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  • calypzo126 September 2008
    This show is interesting and informative. History has some astonishing inventions, and this show talks about the type that history books would have banned from us learning about. The first episode taught me a lot of about the coliseum and I never knew about the Brazen Bull- you'll have to see it to believe it. It was cool to see how advanced technology was even from ancient times. It's a must see! There's really no other shows like it. I hope there are more episodes because I can't wait to see what they will talk about next. I have high hopes because Discovery is a great channel and I hope they see the value of this show. Honestly, if I was a history teacher covering these periods of times, I would show this show to my classroom.
  • First off: There is nothing morally wrong with watching a show that looks at "historical" execution methods then tests the device to see if it actually could have been used in reality. Seriously, I can not believe two of the three previous reviews trashed the show for its morality. This isn't Wicked City. It isn't glorified violence for its own sake. It's a historical version of myth-busters for execution devices. In fact....

    Machines of Malice is like a historical version of Mythbusters, except only dealing with execution and torture devices. Sure, some may not like the subject matter; that's why there are different channels. The guy host and Michele Boyd have good chemistry together and they both seem to be having fun during the show. (Is this where I confess to crushing hard on Michele Boyd when the show first came out?) If you are interested in historical crime and punishment, or if you like Mythbusters, do yourself a favor and watch this show if you happen to find it. Speaking of, if you know where to find it (complete and legal!) please let me know. I just tried to get it from Apple, but no dice.
  • Anyone curious about the state of American morals these days should take a look at this show. As if becoming infamous worldwide for almost legalizing torture under their former president was not enough, Americans are now guilty of putting this compendium of perversion on the air for the benefit of the more twisted degenerates among their own public. A series glorifying the ingenuity of man's torture devices through the ages, "Machines of Malice" puts Discovery squarely on the same level as the History Channel for dumbed-down slavish dedication to ratings and catering to the public's baser instincts under the guise of "infotainment". You know, shows put together by idiots for retards and plastered all the way through with the horrible "fear music" which has become the soundtrack of contemporary America... I don't see how they could possibly "top" that, unless they come up with a series called "Quentin Tarantino presents: The Coolest Death Throes!" with the tagline "Desensitization to violence was never so much fun!" This show pretty much explains why Americans are alone in the civilized world in not having universal free health care: lack of compassion for the suffering of their fellow men.
  • btzarevski1 December 2011
    I can't believe this has 8.9 on IMDb. I don't like this show (evidently from my rating); not because of the subject matter because I do find that mildly interesting just to see what people thought of over the ages...but that interest as you can gather can only last for about a minute after I've seen the invention. I don't like the show because of the way it's made; it just seems very unnecessary. They show you a replica of the invention, describe how it worked...and then SHOW you how it works. Why? You can imagine how it will work from the description and be shocked that it was used, I don't need to see it. Seeing it in action is just sadistic. I mean in one episode, they've strung up dummies on ropes and pulleys and cranking on levers to dislocate their see if the joints will dislocate...which they already know, and have told you, they will; if the damn thing was used for decades it obviously worked; why do you have to test it? Lastly the hosts are just dry and don't really bring anything to the show; mostly just stating the obvious and not to mention the narrator with his idiotic purposefully over-emphasised generic 'scary' voice.