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24 September 2011 | dpfacialfan
| Not my kind of movie....
Mediocre is the word that came to mind after I watched this movie. And mediocre is never a good thing when we talk about porno movies. "Belle e impossibili 6" was on the same DVD disc as "Storie Perverse", which I reviewed earlier. This porno movie was the exact opposite of that movie, but still it managed to be a disappointment. This porno movie had mostly beautiful looking girls, unlike "Storie Perverse" that had mostly ugly looking girls. But this movie didn't have any rough sex acts, unlike "Storie Perverse" that had plenty of rough sex acts like double penetration and even some double pussy and double anal as well. This movie only had 5 average or boring boy girl scenes and to me, who has seen many hundreds of porno's over the years, that just isn't enough anymore. When you have seen that many movies you have also seen probably a couple of thousand boy girl scenes, so it takes a lot for a boy girl scene to bee good for a porn pervert like me.

With some minor changes this could have been a way better movie in my opinion. The girls could have been hotter, but it should still be possible to make a good porno with these girls. There should have been some diversity in the scenes, nobody wants to see only boy girl scenes. And if they only wanted to show us boy girl scenes, they could have been way better than this. The biggest problem with this movie was that it wasn't rough enough. Yes, we do see the girls get anally penetrated, but it is done very soft. Another problem is that none of the guys, except for one, are that well equipped either. And the combination of small cocks and soft sex leads to the fact that none of the girls seem to enjoy themselves all that much.

Especially Destiny and Sabrina Sweet really let me down in this movie. And that is a shame because these were the best looking girls in the movie too. Destiny is a really beautiful girl that has both the face and body to bee a porn star. She has especially good looking tits and her tattoo's make her seem like a really wild kind of girl. This was the first time I saw Destiny and according to IMDb, at the moment I write this, this is the only porno movie that she has ever done. If that is true, I can understand why her performance didn't impress me all that much. This girl might look like she's perfect for porn, but that doesn't automatically make her a good porn star. This girl is probably kinky and wild as hell in her personal life, but that doesn't necessarily make a good porn star. A good porn star has to be able to relax and enjoy herself on camera and not give a "shit" about what other people think about her. I've met some really shy and quiet normal girls who have turned out to bee real sluts when you really get to know them. One girl who I had a thing with a wile back told me that her biggest fantasy was to have sex with three guys simultaneously, one in each hole so to speak. Well, despite kinky fantasies like that, she was also a really shy kind of girl who worried a lot about what people thought about her. And that kept her from fulfilling her fantasy. So in short a girl needs the "I don't give a "shit"" attitude, if she wants to make it as a porn star. And Destiny probably didn't have that.

Sabrina on the other hand is a well known porn slut, but her performance in this scene didn't impress. I don't know what it is with Sabrina because I've seen her perform way better in for example "The Specialist". It might be that she only got one dude with a small penis. Nothing about her performance was good. She didn't seem to enjoy herself at all. And her head giving wasn't even half as good as in "The Specialist". Well, it might just be that this girl needs a big cock to get going. Or possibly that she need more than one guy at a time. Or that she needs both.

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