, there is Jim Sturgess contorting his face unnaturally beyond camp. It's completely ridiculous. With the darts playing, it reminds me of The Big Lebowski but in a bad way. There is no loveable character. There is no fun. There is no enjoyable quirkiness. This is a mess waiting for the reveal which I don't care about with characters that are not compelling.
  • Oh wow! I just saw this in theaters and your telling me it's been out since 2015? I guess that's the biz of showbiz, this movie is bizarre enough for me to believe that they could not find anyone who wanted to distribute it.

    This also explains why Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are in the same movie. In 2015 I think the two were still together. They did not share any scenes in the movie (Maybe they had to reedited so that was the case explaining the long delay of release).

    London Fields love itself far too much that it's not listening to anyone telling it how dull this is. I will say this, I did not see the ending coming of this mystery because of the oddness of the film, which I can totally respect.

    Billy Bob Thornton plays a washed up writer from Hell's kitchen who switches homes with a hot shot writer from London in hopes he can write his next book and he gets and idea when he discovers his next store neighbor, Amber Herd has predicted that someone will kill her and has agreed to let the writer observe to see how it will lay out.

    The film looks beautiful and gets you in the mood of the Murder Mystery. I found it interesting that I could not tell what time period the movie falls under. I think it's a near future, that has better cell phones then we do now, but I'm not sure. Amber Heard does help in the beauty of this film as it's definitely her purpose in the film to play that classic Femme Fatale.

    I like Billy Bob Thornton and he was interesting enough, although his narration of the film did not get me into the story. This is true of most of the male cast members including Depp who quirky behavior was just corny. I say don't see it.
  • Don't waste your time ,it's not worth it, so boring, don't
  • larrys313 March 2019
    An extremely bizarre, dark, and nonsensical noir. Unless you are fixated to see the sultry and erotic Amber Heard vamping it up or an unrecognizable Jim Sturgess in a completely over-the-top portrayal I can see no reason to view this flick. Is it any wonder Johnny Depp, in a peripheral role, wanted to remain uncredited? I would say stay as far away as humanly possible and avoid this disaster of a movie.
  • Amber Heard is no movie star. She will never be a good actress and her best movie was Zombieland which she has less screen time in then it takes most of us to go to the bathroom. This movie's plot made no coherent direction from one scene to the next. There are certainly worse ways you can spend 120 minutes of your life but that list is as short as a baby's arm. Do not waste your time on this unfathomable and unforgettable film. I've seen better acting in my 8 year old son's school play. If your a fan of Amber Heard than make sure you have a subscription to the Limetime movie channel.
  • I'm not going to write much in the defence of London Fields (even though I gave it a 6/10, you'll understand why in the next paragraph) but when I review bad movies, I always start with the positives. I was intrigued by London Fields for around the first 10 minutes. The dialogue by our narrator Samson Young (Billy Bob Thorton) is heavy handed but they know how to setup a mystery. Its obvious that the story will have a different kind of slant to it (both by the beginning flash-forward and the bizarre notes about the current global climate within the story) and it caught my attention. The movie very quickly went off the rails with the introduction of Keith Talent (Jim Sturgess) and Guy Clinch (Theo James) but I have to admit, I was interested for a short period of time. The other note I'll make is that Amber Heard was appropriately cast as Nicola Six and she was trying so hard in this. She couldn't save this train wreck of a movie and I felt bad for her because of how desperate the team behind the camera are to remind you of how hot she is in every single moment she is on screen (I appreciated how beautiful she is but a lot of her steamy scenes border on porn and I doubt she consented to that). I wouldn't define this as an award-worthy performance but when the rest of the cast is so out of whack, she's at least playing in the appropriate area and she fits the part.

    Some movies are made for the uninitiated and some are made for the fans. The plot in London Fields must require you to be familiar with the source material because it is so scatterbrained, I don't know if I could have wrapped my mind around it with a second viewing. London is in crisis, people have fled the city, are we offered a detailed explanation why? Nope, just go along with it. Our narrator Samson (a terminally ill writer) is dying of an unspecified illness but he's resigned and almost nonchalant about it. Why is he dying? Why is he okay with it? Never mind that. Why is he interacting with all the fictional characters in his new book? Why is he seen by some and ignored by others? How is Nicola able to see the future? If she's aware of what will happen, why doesn't she try to protect herself? There were answers offered to some of these questions but none were satisfying or made much sense. Compounding on this is the ridiculous dialogue which is okay at best and at worst just awful. I got plenty of laughs from this movie but I don't think any of them were on purpose.

