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  • I enjoy the factual basis of these kind of shows rather than watching made up stuff and this series delivers on that end. They pick interesting stories and weave them in a way that makes them hold you captive. With the good things I'm saying why did I only give them 3 stars? The problem is in the way the video is edited together. I'm only in the first season and if I can endure long enough maybe it will change but the choppy, static, electronic almost constant cuts and effects does nothing to add to the story being told but is a major dis-tractor and to the point that I have to turn away at times and just listen to the audio because the video is so unnerving that I can't bear to watch it. Having worked in video for several years one of the primary lessons I learned was that transitions that don't add to the story are a distraction. Whoever put this together is living proof of that.
  • Rescue 911 was great, at least for the time and the execution was different enough for the viewer to keep interest. It was also less...penny dreadful.

    Wicked Attraction is one of the girlfriend's shows and all it is is the glorification of horrible crimes without the sense of drama and stress and intensity that came with the Rescue 911 reenactments.

    If Hollywood is going to do shows like this, take it back to the roots and do it right. Give us real drama not just reality show titillation. That gets very dull very fast.