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  • This movie is a brilliance that hasn't really been seen since Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. It is part of a genre that hasn't really been defined yet, and hasn't made it to the mainstream. I'm calling this movie a Fashionably Bad film, because that is how it was crafted. It isn't fair to watch this movie expecting a comedy, there aren't any jokes written into the script itself. Instead the script contains the building blocks for you to create your own jokes at its expense. The movie is entirely portrayed as serious, and there is never a break in this seriousness. But it isn't a drama either, because it is so purposefully stupid.

    Don't walk into that theater expecting the movie to hold your hand, be expecting that you are going to have to create your own good time by making jokes during the movie. And if you do that, this movie is one of the funniest I've seen lately.
  • It's hard for me to rate this movie because the creators CLEARLY knew what they were doing when they made this movie, unlike other "awful" movies such as Troll 2 where they actually attempted to make a good movie.

    And thing is, the FP succeeds completely in what they set out to do (where as other movies like Snakes on a Plane and The Expendables completely come up short in my eyes).

    It's just the perfect level of ridiculousness, not too much (you can never have too much with a movie like this) and certainly not too little. You have to ask yourself one question when watching this movie: Russel Crowe's Maximus said it best in the movie "The Gladiator":


    And boy does this movie entertain you - from start to finish my eyes were glued to the screen, in semi-disbelief at what was unfolding. From the start - to the ending scene (which in my eyes was the director giving us a little "wink" saying "We knew what we were making") This movie is just non-stop entertainment.

    I suppose it isn't for everyone, but honestly if you have any sort of heart or soul at all I just can't see how you wouldn't fall in love with "The FP"

    I don't understand people that went into this movie expecting some serious film. Did they not see the previews? Warring clans that settle their disputes by having a DDR match to the Death? Just what the hell were you actually expecting when you picked up this movie?

    The movie delivers on all levels that it intended to, and for that I give this movie a PERFECT 10 out of 10. Never Ignorant, Getting' Goals Accomplished.
  • Every so often a movie comes along that seems so out there you just have to check it out. Usually it ends up also being so horrible that you wish you never bothered. The FP is one of those films that when you see the trailer you can't believe someone actually got money to make this film, let alone anyone would want to see it. Can a movie basically about gangs that fight using their own version of Dance, Dance Revolution work on any level? The FP follows rival gangs in the future who use a game known as Beat Beat Revelation to establish dominance and take control of the area known as Frazier Park. This is easily one of the most ridiculous films to come out in a long time and somehow still manages to work. This film is not intended to be as serious as it appears which is the beauty of it. These guys knew exactly what they wanted to do and went for it. All the characters are way over the top and deliver some of the most annoyingly obnoxious ghetto slang you can imagine, but it adds to the silly nature of the experience. The fact that they manage to take the video game dance battles as serious as a cage match adds to the absurd brilliance of this film. You have to understand going into this movie that is exactly what it is meant to be and that is a joke. They have crafted a film around the most absurd subject matter and made it work creating a grindhouse type film and kidnapping story ideas from everything from Rocky to The Karate Kid to the Warriors. The acting isn't always the greatest, but it somehow just enhances a film that should never in a million years work, but does and in a not soon to forget fun way that must be shown to as many people as you can.

    If you tell someone the plot of this film, you will get eye rolls and groans about how that sounds just stupid, but until you witness this you cannot believe it. This is one of those films that is sure to garner a cult following and is well deserved. You probably think this was made by some non-experienced filmmakers trying to break out, but these guys already have careers working on films such as the Crank series, Rob Zombie's Halloween, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and many more. These guys know how to craft a movie with next to no budget, but still give it that big budget feel. Be on the lookout for the Trost brothers in the future, especially since they seem to be planning more additions to this series.
  • Haters are gonna hate, and based on the low rating this film has received, they wanna hate on this movie. They are misguided.

    Reviewer Matt Hawkins calls this film "the first legit goofball comedy that speaks to gamers without flat-out insulting them." That is high praise, and only the tip of the iceberg. This film is a work of genius, plain and simple.

    Every costume choice, every bad line of dialogue, everything... it was all chosen for a reason, and anyone who takes this film seriously just does not get that. Watching the "making of" opened my eyes, and although I already loved the film, it made me love it even more -- the Trost Family has a bright future ahead of them.

