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  • digitalbeachbum3 August 2020
    I think Episode 2, at around 20 minute mark sums up everything. The agent and immigrant are talking about policies and says, that Obama shipped out a lot of immigrants more than any other President. Then they talk about Trump and he says that it is ten fold more aggressive.

    The other point to make, is in Episode 1, at around the 35 minute mark, where they are talking about the policy of removing children from parents as a way to deter them from coming across the border illegally. The administration says that they aren't deliberately doing this, but the agents in the field say that they are and they even say that they are doing it for the sole purpose.

    Separating children from their parents, during immigration processing, is reminiscent of Nazi Germany, Russia, China, Australia and various African countries. It is a tool that was used to not only discourage immigrants, but to gain control over them mentally and spiritually.

    I see one Asian immigrant, but all others are Hispanic. This is not representative of the current immigrant population.

    While some may see this as anti-Drumpf I found it informative of how the system works. I was shocked that these ICE agents, just the one unit, picks up six illegals every day. There are 40 million illegals in America, how will they ever catch up?
  • I have to admit it, I disliked the political stance. But to get there one has to make compromises. Someone against what ICE is doing would not get to film them. Anyone who is not ready to paint them in the best possible light isn't going to get that footage. On the other hand someone who is not ready to blame it on the black sheep of the moment is not going to get enough exposure to get the job public. So given the context this is valuable information.

    With the camera rolling they are asking the guy if he needs water. With the camera off and the reporters on site the same thug will forget to give the guy toilet access and than show how "them Mexicans are like animals, peeing all over the place". With the camera off the reporters long gone they might rape the guy than tell how "some Mexican guys did it".

    Today is the brown people. "I don't have to show you a warrant". Tomorrow, who knows? And those stairs look mighty slippery. The Civil Rights Era Deep South Sheriffs just got Federal Authority, Federal Wages, Federal Pensions, Military equipment, and a liking for the job.

    Notice how the humans become "a case".
  • qui_j25 August 2020
    This series seems basically to support the Liberal agenda that would allow people to enter, work and reside in the USA illegally. The series appears to have no other purpose. It does show the work of ICE but seeks only to demonize the agency for doing its job. It is definitely not an unbiased production but rather one with a very specific focus and agenda.
  • Netflix tries hard but fails to demonize Trump admin. Netflix ignores all the past Obama era rules and laws that Trump is currently enforcing as well . Netflix is a propaganda machine . This show is pointless and exploitive a clown show if massive proportions . People enter USA illegally and are deported it is that simple .
  • I fixed the description of Immigration Nation: Come with us, we will show you personal stories of illegals to drawn on your emotions so you totally forget they are illegals in hopes you will be ok with people breaking the law to come here. Watch as we make it seem like breaking the laws is an acceptable thing in a democracy where laws exist for a reason.

    In the end we hope you will stand with us to just get rid of any law so we can open up borders with no requirements whatsoever. So we can flood they country with so many illegals that we will still continue to complain about how the country has no money and can't keep up.

