Dolph Lundgren filmed his parts for the movie in just 5 days, whilst Jean-Claude Van Damme filmed for 20 days.

Dolph Lundgren's first sequel.

This film marks the first time Peter Hyams has acted as cinematographer without also directing. The director, John Hyams, is his son.

Was first shown at secret / surprise screening of Fantastic Fest 2009 in Austin, Texas on October 1st, 2009.

Released theatrically in Israel, Phlippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, India, Lebanon, Jordan, Italy, Japan, Pakistan; and Direct-To-Video (DVD & Blu-ray) in the rest of the world.

Screenwriter John Fasano and his son John Cody Fasano designed the special military costumes worn by the old and new model Unisols in US:TNG

Mike Pyle and Andrei Arlovski were UFC veterans and former champions of two major MMA leagues. Andrei Arlovski later made successful return to UFC. In 2015 Andrei Arlovski and Mike Pyle appear on the same UFC ppv card.

This film marks the second reunion of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren.

P.J. Pesce was considered to direct the movie.

Simon Fellows was originally signed to direct but he was replaced during pre-production.

The stunt coordinator Ernie Jackson was originally attached to this film.