    Yes, even the "Rocky" and "Karate Kid" knockoffs are intended...
  • About this fine piece of craftsmanship; either you get it, or you don't. It's really that simple.

    Personally, I love this movie and before showing it to two of my friends, I knew they would love it too, which they did. Before showing it to two other friends, I knew they would be like "WTF?", and they were.

    If you crack up every time you see/hear Rocky shouting "ADRIAAAN!! I did it, ADRIAAAN!", with a crooked lip, or when Ahnould is in some "powerful" emotional scene saying some cheesy lines with some melodramatic music playing in the background, you will probably "get it".

    Only thing the Trost brothers could have done better is to not have the "duck-story" in the movie. It kinda removed the magic for me for a while. That sequence alone was way out of tone for the whole movie.

    Other than that, perfect movie, perfect soundtrack, perfect acting, perfect everything.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How one independent film can mix together a dance culture satire lampooning everything from "Breakin'" to "Step Up" with the feel good attitude of "Rocky" and "The Karate Kid" while topping it off with a pinch of "The Road Warrior" and "Class of 1984" is beyond me. However, one movie successfully does just this. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to "The FP."

    In the not-so-distant future, Frazier Park, CA is overrun by alcoholics in a land where consumption of the drink is limited and they've turned to meth and other drugs for their fixes. Two gangs now run the streets of the apocalyptic city. They settle their disputes through a dangerous street-level version of the video game "Dance, Dance, Revolution." Only one will be left standing when the gangs clash against each other and decide their fates playing "Beat, Beat Revelation!"

    Words can't possibly describe how literally ridiculous this movie is. They also can't describe how fun it is. I couldn't stop smiling the entire time. The urban street lingo flowing out of the white and Asian characters' mouths is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Everything in this movie feels like the result of a car wreck between the dance, new wave, redneck, and punk cultures of the 1980s and 1990s. How the actors played their roles straight-faced is beyond me.

    "The FP" is something to behold. I guarantee you've never seen a movie like it. I've never witnessed a film that perfectly captures the decline of Western civilization while simultaneously being inspirational. Rob Zombie said it best when he described it as "'The Karate Kid' starring Snake Plissken versus white trash Clubber Lang against the backdrop of 'The Warriors' set to a bumping disco John Carpenter soundtrack in the world of 'Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.'" Enough said, yo!
  • This movie was killer, over the top gangster slang...cheesy logic and lines that made you laugh despite the sheer ridiculous nature of it all...

    Its a low budget film, but it makes me wish The Trosts could just get pushed by a big studio..

    Its a little slow, but still entertaining. Brilliantly goofy while still maintaining tone. It creates the right atmosphere of dark ambiance, mixed in with the trailer trash vibe that creates a bad ass version of dance dance revolution... There is a strong absurd ideology perpetrated..

    Watch this stuff. Its OG.
  • I am a comedy connoisseur, I have very high standards for them. I know, who cares. Anyway, The FP is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. If you watch this movie as anything but a tongue in cheek, laugh out loud riot, you're missing the point. There are more catch phrases worth remembering in this movie than every Adam Sandler movie combined. The characters never break, taking their ridiculous roles delightfully seriously the whole time. The thing that makes this movie special is that it's unique. Not "very unique," UNIQUE. There is nothing like it. Some scenes seem like they're right out of the Tim and Eric School of comedy, others are screamingly crass. One of the greatest comedies ever, this is a must-watch.
  • First off, this is loooowwwww budget and it shows. The sets are repeated over and over which makes the film feel a little claustrophobic given the story setting.

    That said, it is really smart and clever in the way it was put together with some genuinely hilarious moments. But this isn't really a movie with a string of sitcom style setups to laugh about. It's more like one big long joke because everyone plays their characters completely straight within the context of a ridiculous world.

    The standout character is the hillbilly/gang-leader villain guy. He's so over the top you can't help but smile when he's on screen being a total d'bag the entire way.

    The main lead's nod to every anti-hero movie (and noticeably Snake Plissken from Escape from New York) is a running gag. The incongruity of these kids' lives is even more apparent when they have to interact with the occasional middle aged adult who (with the exception of crazy dad) all look pretty much like anyone you'd see today.

    The plot is window dressing for the world building and seems mostly an homage to martial arts revenge flicks, with the dance video game taking the place of martial arts.

