Joe Miller: Wally, you can't send teenage girls to hell!

Wally Jabrowski: You kidding me? Teenage girls deserve it the most!

Howard "The Weasel" Montague: Well, well. Took me a while, Detective. You're a difficult man to track down. But every riddle has an answer...

Joe Miller: I don't have it.

Eddie McCleister: There's a price for everything, Joe. This is the price. This is the price to get your daughter back.

Karl Kreutzfeld: Thank you for coming to me with this. I'll of course pay whatever it is you're asking, whatever price you think is fair. And I shall accept your word that it's genuine. But if at some point I should find out that it's fake, that you tried to con me in any way, or that I hear you've made copies and someone else has one... then I'll have to come back here and hurt you.

The Sood: Mr. Kreutzfeld. My friend. I am the Sood. I deal in Science. No fakes, no forgeries, no duplicates. I stake my life on it.