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  • jotix1004 June 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    The French insurance company at the heart of the story is not immune to the office romances that flourish in most of that environment. Three women realize they had been at the mercy of a man that loves to romance as many ladies, as he can. Amandine, Elsa and Safia, three well situated female employees cannot help but to compare facts about the good for nothing, Aurelien, who has played with them all, abandoning them after short affairs.

    The women decide to zero in on the most unlikely candidate within the company to become Aurelien's temporary secretary. They chose Allison, a young woman full of vitality who loves to dress extravagantly and appears to have little intelligence. It only works until Allison, who is no fool, turns tables on the Amandine, Elsa and Safia with hilarious consequences.

    The film directed by Claude D'Anna, kept reminding this viewer of Colin Higgins' "9 to 5", although vaguely. The situation revolves around the office where all the principals work. There are funny situations more subtly played by all the principals. Eva Mazauric, Anne Charrier, and Samira Lachhab, are seen as the plotting trio. Bruno Solomone is Aurelien and Diane Dassigny plays Allison.