    Where this movie stands out is in 2 places. 1. The music. It's fantastic. They knocked it out of the park with the electronic house/trance compositions that simultaneously nod to John Carpenter's moody soundtracks and bring it completely modern/futuristic.

    2. The dialog. It's not quite as genius as Clockwork Orange in this department but it's in that direction. The kids all without exception speak their own dialect that can only be described as street ghetto. It will will be recognizable to Americans who will have heard lots of it in daily language but this is over the top constant. What sets it off as more than an affectation of the movie is the complete lack of black people that you would presume originated the style of language. Not one. There are whites and asians but no blacks. I can only think this is a purposeful move on the writers part and it does make a statement about language and co-opting 'cool'. This combined with the redneck/gangster stereotypes mixed in throughout the movie successfully give this movie a futuristic alien feel. Warning for the sensitive types there are a LOT of N'bombs dropped. However, through all the ridiculousness it hangs together with a weird logic.

    Quite an interesting and enjoyable flick full of smiles but few laugh out loud moments. Most of the people in the movie seem to be able to act and they greatly help with the suspension of disbelief.

    The last scene is quite hilarious.

    If you don't like dry, wry, cerebral parodies then you probably won't like this much. It does drag here and there and the budget is glaringly obvious but I look for really good things from the Trost brothers in the future.
  • jonrules2116 March 2012
    When I first heard about this film, I was admittedly intrigued by the silliness of the plot. I went in expecting a low budget, overtly sarcastic college film project. I expected a C- movie at best.

    Instead, what I received was a complete shock through my system. From scene one onward, my senses were overloaded as the living canvas before me unveiled its soul. The film invites the viewer to embark on a journey with JTRO in the synthpop mecca of FP; Am I not JTRO? Have I not toiled through the FP all my life?

    You see, this film is not about the golden age of electro dance set 50 years after mad max. This film is about love and war: the trials that we face every day. Open your mind and open your heart when you watch this movie. You will not be disappoint.
  • bant42820 March 2012
    Bizarre. Hilarious. Audacious. Good? If you like terri- awesome incredi- bad type flicks, this will be right up your alley. Imagine a post- apocalyptic world that is Riverside, CA meth culture with a dash of DDR -- I mean, Beat Beat Revelation. The slang is just wrong enough to ping your internal ear, the outfits are random hodgepodges, and the nudity is arbitrary. The pacing drags in the middle of the film, but overall, it is just crazy enough to cut it. It was as if someone raided TV Tropes and then made a film that just rolled with its own campy ridiculousness. There is no irony in the film -- it's all played straight. I loved it.
  • I love to get together with friends and watch the oddest assortment of films. To give an example some of our favorites include; Class of Nukem high, Hobo With a Shotgun, Street Trash, Dead End Drive-In and so on.

    The FP might just be the king of all those films. The acting beats them all, the look of the film rules them all and the camera work is better than it should be for such a small budget movie.

    The fact that no one broke character is what made this movie. Well that and the great writing and Stella performances.

    Whatever, just watch the damn movie already. If you haven't already had the desire to see it then you probably aren't they type of person that will get the movie. And you probably are lame.
  • BandSAboutMovies24 September 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    In The FP, disputes between rival gangs are settled by playing Beat-Beat Revelation, a dancing video game similar to Dance Dance Revolution. The 248 and the 245 are battling to control the FP - Frazier Park - and lessons must be learned.

    This all comes from the minds of Brandon and Jason Trost. Brandon has gone on to do cinematography for Crank: High Voltage, Rob Zombie's Halloween II, and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, while Jason has created the film series All Superheroes Must Die and the film Wet and Reckless. He's really blind in his right eye - or is trying to be fashionable - which is why he's always wearing an eyepatch.

    The film begins with L Dubba E, the leader of the 245 gang, murdering BTRO, the leader of the 248 gang. As a result, his brother JTRO (Jason Trost) leaves the FP behind to become a lumberjack.

    A year later, L Dubba E has taken over the FP and is holding back all the booze, which is leading to an increase in meth usage and homelessness. KCDC (Art Hsu, who is also in Crank: HIgh Voltage), another 248 member, brings our hero back home, where he reunites with Stacy, an ex-girlfriend who is now sleeping with the enemy.

    Can JTRO rise to the level of his brother? Will Stacy stop having sex with the main bad guy and realize she loves our hero? Will people bring guns to a dance off?