    The supporting cast is either at one end of the spectrum or the other. They're either underplaying it so badly that you can imagine them asking for their lines after every take or they're chewing the scenery with such an over-the-top bravado that it left me howling. On the under-performing side, we have Billy Bob Thorton, Theo James, Jaimie Alexander and Cara Delevigne (who is only in the movie for about 5-10 minutes). Thorton is a good actor when he's committed and while I'm almost certain he was directed to be this way, boredom radiates off his performance. He's sleepwalking through this and I don't think there was much he could do. Theo isn't a terrible actor but he's normally a little bland and this is definitely more of that. On the other side, we have Jim Sturgess, Jason Isaacs and Johnny Depp who are all swinging for the fences. Sturgess is overdoing his character in an epic sense here, I was laughing at him every time he was on screen. Between how ridiculously sleazy his character looks to his mind-blowing delivery, he was hitting Sean Penn from Gangster Squad levels in scenery chewing. We also have Depp in a pretty small role, he's at least fun in his small bits but its a lot like his shtick in Mortdecai where its too cartoony to even be in the same ballpark as reality. We also have Isaacs in voice over, he's so sly and scummy in this that his voice is the embodiment of the cat who ate the canary. There's only 1 other movie that I can think of that features such a wide range of laughable stuff from the cast (I'll be talking about it in the closing paragraph to this review).

    I started out laughing, then I slipped into being dumbfounded and by the end, I was a mix of being in awe and snickering under my breath. The twists and character motivations in this movie are so hard to determine even though if you diagrammed the plot, it would be so simple. Through the perspective of Samson, there was a lot of potential to really play with the style the movie was being filmed with (e.g. the movie Limitless where we see the effects of the drug) with Samson drifting in an out of sanity or "the real world." But while the movie isn't without any style, there's very little here that's going to be memorable or that's going to catch your eye. I know the budget was modest but if you don't have the material to carry the movie, do something else that's going to elevate it.

    The behind-the-scenes notes about London Fields paint an accurate picture of how much of a misfire this is. But I couldn't turn away from the screen or even stop giggling at the gigantic mess London Fields is. I think this would make a great so-bonkers-its-good double feature with the 2018 release Terminal. Both feature a stylized attempt at noir with some Guy Ritchie style sprinkled in and they both miss the boat completely. Both feature a gorgeous and talented lead actress who are trying their best but the movie drags them down like anchor tied around their ankles. Both feature a supporting cast that is so all-over-the-place that you can't pin them down as disinterested or way too committed. Lastly, they also both have an ending twist that attempts to shock the viewer and doesn't quite get there (admittedly though Terminal wins this category hands down). Terminal is the better movie but London Heights made me laugh more. I'm sorry that Heard and Depp were fighting constantly while this was going on but London Fields falls into the so-bad-its-entertaining category for me. If I were a real critic and I had to grade this seriously, this is a 3/10 but I'm bumping it up to a 6/10 for the entertainment value I got out of it.
  • Worse actress ever amber heard is so wouldn't want anyone to suffer
  • Whatever or whoever gave Amber Heard the idea that she can act must have been up to something. Seriously. Even Aquaman would have been ruined if not for the strength of the script and remainder of the cast. This film did not have that and she lit the fire to this hot mess. Even her physical appeal is eroding as she ages. Sad...
  • This has got to be the dumbest movie I've ever watched. And I've never seen anyone overact more than Jim Sturgess has in their movie. Absolutely ridiculous. Even the rest of the cast couldn't pick this disaster up off the floor. Nothing makes sense, transitions are messy, acting is shocking, storyline is ridiculous. No redeeming qualities at all.
  • Apparently the lead actress was a looker ten years ago and this made up for a complete absence of acting talent. she is not a looker unless one means her own blank stare, and she just destroys the film with unbelievably bad acting.

    FYI for the one person who posted four reviews under different names saying "get the directors cut" -- all of us giving this one or two stars did see the directors cut. It IS the directors cut streaming. It is just as bad only more nonsense. More garbage does not make the garbage better.
  • If so Amber Heard wins. I mean really I agree with the concencus here, she destroyed one of the best characters ever written. How did she make Nicalo six one of the most seductive femme fatals ever written in a novel so vaccuous?
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