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  • I suffered through Brad Armstrong's similar ethnic exploitation video "Black Chocolate" several years ago before I became aware of his big- deal status (via far more serious projects), but "Chop Shop Chicas" is another worthless exploitation exercise to fill up the Wicked Pictures release schedule regardless of quality.

    With Brad wearing shades and a clichéd outfit to pose as a Latin type himself, this indulgence in stereotyping is abysmal cinema, merely wall- to-wall mechanical sex, even though Wicked & Brad can't resist calling it a "feature". Crummy sets by Brad and often inappropriate soft focus photography by the label's house cinematographer Francois Clousot complete the careless production.

    Various beauties including several superstar ringers (wasted in nothing assignments), like Mercedez of Vivid fame and Sophia Santi from Digital Playground, pantomime sex with nary an emotional moment -strictly by the numbers humping. Pornspeak is muttered in both Spanish and English, in lieu of dialog.

    AVN, always playing the big-name game, nominated a dull scene of the biggies Mercedez, Sophia and Jenaveve Jolie for a useless award, but this adds up to all flash and no pan. For Wicked's slot to promote contract actress Mikayla, it's a bust, as she's lost in the shuffle.