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  • Warning: Spoilers
    comedy film is the hardest type rest of other types. because everyone cant be in same mood when watching a film but you have to give them laugh when they start a comedy film.

    this film type comedy when you look at the genre but it isn't. maybe we can call dram, dram of Turkish comedy films. worst acting ever, worst production ever. scenario starts with two man got up in a stable with chains, nearly same of SAW 1 they trying to escape in many ways like original but difference is actors use so many swearword to joke. they cant even finish the copy of SAW in 90min. i think film second part on way. i don't suggest this film under 18, i don't suggest over 18 even.

    worst film i've ever seen. spend my one hour and thirty min. to it unlikely. i never heard so much swearword at a film until now.
  • So I am a SAW 1 Fan and am Turkish and I heard about that movie, so had to go there. It is not a remake of SAW 1, Destere is a comedy based on the idea that two guys wake up in a room isolated from the rest of the world and they realize they are chained to the wall and can't remember how they came there.

    The movie is playing in a village where everybody goes by a name starting with the letter "H". The humor thing is, that this is a part of turkey where most people swallow the first "h" in words. The characters play well and the scenes made me laugh every 5 minutes. Some contain 50 year old jokes, like the buttered corn joke in a Turkish version with a cucumber. The ending is somehow abrupt and the mystery stays unsolved. I can only imagine that this is the chance for a part II.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Film is kidding with Trakia people and insulting them. It is a complete junk. Film makes its jokes always about Trakia people. It is kidding with them. Film makes segregation between the society. People usually swear when talking. One of the woman behaves like a bitch. Shepherds are gay. Society is afraid of helping the cops. They are scared to take responsibilities. And the two guys in the room are so stupid. They don't trust each other and believes to jigsaw instead of working together. Film symbolizes Trakia people as dancers. And the two guys are forced to dance and they do dance when they are tricked with words of the jigsaw as, one will be released if he dances better than the other.
  • If the end of the film were made in mind the possibility that can be filmed Destere 2, it was really amateurish. As far as I have heard that they do so. Perhaps the only memorable things were two soldiers and some conversation between them. Films must have been really funny or its subject matter which was "we're kidding" theme should have done more professionally, to not be compared with the real Saw movie. "they cannot say letter H at the beginning of the words." Let's laugh. This is not like that. People often overlook flaws when they laugh at something. it should have slightly comical so people can watch with its defect. But, regardless of what, note should be 4 or 5.