Quotes (11)

Brant: A word of advice, girls. If you're picking the wrong fight... at least pick the right weapon.

[a gang of teenage lads try to mug Brant in the street at night. Brant produces a long J-shaped wooden stick and hits one of the lads with it - hard]

Brant: This, lads, is a hurley. Used in the Irish game of hurling - a cross between hockey and murder.

Weiss: I want a lawyer and a sandwich. Oh, and I want to update my Facebook status.

Brant: A double Irish.

Wellesley Barman: Only thing, buddy, we're closed.

Brant: [reaches over counter and grabs a glass] Listen up, I'm only gonna say this once. I ain't your buddy. When I ask for a drink, you say, "Ice with that, sir?" Now, let's begin again. A double Irish.

Wellesley Barman: You want ice with that, sir?

Brant: Don't be ridiculous. Who needs ice?

Wellesley Barman: [pours it] That'll be five quid.

Brant: [drinks it down] Like you said, you're closed.

Brant: The Japs have a word for this type of bare look, didn't they?

Nash: Minimalist.

Brant: Shite's the word I had in mind.

Nash: You're not supposed to smoke in here.

Brant: What are you going to do, shoot me?

Nash: I finally said fuck it, I'll take the law into my own hands, so I broke into the peado's house at four in the morning and I smashed his bollocks with a baseball bat until they fucking popped.

Brant: You said something about dealing with a paedophile.

Nash: I though you were asleep.

Nash: [sees Tom is asleep] Wanker.

Brant: Do I look like I carry a pencil?

[last lines]

Brant: There he is. There's Breckney. Get an appetite...

[releases dogs]

Dunlop: [running] Whoa! Aaah! Get... Get away! Get them away!