Because of the small budget, the Trost brothers could not obtain the rights to the "Dance Dance Revolution" series.

The word 'fuck' is used over 250 times.

In the two scenes which depict characters vomiting, the actors weren't faking their puke. The actors voluntarily chugged a disgusting mixture of cold clam chowder, chocolate milk and beer and then did jumping jacks so they were able to vomit for real on camera.

The character name Sugga Nigga was based on Jay Mohr's character from the 1996 Cameron Crow film Jerry Maguire, Bob Sugar. Jason Trost and Crow workout at the same gym and occasionally hang out. The name was inserted to commemorate Trost's admiration for his friend's work.

The film offers no explanation for JTRO's eye-patch. Jason Frost simply wears it in real life as a fashion statement.

Jason Trost is an avid "Dance Dance Revolution" player and created his own move-sets for the film.

Based on a short film of the same name by the Trost brothers.

The character names JTRO and L Dubba E are derived from the actors' respective real life names: The name "JTRO" comes from the J in Jason and TRO in Trost. L Dubba E, or L double E spells out Lee (Valmassy).