    If you've ever played video games, you'll probably enjoy this more than most people. Jason Trost came up with the idea in his teens when he noticed people treating Dance Dance Revolution like an intense battle. The dialogue was inspired by Def Jam: Fight for NY, which makes absolute and total sense.

    Best of all, James Remar is in the film as the narrorator. He met the brothers when their dad worked on Mortal Kombat Annihilation's effects team.

    This is the kind of film that you're either going to fall in love with instantly - like I did - or think it's the dumbest thing you've ever seen. Imagine Mad Max with dance-offs and you'll get the idea.
  • sinisterene21 September 2019
    And I'm not even going to bother justifying that statement.
  • ... As long as you don't take it seriously. I love this movie, it's silly, whitty and has great quotes to use in your daily life.
  • Sure, it's a silly movie. The whole idea of future gang societies taking control over territories via a video game is just drop dead funny just thinking about it. However! I have to say...I had a blast watching this movie. You have so much fun watching, that you don't even care. The acting, the dialogue, and the story is just so amazing for a low budget film, you overlook the logical side. Not to mention some quotable lines "What's a town without ducks?" Ha ha! You don't get much more lame then this, and still come out smelling like a million bucks! We've all heard of Dance Dance Revolution, unless you've been living under some hard rocks for the last twenty something years, right? Well, the gangs are playing Beat Beat Revolution, a deadly version of the game. How deadly? When the game claims the life of BTRO, the only hope of gaining Frazier Park from the 248's is through JTRO, who is not interested. KCDC encourages him that he is needed, so through some interesting Rocky 4 training, he learns how to be tougher then ever to go head to head with his competition. It's not going to be easy. Almost impossible, but JTRO has decided not to back down, and wants to claim back the FP once and for all. Can he do it? A little bit of the retro 80's with some retro 90's helped to stylize this comedy/thriller. Oh yeah! Look forward to a sequel in the making!
  • I'm not gonna go into the plot details for The FP. You can find that on Wikipedia. I first stumbled upon this gem of a movie at Blockbuster before the one near us closed its doors. What drew me in was the cover art. My husband and I picked it up, watched it, and were amazed. The FP is an incredible movie, and I can't believe the score it gets here on IMDb. I love everything about The FP. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. It has lots of humor...some moments were I laughed so hard I almost cried. It's also like a movie straight out of the just has that feel. I'm hoping for a sequel. And I am not a person who loves to see sequels coming out.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A dark look into our near future. Kids now grow up in a social dysfunct dystopian nightmare and the only way to resolve local conflicts is through the use of a futuristic device known as the "Beat Beat". JTRO must find a way to defeat his nemesis and win the love of the cutest skank in film history.

    This film is hilarious and a must watch and is a great diversion from films like 8-Mile.

    Jason Trost (Star of All superheroes must die), Brandon Trost (who shoots all of Seth Rogens films) are brilliant. However the real star of this film is Sarah Trost the costume designer who in a perfect world may have won an Academy Award for her brilliant costumes set in the new future of the FP.

    I would also class this film as being in the Cyberpunk Genre for the attitudes of the characters and the localised dystopian feel.
  • The Trost brothers bring on an overlong joke to the big screen collaging hip-culture, highlighting the ridiculousness of dance-offs and juxtaposing it with a "Karate Kid"/"Rocky"-copy paste scenario. In a quasi-dystopian future two rival gangs fight out dominance through dance fights held in the form of dance-stepping to a techno-based computer game Beat Beat Revolution (molded after the one-rampant DRR). While not featuring a single African-American character the slang involved is distinctly exaggerated gangsta with 'niggas' abundant and extrapolated word-play intent on pushing the required laugh buttons.

    While the gist of the joke itself may work pretty well in a short movie (originally "The FP" was actually a short feature) or even better as a spoof trailer, the full length feature is a tedious affair. Rarely funny, apart from some novelty laughs, it seeks to gain cult attention, instead falling flat. Overly self-serving and repetitive it lacks the natural absurd charm of the 1980s trash movies, thus failing to fall into the 'so-bad-its-good' category, while lacking enough ludicrous laughs to function as a comedy. The Trost brothers essentially try too hard to be bad, thus lacking a sense of natural crappiness of true lampoon genre movies.

