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  • Yes, Mark Wahlberg is executive producer on this show and yes, the show runs on HBO. Yes it's about 30-something guys that happen to like to party and try to make a living. Still this show is not like Entourage. It's as different as NYC and L.A. are. Entourage is about glamour, money and Hollywood. HMIA is about the big city life, it's about the Big Apple, about young people trying to achieve something. It's more "down to earth" than Entourage and not as spectacular at first. The pacing is much slower and you have less sex, models and rock'n roll. But you DO have a great cast, authentic people in the most realistic capture of young adults living in Manhattan. It's a love letter to the city and the people who live there. It's a great show with likable characters, great dialogue, great cinematography and good and witty humor. This is like Sex and the City for guys. But less superficial. I really dig this show. Let's hope HBO does too!
  • This will join the likes of Freaks and Geeks and Arrested Development as shows that should have never been cancelled. I actually went back and watched this show after I heard it was cancelled and had been nominated for some awards.

    I agree with others. This show is brilliant! I love the realism of the show and its characters. There are good and bad moments and the interactions are very genuine. Most people, young or old, can relate to the struggle for success. Trying to seek your own path but still pay the bills. This show also makes me miss NYC and Brooklyn desperately. This show lives and breaths NYC. I think that is one of the great things about this show is not only the genuine stories and characters but it really feels like you're in NYC. All and all I love this show. I love the humor, the drama, the people, all of it.

    My only criticism is that sometimes there are some overly dramatic plot turns. And sometimes the characters make decisions that are inexplicable or dumber than how their character is presented. I know people make mistakes but this show makes the occasional mistake (most shows make it a lot) of making something happen just for the sake of creating a plot point or drama or what not. I didn't feel like this often but occasionally something was just too unbelievable or stupid. Otherwise the shows ie excellent. Worth going back and checking for those who haven't.
  • stookid25 February 2010
    Two words: Great pilot. Of course, I have to take pilots for what they are (selling points) as should we all... but 'How to Make It' shows a promising amount of potential. I just hope that they don't break that promise... The show focuses on a couple of New Yorkers starting from the bottom (or somewhere near it) trying to "Make it in America". They happen to be surrounded by a cast of entertaining characters which gives it quite the 'Entourage" feel... Add that with a constant onslaught of witty dialogue set in the most modern of all 'modern day New Yorks'... and "Sheeeeiiitt"... Quoting Clay Davis only feels appropriate. You can count me in for the whole season as long as they don't go all 'Hung' on me and put me to sleep like a double shot of codeine in a styrofoam cup. Shout out to Kid Cudi taking a back seat in a supporting roll on a pay-cable show, something that most artists with a future like his wouldn't even consider as a career move. Dude is talented, and Luis Guzman is subtly working his way into being the funniest dude on TV. I swear to God I can't drink anything while he's on the screen because I'll spit it out before he's done talking. The first two episodes get an 'A' from me, and I literally watch everything HBO puts on the screen. As long as it doesn't have anything to do with anybody who's 'Hung' or anybody that's named John from anywhere in Ohio, let alone Cincinnati... God Bless and hope this show is 5 seasons solid.
  • The first few episodes started off kind of slow but still kept me interested as I could relate to the grind of trying to make it in NYC. I just watched episodes 4-8 last night back to back and I must say, the characters grew on me & I want more episodes, bring on Season 2! The research that goes into the details of this show is so great and depicts NYC life so perfectly! I love seeing all the popular restaurants and nightclubs that my friends and I frequent. The show accurately captures the essence & importance of having connections in NYC in order to make it. I can see this show as truly inspiring for many up and coming artists in NYC who look up to these two characters: Ben & Cam that are headed for success through networking despite their daily struggles. I can't wait to hear news of when Season 2 will premiere!! Best of luck to this amazing new show that doesn't portray the glitz & glamour of LA life (Entourage) but rather captures the true essence of every young person with a dream trying to make it in the Big Apple with its trendy & grimy places alike.
  • Love the show. The acting may not seem the best to some people, but after you watch a few episodes. The actors really grow on you. I felt the same way when I started watching Entourage. Love the story and background. Great Music. Love the fact that Cudi is in it. I have visited NYC multiple times and it really cool seeing the show happening in places I have actually been. Hope that they sell merchandise, would fit the show. People from Entourage did a great job with the show, seems to be the next Entourage. Love the free mix tape download and Pilot, very generous of HBO. Disappointed about the first season only being 8 episodes long, but a renewal for a second season would most certain make up for it.
  • cristian_mihon7 September 2010
    I saw a few adverts about the series and decided 'what the heck!'. After watching the 8 episodes from the 1st season I really have to say I'm impressed. I'd say that the storyline is rather excellent for a comedy-drama series.

