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  • thecoolmridul19 September 2020
    It's not bad as they are showcaseing above. The Plots have some necessary wholes but it's one time watchable. Brightside is it's not a masala movie. It had potential but couldn't utilized properly. Stepping stone for this kind of moves. Hope it will inprove by time.
  • ssinghoct22 September 2020
    All the performances were good. Purab Kohli is a natural actor and he did complete justice to his role. He is one of the best actors in bollywood . Movie overall is good
  • shuchi-1092220 September 2020
    After a long time saw a Bollywood movie which was so gripping .
  • muskanhar20 September 2020
    Power Packed Performance by the entire cast. Kudos to the entire Team. As we know that content is the king in bollywood. One of the best no nonsense movies of the bollywood. S
  • Amid a series of brutal killings of Indian agents in London, a RAW officer and India'sAmbassador. Interesting!
  • Zee5 's best work so far. In the past Zee5 content was average but with this movie I can say it is the best movie of Zee5. they should continue to make such a fresh and good content. The story , location and performance of actors everything was good about the movie. The editing , screenplay was all very professional . One of the rare movies of recent times which you can watch again . The movie has been shot at some of the best locations of London. Power packed performance by Purab Kohli as a raw agent .
  • deepujan-5657922 September 2020
    The most relevant movie of these times on Zee 5 . The production team did a great job of shooting under such challenging environment of pandemic . By far the best movie on Zee5 never saw such a engaging and original content on Zee 5 before. The background score was also as per the situation . The locations were perfect . London has never been portrayed in such a beautiful manner before . The special mention for such a professional production team 👏🏻
  • As we continue to battle the pandemic with no end in sight, the theme couldn't hithome harder.
  • Kulraj Randhawa specialises in her dealings of diplomatic conflicts and crises.
  • Another noteworthy performance is by Kulraj Randhawa, who essays the role of apromising IFS officer posted in London.
  • dsheepp22 September 2020
    London Confidential marks the digital debut of the two lead actors.
  • The RAW agent tracking that source is bumped off and so his fellow associate Uma (Mouni Roy) is on to it. Suspecting the work of a mole within, Uma seeks help of the Indian Ambassador to UK, Nirupama (Kulraj Randhawa) even as more honey traps and murders take place. Created by S. Hussain Zaidi, London Confidential works more like a whodunit than a true blue espionage thriller. Every time Uma gets close to a suspect, he or she is bumped off (needlessly) and the needle of suspicion shifts to another fellow. In this way, half the supporting cast is either kidnapped or killed. Set in picturesque London city, the film passes muster on the technical front but doesnt engage you the way a spy thriller should. The culprit lies in the casting. Mouni Roy doesn't suit the lead role she's saddled with. Purab Kohli looks utterly unconvincing as a RAW officer. The surprise element of the film is Kulraj Randhawa playing Nirupama who not only looks gorgeous but delivers a graceful performance. Hoping to see her in more films now. London Confidential is not at all bad for an OTT viewing. The limited run time of just one hour fifteen minutes with no song dance routine works in its favour.
  • vrathi-4602020 September 2020
    A must watch for all the thriller movie fans. Seems to be very realistic movie . I was glued to the screen as every scene had a relevance and it is very fast paced. Good one. A must watch.
  • learnabroad20 September 2020
    One of the finest works of recent times . Powerful performance by purab Kohli and Moni Roy . Even the spost cast was good . Locations were excellent that too shooting in lockdown calls for an applause.
  • abijeet0722 September 2020
    The RAW agents will go to any extent to expose the deadly conspiracy behind theorigin of this virus.
  • The premise of a relevant proposition such as bio-war in current times, wasintriguing enough for us to give it a watch.
  • e-3587622 September 2020
    China is plotting another virus attack and the plot gets murkier when anotherundercover RAW agent.
  • q-2445622 September 2020
    I was surprised that they found incriminating evidence against major political linksbehind the mess.
  • ankituk-7602320 September 2020
    A must watch film, Mouni Roy was great. The suspense was superb! the backdrop was perfect, and it was matching with the mysterious theme.
  • London Confidential is all about threat from a "Chinese virus". I loved the concept.
  • Tiyaok22 September 2020
    They have tried to show London under a new lens, like never before. I am veryimpressed as a viewer.
  • I really appreciate the team at ZEE5, Ajay Rai and Mohit Chhabra, who cametogether acted so well.
  • They try to prevent another virus much deadlier than Corona Virus to spread acrossthe border of China into India.
  • aaliyahchhabra20 September 2020
    The movie was amazing, The editing was good.The genre that they have chosen is thriller which comes out great. Also how they have presented the movie is phenomenal.
  • g-7134622 September 2020
    This is the first OTT film to be shot in London post the lockdown phase. Too muchfun!
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