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  • jboothmillard24 November 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    You may remember a documentary series (and one of the first reality TV vehicles) in the 1970's with the same title focusing on the lives of a working class family, well, now in the modern world, it was about time to see the lives of a regular middle-class family. With title narration by Life on Mars's John Simm, this documentary series on the lives of the Hughes family: mother/wife Jane, father/husband Simon, 19-year-old daughter Emily, 17-year-old daughter Charlotte, 14-year-old son Tom, family cat Ziggy, and (seen most in the last episode) oldest daughter Jess, living with fiancée Pat and baby daughter Ruby. The first five episodes each had narration from one of the family members, the rest of the episodes didn't. Anyway, each episode showed the typical day in the Hughes family, quite a few arguments about many things, e.g. bed time, a piercing, parenting, etc, but they do always make up in the end, and the episode they all really express happiness is the wedding of Jess and Pat, the final episode, and a happy ending. Very good!