    Having most of the "Entourage" crew behind it, it might just be a success, and if they try hard enough, I can see a future for this show, no doubt about that! The story is great! Combining street thugs, ex-cons, high-life, 'not-so-high-life', hood-mentality, etc. showing the struggle to get to the top in a country where there's enough possibilities for everyone, but also bringing some comedy into it.

    Unfortunately 8 episodes are too few to get a good idea about what's about to happen, but the characters and the action portray real-life close enough just to make it believable. That's a good enough reason to want to watch the first season of the show, but it made me want to see the 2nd season as well.

    You're never sure what's going to happen next. I'd say it was worth my time watching it.
  • jadalla8721 March 2010
    This is no Antoine Fisher or something that will heavily influence you. It ain't garbage either. In fact, from the first 10 minutes of the pilot it slowly started to grow on to me. The whole idea of having characters that might reflect you or someone you know in real life is what makes this show so great. You have the successful friend with a lot of money who has no friends, and tries to buy friendship. You have the friend who insists all the time and has no real etiquette but is damn street smart and knows how to make a living despite lack of degree. I guess what I love about this show is it really gives you a push of motivation and inspiration to do something with your life. Don't expect the world from 'HTMIINA', but please give it justice by enjoying what the actual point of this show is about. I see it starting a lot stronger than how entourage started its first season. Bottom line is this show is great and Greenbergs half stressed half homie character is perfect!
  • carlosyepez14 December 2018
    At least make a movie to end the series! It would be awesome. It can be an HBO MOVIE!
  • I've just seen all eight episodes in 4-5 hours and I just want more!! The characters, especially the main character Ben, are great, but maybe the writers should limit them a bit more as it sometimes gets to much with all the characters. Apart from that I think this show is awesome, and just very realistic and more authentic then other similar shows like Entourage. I was very surprised when I read that HBO were sitting on the fence regarding making another season. How To Make It In America are one of the best new shows I have seen in the last couple of years. I feel this could be something really big...

    I just hope HBO renews it for a second season, because this show has HUGE potential.
  • I want to watch this again and again, it is feel good at its best. It is surprising because of what does NOT happen. It does not follow the standard formula that most shows stick to, first you sit and wait for the disaster that is showing on the horizon, then you realize this show is different and you sit back and relax.

    This is reality at its best! No constructed drama, they just float around and send out good vibes! The only problem is that the episodes are too short and that there just aren't enough of them!

    I love the slick scenes, the music, the interesting terms and how real the acting feels. They haven't crowded it with familiar faces, so it feels fresh, crisp even!
  • denellington8 July 2010
    This series is fantastic and certainly realistic. I have lived the game, and this is the closest to summing up the highs and lows, glamours and not so glamorous situations. The show is sexy and the characters keep you lusting for more - the young energy, the vibrancy of youth and relationships that don't speak, but struggle on any how. What a show, well done Mark Wahlberg for pushing this one through and improving the quality of TV viewing. Will it be coming to the UK? I have been bragging about how good it is to my friends in the UK. The characters are contrasting and there is a lot of humour throughout, I was addicted straight away. What a show.
  • architkalani13 September 2019
    The show definitely needs a third season. "It is equal parts love letter to New York and time capsule to the streetwear scene before Instagram, street style, and "vibes" became the pillars of the industry". It makes you fall in love with New York City again. It makes you nostalgic about the world before Instagram came into the picture and being offline was so much cooler than being online.
  • rossoner301016 May 2014
    Great show! I am totally get hooked on it! I watch it today for few hours and I can not believe that it was canceled! I love the hole crew and i think that is really rare to find such a crew! There was chemistry even in a first episode! PILOT can you imagine?! If HBO somehow didn't cancel it this show would be huge success! Lake Bell gorgeous! Although in second season her haircut was awful! The guy that was canceled this show should be punished somehow! I normally do not watch TV shows in a row like today! I am like addict and it is a huge disappointment to me when i was find out that are no season 3! GREAT SHOW and huge disaster for HBO! Big mistake! How long this review should be so i can get it posted? :D I can not understand why HBO does even broadcast it even more when they have canceled it? What's the point? Do they like to disappoint viewers? Can they acknowledge they mistake and get the crew back again and shot the season 3? This show remind me a little on Jack & Jill. And i love NY shows!
  • First let me start off by saying this show isn't perfect. There's a few things I would change to make it both more entertaining and meaningful. However, I'm no professional writer and I'm sure there is a more to it than meets the eye.

