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  • bilalkamaran29 September 2020
    This drama is so hilarious. I really really love it.
  • nidajunaid-4069529 October 2020
    Anyone who haven't watched it yet,start watching it right now. Trust me you can't evwn imagine what is in store for you.. the actors,director,producer,makeup staff,everyone did their best to create this master piece.. Horror,action and romance with amazing comedy and aome serious life lessons all packed in a single short drama..daebak!!!! And yes!! Choi jin hyuk is the hottest zombie ever
  • The female lead character is over-the-top agressive, pushy and loud to get what she wants. It's always her way and she won't let ANYONE say no to her. If you can take that, then you'll love this show! But Choi Jin Huyk has such a 'bloody' good role that you will likely put all that aside. I couldn't. But go enjoy...the humour is on the cheesy side but the 'Beef Tripe' is tasty.
  • titing-7611031 October 2020
    Wow this amazing series 100% thumbs up This i recommend for my family to watch Love it
  • islamlaky19 October 2020
    It's so amazing serie, it's mix of comédie, drama, action..