    Just remember viewers, if you come in the legal way, you are an idiot wasting your time and money. You could have just came here illegally for free and then for all kinds of freebies for it. Oh and lets remind you to blame Trump even though these laws always have existed and we leave out the fact that more illegals were captured and deported under Obama's 8 year presidency.
  • Give me a break. Seeing how happy and satisified ice members get by doing there "job". Is quite disturbing. They have way to much power and way to little training. There blowing up these people's lives and send whole families. To containment centers.... Anyone who is proud to be a ice member is questionable in my eyes. There's a million better ways to deal with this vs a uneffectively cruel manor. That inspires more hate and discontent. This show is suppose to make me want to support ice? Def does not have that effect.
  • This is pretty much an attack on Donald Trumps zero tolerance policy. I'm not defending all the things wrong with this policy or Trump but it's pretty obvious. ICE has been around for a very long time and we never heard much about it under the previous administration. Even thoe that administration deported more people ever in the history of this nation, But now it's a problem. I do understand that under Obama it was higher risk illegal aliens first... And now under Trump it's a zero tolerance policy. I don't think the documentary is terrible , I dislike when they only wanna show one side of the coin... All they want to show you is families getting ripped apart instead of them rounding Up illegal criminals and making us as Americans safer. With all that being said. We do need to do a better job of not separating children from their families. That policy was changed in 2018 I think. We are a nation of laws. We must abide by them. I certainly think a lot can be handled better but these people are just doing their jobs. I hope many people come here and give their kids a better life but let's do it the right way.
  • alezandradavila4 August 2020
    Loved it it shows woman Latino woman and men in ice . I do think we need to fix some immigration stuff with heart I understand both sides . I think ppl are shocked to know ice agents are 80 percent Latino and minorities . But it's heartbreaking to watch everyone deserves a chance but like I said we need these shows to come up with new legislation for immigrants to come in what I witnessed is if you have a lot of money it's easier to come to USA .
  • flamingo-975972 November 2020
    It's sad that these people believe it's ok to illegally enter a country. Instead of staying in their home country and trying to improve it there they come here to obtain what our people have worked generations for. Men and women have given their lives for this country and illegals want to sneak in and benefit from that. It's sad that people in America encourage them to come and tell them it's morally right. They complain about being afraid of ICE, well if I were living somewhere illegally I would be afraid also. You should be afraid when you live outside the law. We allow at least one million people legally yearly and I believe that's a great program. Illegals have no rights to our constitutional rights. Round them up and send them home period.
  • How do some of these people sleep at night? The hardest episode to watch was "The Right Way" (#5). It shows how broken our system is and unnecessarily so. It provides great insight into those who say "just do it the legal way!" even when those in charge don't even know what the legal way seems to be. One outright states he enjoys "hunting" human beings. Like, he says exactly those words. This was hard to watch but it is well worth your time.
  • I had heard this was an anti-ICE series but I didn't get that sense at all. It certainly delved into some controversial policies, but those aren't created by the ICE employees. For the most part, I see ICE agents doing their jobs and in a respectful and diligent manner. Any errant comment can be taken out of context.

    As for the politicians, the series tries to show all sides, warts and all. Trump and his aides are certainly disingenuous in their about face on family separations. However, the "Abolish ICE" crowd comes off as unrealistic. Whatever the agency is called, there is still going to be a need to enforce immigration laws.
  • Finished half of the season so far. Definitely an interesting look back at how recent immigration policies of the Trump administration have effected the lives of current immigrants and the policing tactics of Ice Agents. It's more of an observation of several aspects of immigration enforcement in the new administration rather than having a specific call to action statement.

    At it's best, the documentary shows that immigration reform not black and white, and that abolishing ICE would not solve the many problems with our existing system. It tries to be pretty balanced politically. For instance, it shows how Immigration policies have been shaped over decades and that Donald Trump's administration is just an acceleration of previous policies from democrat and republican presidencies.

    The first episode was excellent and grabbed my attention, as it focuses on how ICE agents operate under the new administration, including a lot of ride-along footage with ICE agents. It's pretty eye opening to see how traumatizing it is to be detained by ICE agents and simultaneously offers an interesting perspective from both the ICE agents and detained immigrants. It really shows how the new administration's policies effect everyone involved in immigration.

    The show does kind of slips a bit after the first episode though. It becomes a bit slower moving because it's more focused on the slow processes that happen after being detained by ICE agents The show follows a lot of Immigrant families which I think is important because it helps humanize the issues. Unfortunately, Netflix falls back on this documentary trope where they ask the families to act out certain conversations to capture on camera. Asking family members to act out conversations just seems kind of corny and ruins the feeling of the documentary's authenticity even if these acted conversations are based on genuine conversations they had in the past. I would have much preffered if they just talked about these topics in an interview-like format, because I feel like the artificial dramatization of their conversations pads out the run time too much.