    With that being said, this show is worthwhile to watch. It definitely is better than the other 1000 popular shows titled "BEST" but in reality is just another same exact BS reality wannabe or some drama-stirring show. This has a good level of every variety. There is drama but not the one that would annoy you or pick sides. Each main character has their own life and perspectives and they do well in portraying that. The collection of characters, however, is a little unrealistic although I'm sure there's a group like this somewhere. Ben is the main focus character along with Cam. Ben worries and stresses, but he's trying to do well and live his life best he can. Cam has faced the many dark sides of American society along with his cousin Rene. This show begins with them trying to make their lives respectable and worthwhile by doing legitimate business. Rachel, I feel needs to figure out what she wants... but with that being said, we all have been in the same situation where we really don't know what we want and we struggle with the decision. Rachel is possibly a great example of that. She has a great job, great life, great relationship. However, you see that she will always think about things. Kaplan is a bit insecure but he doesn't get fazed by it. He is a wealthy Wall St. corporate trying to live life with his good friends and find a girl. Kaplan is a bit of an open book but I'm sure they will delve deeper into his character. He's a lot like few wealthy people who buy their friends... but in this show it's much more than that. As the series continues, you will see Kaplan slowly truly become their friends but still hold that seed of doubt, that insecurity.

    Each of these characters are all good friends, with the exception of Rene. Rene is a good character in my mind. It really is true, most people won't understand a man like him. However, having considerable mistakes in his past, he is trying to be an honest legitimate businessman. There are many people among us who drive you crazy and Rene will show a glimpse of his past self each time he comes across them characters. Rene is not afraid to admit to his mistakes. There are some criticism as to why he is in this show. I think it is a good mix to have someone in the older generation from NY as well. Rene and his crew provides good comedy for the show. Rene is running Rasta Monster (energy drink) and Ben & Cam are running Crisp (clothing line). It shows the cold hard world of starting your own business and just how difficult it is...

    I've got few friends in the clothing line business and NYC is one of the cities in America that excel in trendiness and fashion. When I talk to my friends, it really is hard. My father is in a similar line of business working in NJ. If you WERE going to start off somewhere, I would not start off directly in NY as it would cause tremendous financial problems. My father also gets a lot of stress going to business meets in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, etc (as he's not the party guy, he's more of a stay-home-in-bed type a guy). This show doesn't accurately project the burdens and obstacles you'd go through in that industry, but in the social aspect it can shed some light.
  • Since we are now 4 episodes in I think I've given this show enough time to get on track.

    I really want this show to be good cause I really like the main story going on, but lets be clear this show has major issues and if it want to get a second season they need to be fixed quick. So let's just dive right in and stop beating around the bush: You need to condense the show down a lot, it is not an hour show no matter how much you think or want it to be. Limit character appearances in the show and stick closer to the main characters. I understand you are leaving Bryan Greenberg ex girlfriend Lake Bell in the show only because they are going to get back together at sometime or you are going to create a time when they both want each other again and can't have each other do to some kind of circumstance.

    But I can't fathom why you keep showing Lake Bell's boss, as she might play a small roll in the development of Lake Bell's character but let's leave it that way. Stop giving her valuable screen time when you have Kid Cudi in the show and he hasn't said more then 10 words. I can understand why you are showing Eddie Kaye Thomas because he is going to play some part in helping get Bryan Greenberg denim line going and Luis Guzmán has his own making it in America story going on.

    So to break it down let's cut the show down to the half an hour it has been given and focus on the main storyline, if you do that you will have plenty of time to work on smaller character development later on.

