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  • lor_3 January 2022
    This Allherluv short was initially released following August Ames' death, and its recent reissue as a bonus for the website's long-term subscribers gives fans a chance to enjoy her comedic talents.

    This Missa X series concerns a fantasy sex toy -a metal egg-shaped vibrator, that AA receives as a package left anonymously on her doorstep (the house in Wisconsin) by a secret admirer. August audibly guesses the sender might be her boyfriend named Johnny.

    With handy remote control, the device inserted into her pussy produces extreme orgasms, and the actress is highly effective in expressing her uncontrolled pleasure. Series always revolves around the theme of control (and domination), here treated comically when AA is caught in the act of noisily masturbating by her roommate Katrina Jade, who gets hold of the remote control and delights in forcing orgasms upon her friend.

    Tables are turned when AA in a catfight inserts the egg into Jade's vagina, and then full-scale lesbian sex erupts, climaxing in tribbing.

    It's good, dirty fun for the pair of brunettes, erotic but with humor predominating over eroticism. Missa intentionally leaves ambiguous such issues as whether the duo are lesbians, as well as their relationship (i.e., the viewer is left to wonder if perhaps they're sisters)..