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  • This TV show begins with dead scuba diver washing up in the UK. Who he is and exactly what happened to him is unknown--and the film then goes back to show all the events leading up to the man's death.

    The story is set in the UK. A new Soviet battleship is coming there for a goodwill visit and the authorities are anxious to study it up close. However, they don't want to use their own divers because if they are caught, it would be embarrassing to their government. So, they contract with a local diver to do the job. The problem is, when he is about to dive, they learn it's all a trap. So what comes next?

    The show is clearly from the 50s as far as sensibilities go. Back then, it was politically correct to hate the commies and this show is about what you'd expect. The problem for me is that this SHOULD have been a lot more interesting--spy stuff SHOULD be exciting. Instead, despite the action it all seemed a bit sluggish. Additionally, I laughed at the portion where a spy was able to so easily sneak throughout the Soviet ship without being detected. Also, while they were supposed to be Soviets, the 'enemy' sure didn't sound or act Russian. As a result of all this, I can see why this series pilot was never picked up by the networks.