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  • lor_26 August 2020
    I had a similar reaction to an earlier Adam & Eve movie by director Jay Allan titled "Agent 69" -it seemed long and drawn out, poorly paced for no reason.

    He muffs this project, a very simple premise involving Brett Rossi running the title brothel, using her beautiful prostitutes to get information or otherwise manipulate high-profile clients involving espionage and crime.

    Three big shots are targeted: a judge, a congressman and a prince, with three top girls assigned to bamboozle them (although the marks do get high-quality sex out of the deal).

    Director Allan has an atmospheric brothel set and loads it up with beautiful women parading around in sexy lingerie. But nothing happens. Rossi has her scene of assigning 'hos Gina Valentina, Charlotte Stokely and Gianna Dior to targets Ryan McLane, Ryan Driller and the wife (busty Sofi Ryan) of the judge.

    But then the movie without logic has other ladies take over. Gianna Dior gets a screen credit as NonSex player, because when she takes Sofi away for Sapphic sex, instead we see beautiful Milana May servicing Sofi instead of Gianna. It's as if during the shoot they already had the dialog and set-up scenes shot, but had to make a substitution when it came time for Sofi Ryan's sex scene.

    Similarly, after the big build-up Stokely is not having sex with the prince but Aidra Fox is substituted, after Aidra warms up by having sex with Stokely. Since Stokely has been concentrating on girl/girl scenes latterly in her career, this isn't that surprising.

    Fox turns out to be a major character and key to the movie's final plot twist, which seems to take hours and hours to arrive.