    Other then the few mistakes I'm seeing above I think the show is going great and can't wait to see the next episodes, but I pray that you do re-edit a little to focus more on the main storyline and not so much on the little characters that play such a small roll in this show.
  • I'm going to make this as short and sweet as possible. Lets look at The Offices' rocky first season. No one thought it was going to get picked up and that Steve Carell was trying to hard with his character. A review from The New York Daily News said it was ''so diluted there's little left but muddy water''.

    Now The Office is in it's 6th season and just recently got the OK from NBC for a 7th and is consistently one of NBC's highest rated shows and it's my personal favorite.

    So, that said, we can't be too critical of a show that hasn't even finished it's first season. Plots are still evolving, as well as characters. I'm not saying it's going to be a great show but sometimes these shows have to crawl before they can walk.
  • d_dave-19 September 2011
    This isn't bad though it's not that good either. It kinda reminds me of Entourage in that it's a couple of guys trying to make it or break it in a hip industry. Instead of Hollywood, it's the apparel industry, NYC. The show definitely looks good, from the shooting locations to the cast. Plenty of money was spent on the production. It's sharp. It's hip.

    BUT, and this is what I hate, in every episode Ben & Cam work their way into a problem that they have no control over, yet they end up coming out ahead in the end out of sheer luck. Just dumb luck. No it wasn't their wits and street smarts that got them out of the hole. It was just luck. I hate that. It's cheap. It's lazy story telling.
  • Great show. As usual, you may need to watch the first 2-3 episodes before you start missing Ben, Cam & Rachel. But then you will have good times when following their day-to-night-to-day-to-night-again adventures in lower east side, NYC. Loved it. Can't understand why it has stopped after only 2 seasons (8 episodes each).
  • I like "How to Make it" and think the writing is good and the acting is good. Yes, it could be better, but the first season (watching it On Demand) has kept me coming back. Bryan Greenburg, Victor Rasuk, and Lake Bell put in fine performances and I can see this as a real story line in New York. There is plenty of realism in the writing and acting.

    It is not fair to compare this to Entourage, and I think those comparisons are partly why the show only lasted 2 seasons. People who were drawn to the show by this comparison and expectations of what the show would be like were disappointed. Entourage brought flashy people, a fantasy life in Hollywood, and lots of naked women, bare-chested fit men, and sex. It was a fantasy world with a few hints of reality.

    "How to Make it ..." was more about reality and with no nudity and sex. So right there the majority of the Entourage audience started tuning out once they realized they weren't going to see Lake Bell, Florence Faivre, or anyone else naked. As superficial as it sounds, there are a number of people that watch the HBO shows because there is nudity. Without that, it's "just another show". They picked it up a bit in season 2 with a few nude shots - and the famous Lake Bell scene in Episode 3 that won her a Mr Skin award - to try to boost viewers. But by then it was too late, they lost a lot of the HBO viewers and ratings were down 25% in season 2.

    So I think "How to Make it" didn't quite fit the bill of a paid cable channel show. If it were on a network, it might have fared better because the expectations of the audience would have been different - not lower (or higher) just different.

    There are some ways where it did compare to Entourage, but that doesn't mean it was good. It was the typical up/down story line - things are going great, then disaster strikes. They work their way through it, things look good again, then something else goes terribly wrong. Then the first season ends on a high note to get you hooked for season 2 - where things go wrong again soon. That was the type of story line throughout Entourage which started turning people off after a few seasons - but the promise of hot naked women kept them coming back. As I stated above, without that lure, this type of story line got old fast and viewership dropped.

    You can create drama in other ways then this constant up and down in every single episode (look at Boardwalk empire, Sopranos, Breaking Bad, etc.) but it seams that is the only way this production team knows how to operate.

