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  • When strange creatures pop up all over the globe, putting fear and hatred into the public and being exploitable by nefarious world-conquering wannabes, you call the Saturdays!

    Created by comic book writer/artist Jay Stephens and currently airing on the Cartoon Network, "The Secret Saturdays" details the adventurers of a family of troubleshooters, including patriarch scientist Solomon "Doc" Saturday (Phil Morris of "Seinfeld"), his sexy, passionate wife Drew (Nicole Sullivan of "The King of Queens") and their wise-cracking but gifted son Zack (Sam Lerner) who has the ability to control the creatures, specifically called cryptids.

    Three of the creatures are part of the clan: Fitzkerton (Diedrich Bader of "The Drew Carey Show"), a goofy cat/monkey hybrid, Komodo (Fred Tatasciore), a snarling dog-like lizard who can make itself invisible and Zon (Tatasciore again), a pterodactyl-like bird.

    Together (with some allies, if need be) the Saturdays must protect cryptids from not only humanity (and vice versa), but also fight the ghastly, campy and self-loving V.V. Argost (Corey Burton), a cryptid hunter who has his own TV show (Weird World?!) and hopes to control cryptids for world conquest.

    Shamelessly borrowing strands from the "Indiana Jones" films, "Jonny Quest" and the Fantastic Four, "Saturdays" is a solid animated series that has an interesting element rarely approached in animated television: an interracial marriage between the two leads, having a biracial kid. No one bats an eye. Holy Barack Obama, Batman! Catch "The Secret Saturdays", if you like high-adventure and campy fun.
  • It started with a viral ad campaign, which left me perplexed, yet intrigued. From the previews and ads, it appeared that Cartoon Network's new program "The Secret Saturdays" could be just what they needed. The subject matter of cryptozoology is rarely explored in children's cartoons, which is what intrigued me immediately. The art and animation seemed top-notch, and the voice work seemed at least decent.

    Then it aired, and my expectations blown out of the water. While I noticed a few errors in cuts and continuity of the action sequences, there is obviously a lot of effort put into the animation. The voice acting is borderline superb; the characters are voiced expressively, and they just feel real. The humor isn't wasted, and almost all audiences should be able to enjoy the writing. On top of that, unlike many of the programs that are aired on Cartoon Network nowadays, there is definitely a plot; the pilot introduces all of the characters and the story well, without seeming too compressed, if you will.

    So far, this new program is on par with the best action/adventure cartoons of the new millennium, and has potential to surpass them all.

    9/10; definitely worth watching, but a few glaring animation flaws prevent me from giving it top marks.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Not that long ago I started to watch and it is definitely a must watch series.

    From the creators who bought you Ben 10 and Generator Rex bring you this amazing adventures of The Saturdays exploring the earth and discovering new cryptics. While stopping the evil V.V Arghost.

    My favourite episodes when Fisk gets kidnapped and the family have to save him, when the Zak and Komodo Monday try to destroy Paris and the last episode which was very heart breaking (watch the episode your self). Even though the first 2-3 episodes are stupid and dumb down because of there son Zak Saturday annoying bratty behaviour but later on he becomes a likeable character and you get to know him better. Animation 8/10 Voice acting 9/10 Character development 10/10 Story 10/10

    Overall I would say this is definitely a must watch TV Show. I wish it had more episodes and a longer run instead of just cancelling it after 36 episodes.