• WARNING: Spoilers

    Compulsion tells the story of Anjika Indrani, a wealthy young Cambridge graduate who is in a secret relationship with fellow graduate, Alex. Anjika's father, Satvick, forces her into an arranged marriage with a business associate's son, Hardick. Satvick's driver, Don Flowers, realizes she is not happy with her father's plans and says he will help her out, on the condition she spends the night with him. She hates him, so she refuses at first, but reluctantly agrees eventually. Hardick collapses on a date with her, and Flowers seizes the opportunity and takes him back to his flat, scattering illegal drugs everywhere, making him look like a dealer. Anjika's parents call off the marriage, but Flowers reminds her she needs to keep up her end of the deal. Reluctant, she visits the hotel room he booked and allows him to flirt with her, touch her and smell her, before the pair have sex. She wakes up the next morning and quickly leaves; he awakes and thanks her. Things are not simple from then on. She makes up the excuse that if Flowers stops providing her brother with drugs, she will bed him again. He realizes she has feelings for him, and makes her beg to take her to bed. The pair continue in their affair, obviously strongly loving each other. Things complicate, however, when Alex and Anjika reveal their relationship and her parents strongly approve, even arranging a marriage for the two. She becomes stressed, realizing her heart belongs to Flowers despite the age difference, yet she's in denial and insists she still loves Alex. Hardick returns and blames his messed up life on Alex, however realizes she is to blame. Anjika and Flowers have just had sex when Hardick arrives. He grabs Anjika but a messy Flowers appears, warning Hardick away. Hardick realizes the two had sex, but before he can speak Flowers strangles and kills him. Anjika's life continues to go downhill. Her affair with Flowers continues. Flowers presents her with a bracelet, however she says she can't wear it.She and her friend are collected from a nightclub and she Anjika writes a flirtatious text; when asked by her friend she says it's for Alex, however she is caught sending it to Flowers. Alex discovers this and confronts her, she denies anything with Flowers. Realizing the affair has gone way out of hand, she prepares a knife for her latest date with Flowers. The two have sex but she remains hesitant, saying she could get Flowers done for rape. Flowers is shocked but admits he loves her and insists that she loves him too, which she does. Flowers then continues to have sex with her, although this time, she pleads him not to. Flowers devastated and in love, puts the knife in her hand and begins stabbing himself in the stomach and then, caught in the moment, She begins stabbing furiously into his side. She phones the police and says she's killed a rapist. The next shot is of her and Alex emerging from their wedding. She seems less than thrilled but puts on a brave smile. As she hugs her mother, she is seen to be wearing Flowers' bracelet. She gets into the car and stares as the new driver gets in the front seat. She looks out of the window sadly, implying she truly was in love with Flowers.