    So in the end, I liked the show and think Lake Bell is a beautiful and talented actress. I watched both seasons and would like to have seen more of it, but I think it just didn't have enough to keep a pay channel audience watching.
  • jee0814 January 2013
    Great show! A great combination of comedy and drama for sure! :) And the events that happen in this show are relate-able to a typical middle class American trying to make it through life and achieve the America dream in both conventional and unconventional ways. The friendships and relationships that also occur in this show are fairly realistic. It'd be awesome if they did more advertising for this show and made new episodes. Also, rather than having back to back episodes with the same people and scenarios, it'd be cool if they added different casts for different seasons in different cities since "making it in America" is different depending on what part of the country you live in.
  • From season one, the show has got me curious to get into the rest of the whole 8 episodes.

    it is very inspiring to see the typical average Manhattan crisps making and blowing it up into the market. The show motivates entrepreneur to do anything possible to get the brand, the product, the good stuff everywhere in the Big Apple. East part of the world can finally look into the deeper and wider world of New York, New York~ Even the number of episodes per season is quite accurate and unique. the anticipation of excitement and mystery in every story knowing the best one is to come the following week. the finale giving a whole new start and glimpse of the next chapter for the next season.
  • Mbush199614 March 2012
    Check out the episode with special agent Michael Bush. The hype on this guy is that he plays a retired football player now turned FBI agent. He takes down hipster, white collar crook, David Kaplan. Rumor has it Kaplan, played by Eddie Thomas, almost suffered a concussion rehearsing this very realistic scene. One of the criteria for being an FBI agent is to be a graduate of law school. In real life, Michael Bush is an alumni of Washington College of Law at American University and is a trial lawyer in New York City. Where can we see more of this character? Stay Tuned. The cast and production crew of How to Make it America are also among the coolest in the industry. Big things to come from Producer Joe Zolfo and Ian Edelman.
  • This is the pilot for the new Mark Wahlberg produced HBO show. The follow-up to Entourage. It's obvious that they're trying to turn this into another Entourage. I don't know if it could ever reach that level. Maybe it's because of the lack of likable characters. I can't stand some of them. The concept itself just isn't as intriguing. On Entourage you have successful actors in Hollywood being rich. How to Make It In America has is about trying to get rich by illegally selling jackets on the sidewalk. I don't know about anyone else, but when I see those people I don't want to know about their lives. Also, there was one unintentionally hilarious scene, where the two main characters were in their SUV and the friend driving was having a full conversation. I'm not exaggerating, this guy was looking at the road every 10 seconds. You can't do that in New York.

    Perhaps this is just a bad pilot, as I remember Entourage also had a weak start. I will say that the show utilizes it's New York setting very well, possibly better than Entourage uses L.A.

    Check it out, especially if you enjoy Entourage because it shares a similar style.
  • zhanna71724 October 2011
    I started out watching the first season last year and forgot about the show 3 episodes in. This year my attention was brought back to it by some friends, so I decided maybe I'll give it another try. Being 2 episodes in, the show seems to have become more pretentious. As someone who is in the age range of the characters and having lived where they are living while trying "to make it", this show gives NYC a very fake feel. Yes NY is hard, but how many people are trying to make it in the clothes business???? Not many I know. And if they are, it is not so glamorous to be broke. (broke? are they really that broke to be able to afford trips to Japan, pop up store fashion showcase, to live in Manhattan, etc)

    The characters are not deep at all, and Luis Guzman's character reminds of a less intelligent Tony Soprano wanna-be. I can't see a person like that actually existing and thriving in NYC. Instead of creating this show, Wahlberg should have just kept Entourage on. I have a feeling "How to Make it in America" will not be making....
  • ldavis-231 December 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Never heard of this until I caught some episodes last night. A few observations:

    * "How to Make It in America" is too long of a title and, given the premise, makes no sense.

    * These guys make The Real Housewives of New Jersey look like MENSA candidates. Dumb shows some gumption by charming the fashion designer with a toast, but when he and Dumber show up at the designer's place, what do they bring with them to this make-or-break meet-and-greet to prove that they're serious and got game? Nothing!

    * After I stopped yelling at my TV, I realized that Dumb and Dumber are supposed to be stand-ins for every schmuck who's ever had a crazy dream. Well, even schmucks know they have to work to make their crazy dream come true. Dumb and Dumber seem to think that business models and prototypes and capital and material for their "visionary" jeans should fall from the sky and land on top of them because, well, heck, they just should, dang nab-it!

    * Oddly, Dumb and Dumber take their sketches with them when they see the pattern maker. I have to assume the lone reason why they just happen to have the sketchbook was because Dumber's mother put it into his backpack!

    * When the psycho cousin and the ex-girlfriend's nutter boss are way more interesting than your leads, you've got problems.
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