    Overall an interesting but imperfect documentary. The first episode is definitely worth checking out, though the rest feels a bit too drawn out.
  • I REALLY wish these people would've entered the country LEGALLY. I agree with the other reviewers that this is obviously a hit piece against Trump. There are laws for a reason. I'd you don't like what you see here, find a better way to allow immigrants (not criminals) to become citizens.
  • susantos-847899 August 2020
    So hard
    It's hard to watch. It's raw. It's painful. But it's something people have to watch and understand what's happening. It's heartbreaking. I give it a 10, because I believe it's a must watch so people understand what's happening. For those saying it's anti Trump propaganda: my god I have no words for you. May you be more humane and never have to go through these type of cruelty!
  • Look it is a documentary reflecting a recent past that we all witnessed. I don't get why some doorknobs still have to dispute it. It is not fiction that compares batman vs ironman. Immigration atrocities did happen, global leaders including the pope voiced their concerns, families were separated and so on. It is merely a matter of your choice which side you are on. Thank you Netflix for another powerful content.
  • Very hard to rate this. So sad. Hard to watch and rage inducing. Glad to see the Chief officer 'retired' after first episode. No suprises that he was given the boot. I mean retired.
  • There is a HUGE problem with this series right out of the gate. People are being arrested and deported by ICE... and we don't know why. Okay, we know they're in the country illegally, but that's it.

    We get shocking little backstory on the characters involved. When a man is arrested, sometimes due to a warrant, sometimes not, the audience wants some information... and we don't get it. We get nothing.

    We are constantly wondering - "What's going on here? Was he the guy they had a warrant on or someone else illegal staying there? What was the warrant for? Did someone call and report he was illegal or was he deported in the past for criminal activity? Had they been looking for this guy for recent criminal activity?" There is almost no context throughout the piece as the filmmakers seem more interested in pulling viewer heartstrings instead of telling a cohesive story.

    The small group I was watching with all had the same gripes and questions that the filmmakers, for some unknown reason, decided not to address. We gave up somewhere in the second episode which is unfortunate because it certainly felt like there was potential here and some very worthwhile information could have been imparted on viewers.
  • A heart wrenching story about a very important life lesson. That lesson is that actions have consequences. Break the law, flout the rules, and it could tear your family apart. Every intended illegal immigrant should watch this as a deterrence.
  • You come into the country illegally. You understand the risks you are taking but then you are baffled to find that you are removed when you get caught? The irony of this doc is amazing. They paint this picture of these poor innocent people who are blameless but completely ingores the fact they they are COMMITTING A CRIME by illegally living in America. It's painfully obvious the creators narration was aimed to paint ICE as these heartless individuals who don't care about anyone. FALSE. What a lot of people don't understand (because they live in a bubble and love to cry morals from their living room chair) is that these hard ass working individuals are doing one of the hardest, most thankless jobs you can do. They are literally upholding the rightful law and get demonized for it. These laws are not new people. They've been around since the beginning and rightfully so. Anyone with half a brain who can think for themselves can see the pure irony of this film. It's honestly laughable to see how hard they try to paint the Illegals as angels as if they committed no crimes. You come to this country illegally, YOU ARE COMMITTING A CRIME. This propaganda is straight garbage.
  • So, this is only out for a few days and these reviews are already bonkers from both sides. I'll try to be objective as this doc-series was on a very divisive issue.

    I think the biggest takeaway from this series is how our policies and bureaucracy have such a high toll on people in complex situations. It humanized the immigrants. It showed what troubles they face from both legal immigration to undocumented, illegal immigration. Families ripped apart. Decades of life uprooted from where they now call home. A veteran who is here illegally so he can be with his family. It also humanized some of the immigration officers. An ICE agent with a family who empathized with the subject and let them tell their family goodbye. A CBP agent who saved an undocumented border crosser from dehydration and possibly death.

