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  • The animation reminds me of the original Scooby-Doo. That's the whole point of it! The witty jokes and banter have me cracking up. I have teenage daughters, so I get the jokes better than most. Times have changed, and this show may offend people with a lack of intelligence and wit. If you give a review, it's always good to use proper spelling and punctuation. :P Otherwise, people with Journalism degrees will diss you online.
  • jonesryla18 January 2021
    The animation reminds me of bojack horsemen and the plot line is hilarious! i don't know why anyone would rate this show badly. the humor is perfect and the characters are all so likeable.
  • From the first episode it was clear this was a clever comedy. Clever but stupidly funny stories and the characters are flawed and funny in their own ways.
  • leanna-powell11 December 2020
    This show is so smart and funny and well animated. I hope they make a second run.
  • jankyyyyyy4 December 2020
    @ some of the people reviewing dicktown- show us on the doll where the mean cartoon hurt you. jeez!

    anyway, this is a fun watch. the best part is honestly the chemistry between the 2 leads, which is very natural and funny. the writing is the wry comedy you would except from a hodgman brand product (weird dads included). i hope the network gives us a 2nd season l, because i think it can only get better from here.
  • If you would like a show that you can watch for silly situations, and then re-watch for for even more well written and delivered jokes, then give Dicktown a go!

    If you are even the slightest fan of 'The Venture Bros.' or other shows that walk the line of smart/silly (smilly, if you will) then stop reading and start watching Dicktown!

    Standing on it's own feet with both clever/fast dialogue & jokes for every type of fan, Dicktown is the most welcome of reprieves during this year.

    John and David bring a calm and honest energy to every episode that is both refreshing in its honesty and levity while also addressing issues such as the high school cliques of yore being totally flipped, or if a ghost can be served court papers or not.

    Cant wait for season 2!!
  • The animation is "ok" and that's about it. Weak, dull storyline that never really go anywhere or make very much sense. Not funny or clever at all. I really wanted to get into this show because it seemed like it would be something new and interesting for adults but I was very disappointed.
  • This is a prime example of "left can't meme".

    Let's jump on the "punch a nazi" bandwagon, throw some "white fragility" jokes by strong waman (?) or gender fluid or whatever, voila... we are funny now.

    If you were expecting something on the level of an early Archer seasons... read a book, go for a walk, do something useful for your family... a no sorry, I forgot that a according to this show, family is lame...
  • All the bad takes you see on twitter mashed together into very unlikable and very unrelatbale characters.

    several times it reminded me of that comic with the bear beating up the guys for perving on a woman cosplaying at a convention, only the real photo's of the convention show the girl flirting with the guys and posing for them with the comics author sitting sad and alone in the background. this cartoon feels like the same level of disconnected fanfiction from actual reality.

    at least the animation is mediocre, so i gues its not all completely bad
  • It seems FXX wants to ride the success of Archer and veer into animated shows. Please, I can assure you this is no Archer. It is a show that tries to fit into the political woke climate of our society. It tries to please everyone but falls flat on its face. IA show that literally looks and feels flat, the animation looks bad in a non creative funny way. Look at animated shows like Home Movies that despite their crude style were hilarious because of their strong stories and funny cast. This show is not.
  • draculard21 November 2020
    I love Jon Hodgman, his podcast, and most of his performances, I really wanted to like this but I didn't. All the jokes hinge on an exhausting and patronizing take on teenagers dealing with modern issues and the main characters experience juxtaposed against it. I think this conceit if pulled off well could have worked but I never once laughed watching 4 episodes and frequently felt actively annoyed at the show.