Sky: Your world is in trouble Joshua. We have watched from a great distance, and observed that you have become a danger. Your weaponry is too advanced. You have endangered your own planet. And have become too big of a threat to others in the future. The end is here. But your world can be saved. It can save itself. If you can show me that there is value in human life, the destruction can be stopped. Prove this to me, and there will be a tomorrow.

[last lines]

Josh Myron: A short time on the other side taught me that we need to live in harmony. Not just with ourselves, but with the entire universe. They returned to their planet, leaving us here to pick up the pieces. Our families would be reunited, our cities rebuilt. Somehow, every night my eyes search the stars wondering where she might be among them. We had learned the value of peace. And just as the memory of her face would fade, so would the warning that she had brought with her. Our world once divided, learned to hope, together. But I knew, they would be watching.

Charlie: Prove that Human life has value. How are we supposed to do that, take her to see the goddamn Lion King?