    For the "outrage" that this is liberal propaganda, please just consider that this film is not a Michael Moore piece with some huge narrative. It presents real situations from real people. Most of this was filmed recently, so it shows people affected by the current administration's policies. It didn't only show illegal immigrants either. It showed asylum seekers who were also trying to enter correctly, and what hurdles they faced. However, it also pointed out that the previous administration deported more than any before him, as well as issues with the current immigration laws and policies enacted under Clinton. Episode 6 has a very pro-CBP stance. Shows many of the officers are there to stop human trafficking. Sad to see the true nature of a lot of that is related to organized crime, and it's good that CBP is working on that.
  • The six-part docuseries Immigration Nation is an unbiased examination of both sides of the immigration issue. Throughout the series, viewers meet a wide range of immigrants, border patrol agents, ICE agents, homeland security personnel, concerned citizens, and shady employers who participate and what is known as wage theft. Each episode focuses on a few specific issues: illegal border crossings, child separations, asylum seekers, sanctuary laws, deportations, DACA, wage theft, migrant deaths, veteran deportations, and the criminalization of human trafficking.

    By looking at all sides of the immigration problem, viewers van make up their minds about the effectiveness of the current administration's efforts. One thing that I didn't see was evidence of immigrants taking jobs away from Americans. One example involves workers who move around the country seeking work in areas affected by storms and hurricanes. Someone has to repair roofs. Someone has to rebuild. Someone has to clean up streets from debris. In many cases, immigrants, including many who may have entered the country illegally, perform these jobs.

    Unfortunately, there are a handful of companies that employ illegal workers and then refuse to pay them. Instead, they threaten to report workers to ICE when they demand pay. One company highlighted for wage theft was Winterfell Construction and the company's owner Tommy Hamm. Tommy's defense that it was his contractor's responsibility to pay the workers is weak. Not only did he not take any steps to ensure that his contractors pay their workers, but he also threatened the workers and their representatives with lawsuits.

    The singular goal among immigrants is for a better life for themselves and their families. The vast majority of them would be happy to enter the U.S. legally. But rather than make that a realistic goal, current immigration policy has shut down all legal paths. We treat immigrants as criminals. We deport people with no criminal records without regard to the impact on the family members remaining behind. What exists now is an immigrant community that lives in constant fear.

    It is human nature to want to better one's position in life. No one would willingly leave their own country if they weren't escaping violence and poverty. Rather than spend billions of dollars on policies that are cruel and heartless, we should be granting more work visas. We should grant legal status to immigrant veterans. We should do what we can to improve living conditions in Central America. We are better than this.
  • The truth is missing. Clinton started this process and Obama deported more than any recent president. Yet because everyone has to blame Trump for no actual reason, all the immigration issues are his fault. People need to follow the laws and rules but "Undocumented" Immigrants are criminals, they are Illegal Immigrants. Yet it will continue...
  • It's very clear that this is left leaning despite all the efforts to make this unbiased. Sorry I don't buy that. How is abolish ICE a solution? What kind of fairy tale world do these people live in? Why not have a borderless world, open up these borders all the way. Is that sustainable? It's a fact that most people who identify as liberals are upper/middle class won't ever donate money or be ready to house these illegals in any real way. Why not provide real life solutions instead. All this made me think was- why did I jump thru so many hoops, paid a ton of money to immigrate legally when the citizens of this country are actually more sympathetic and supportive of people who cross the border illegally. It's not a matter of "us" vs "them". I get that, however laws/rules exist for a reason. Balance need to exists. Fyi- as a supposed unbiased documentary maybe spend more time highlighting the removal of dangerous illegals too? Why cherry pick sympathetic cases so the current admin/ICE get a bad rep. Ridiculous Netflix, thought you were better than this. Yikes.
  • These six interconnected narratives address the barriers faced by migrants trying to enter the US from Mexico and the efforts of ICE to thwart them. This documentary does not address the larger number of migrants illegally entering the US via airports with tourist visas with no intention of ever returning home. It does not fully address the profits made by US businesses in hiring such migrants in other areas besides agriculture and construction or the abuse of legal guest workers. The film glosses over the effects of economic migration on localities, hospitals, schools, cultural habitudes, linguistic identity, legal migrants, and established minority communities. These factors radically change perspectives on illegal immigration.
  • haroldglennbuford10 August 2020
    Playing sorrowful music during immigrants stories and scary evil music during ICE footage. Not worth watching. Law is law. If you don't like the laws leave.
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