Matthew Scott: [looking trough binoculars] Check it out!

Dr. Nicholas Rush: [takes binoculars] What is it?

Matthew Scott: It's some kind of an animal.

Master Sgt. Ronald Greer: [with an enthusiastic voice] Is it something we can barbecue?

[repeated season 1.5 introduction to episode recap]

Dr. Nicholas Rush: This is what Destiny intended from the moment it entered the star system.

Everett Young: We are going to survive. We are going to make it home.

Matthew Scott: [said to Col. Telford as Col. Young's consciousness returns] I'm telling you: this ship came here for a reason!

Dr. Nicholas Rush: Destiny is powered by the stars themselves.

Camile Wray: [briefing Carl Strom] He and Young are bumping heads, yes. Not sure which camp is the better choice.

[in remainder of season 1.5 after first episode]

Everett Young: [to Rush privately] We just pretend nothing happened. We need to be ready for the next encounter. For the sake of the crew.

Dr. Nicholas Rush: For the sake of the crew.

Everett Young: [repeated line in reference to Dr Rush] That man's a lot of work.

[repeated season 1.0 introduction to episode recap]

Dr. Nicholas Rush: Destiny... The design is clearly ancient... Launched hundred of thousands of years ago.

Matthew Scott: Where the hell are we?

Dr. Nicholas Rush: Several billion light years from home.

Matthew Scott: [to everyone] We are on a ship, but we have no idea where we are in relation to Earth.

Dr. Nicholas Rush: This ship could be the most important discovery Mankind has made since the stargate itself.

Everett Young: [briefing Lt. General Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill] These are the wrong people, in the wrong place...

Matthew Scott: [to Dr. Rush] We've got a lot of wounded. We need to get home.

Dr. Nicholas Rush: [to Colonel Everett Young] We barely have enough power to operate the main systems. This ship simply doesn't have the capability to dial Earth.

[another chevron locks]

[repeated season 2.0 introduction to episode recap]

Dr. Nicholas Rush: This is what Destiny intended from the moment it entered the star system.

Everett Young: That ship is the best chance we have of getting home.

Everett Young: [on planet] Are we done?

Dr. Nicholas Rush: We'll *never* be done.

[Young head-butts Rush]

Camile Wray: You shouldn't have left him on the planet.

Everett Young: You think I don't know that?

Chloe Armstrong: Everyone thinks we're safe. They think that they'll never find us again.

Matthew Scott: [to Alien] Why did you take one of our people prisoner?

Alien: [restrained in Young's body, snarls and vocalizes gurglingly]

Chloe Armstrong: We're not safe, are we.

Colonel David Telford: [just revived] They're coming!

Everett Young: Who's coming, David?

Colonel David Telford: Lucian Alliance. They're coming to take Destiny.

Dr. Nicholas Rush: There is only one way this is gonna end if we wait.

Everett Young: I'm not surrendering this ship.

[repeated season 2.5 introduction to episode recap]

Dr. Nicholas Rush: I may be on the verge of discovering the true nature of Destiny's mission.

Eli Wallace: [outraged] You've had control of this ship the whole time! Why wouldn't you tell anyone?

Camile Wray: The Lucian Alliance is planning an attack on Earth.

Everett Young: I killed Riley. I suffocated him with my own hands.

Matthew Scott: You are a good commander.

Everett Young: There is no mission other than getting these people home.

Dr. Nicholas Rush: It was never about going home. It's about getting us to where we're going. That... is... the mission.