    Ignoring the fact that a bunch of white boys attempting to ridicule hip-hop culture may seem a bit out-of-place, the joke falls as flat as Jason Trost's dancing (BTW Anyone expecting a bad movie with some nice dance moves will be sorely disappointed). In general the language utilised may be treated as a highlight, but unfortunately the directors probably had multitudes more fun scripting and filming the movie, than it actually is.
  • This movie basically reminded me of the movie "Napoleon Dynamite" except it's more brash, obnoxious and has cursing and sexual innuendo. It's a flick that tries to be so bad, it's good kinda approach but just comes off mediocre. It does have it's moments though with some funny and yet brash dialogues. Most of the humor comes from characters that tries to act like wannabe street gangsters and constantly talking in slang. The movie is about two rival gangs that is far from being taken seriously is constantly at war with each other and fight each other by playing...Dance Dance Revolution or Beat Beat Revelation in this movie. Which leads to dialogues such as "I challenge you to a Beat Off" and "dance with your mind not with your feet". It also has quite a bit of throwbacks to those 70's and 80's futuristic movies even when it comes to the music. And also has a bit of "Rocky 3" in this movie plot wise. Watching the video game dance skills isn't even impressive and it just focuses on the characters expressions while dancing. It's more entertaining watching a guy dance to Tashannie- Don't bother me on Pump It Up on youtube. I can tell how some audiences will like this movie or hate it.

  • This is one of those "So Bad, it's good" Movies. Look out Plan 9, Roll over Tomatoes cause here come B-Rad's moistest favorite Movie, Yo, Ya Dig. FP! Hahaha. Those BOOTS, those TEETH! That Hair and those Actors! AHHHH-hahahahaha. You will laugh your (insert body part name here) off. I can't stop laughing still! If you paid Money for this all I can say is, WOW If you are watching this right NOW all can say is ; Hold on to your side because they will start splitting soon.

    I say again here: This is one of those "So Bad, it's good" Movies. Look out Plan 9, Roll over Tomatoes cause here come B-Rad's moistest favorite Movie, Yo, Ya Dig. FP! Hahaha. Those BOOTS, those TEETH! That Hair and those Actors! AHHHH-hahahahaha. You will laugh your (insert body part name here) off. I can't stop laughing still! If you paid Money for this all I can say is, WOW If you are watching this right NOW all can say is ; Hold on to your side because they will start splitting soon.
  • csnomis24 June 2012
    I guess the main question, is who gave them the money to make this movie? This is 90 minutes of my life, I will never get back. I want to go on a South Park like adventure, to demand someone compensate me for the time I have lost. The dialog, acting, script, camera work, titles, wardrobe, everything is so terrible. Plan 9 from Outer Space, has lost its title as the worst movie ever.

    I can not for the life of me, figure out why. Why Lord did you let "The FP" be recorded on any format that a human can have access to. On the bright side, our military can utilize it to break terrorist. I am going to guess that the Trost brothers (Producers of this travesty), are the basis of the main characters from "Night at the Roxbury".
  • The good: this movie has some very enthusiastic performances and probably good directing in order to get those performances. The movie LOOKS good. Lee Valmassy's performance was especially energetic: great character acting. The bad: it's not very funny. I'm going to tell you a joke now, and if you like this joke then you'll probably like the FP (IF you can understand the dialogue... I had to turn on captions to understand it.) Ready for the joke? Here it comes... "blowjob". If that made you "lol" then you're probably mostly illiterate and not even reading this review. This movie is as funny as the word blowjob but not nearly as funny as the word "boners". On the other hand if you like bright colors and people moving around and swearing, then this is one of the many movies just for you. Do I regret watching this film? Not really. It gives you the impression that something really funny is coming up just around the corner. The funniest joke in this movie was the one about the ducks... and that wasn't even worth a chuckle... and they used it twice. If you want something with white homeboys that's slightly funnier... (you know, with jokes and stuff) then I recommend the Ali G movie. MUCH MUCH funnier than this.
  • bertkyo130 December 2012
    A ton of early 2000s humor that gets old 30minutes into the film. It would have been better had it come out during the DDR fancraze phase. The movie however looks amazing and the acting isn't bad. There just isn't enough substance to drag the movie out for 1.30hrs. It would have been better as a 30-45minute short. You'll chuckle at the absurdity of it and enjoy the costume designs, but it is a novelty film that quickly wears down your patience and attention span. This is a great movie to push the nostalgia button of any veteran DDR player. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else who doesn't understand the game and community. It really is an "inside joke" kind of movie.