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  • Though the title "Life After Divorce" as well as alternate title "Adrift Mother" seems to put the spotlight on Ariel X as stepmom Marsha to her kid Kenna (Jade Baker), Missa X's screenplay presents three strong female characters including Aunt Olivia (Penny Barber) in this powerful family drama.

    Sure, faux incest is the underlying subject matter, but the 2-act feature covers a great deal of territory dealing with self-actualization as all three of them come to terms with their past and future and importantly their shared relationships.

    The sibling rivalry between the two mature sisters is refreshing for Adult Cinema, as it usually revolves around adolescent behavior. With the daughter siding with her aunt against mom we have a different sort of triangle, well-resolved after the Sapphic aunt/niece, sister/sister sex scenes with a wonderful, positive ending, plus cryptic final shot giving Penny's character the final (silent) comment on the story.

    Kudos to the team including Missa's director Ricky Greenwood for a wonderful play, in which the explicit sexual content doesn't overwhelm the narrative.