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  • Starting polyglot Mme. de La Boulaye as a crippled shrink with a heart, with a son and a past, the classic grouchy inspector (Jérôme Bertin) and Georges Corraface as the reluctant lieutenant carry us with grace in this story with enough twists and not predictable. Valeria Cavalli makes a great "evil femme fatale", whereas Andreu (the doctor's' son) is given a rather feminine role, that he plods along as well as he can. Samira Lachhab as Souad Boukhrane is the real surprise of the series. Starting with a funny because of unwilling impersonation of De Niro, her role grows first as a lab expert, then undercover agent at University. "Race politics" are there to help her (she's almost perfect, smart, nice, funny, expert at personal defence). Luc (the physics teacher with an interest in ESP) and Marie make the classic bad marriage. Their daughter's crime is presented crudely enough for a TV series, which may be a bit "tough" for some, specially if impressed by psychiatric hospitals. The city looks nice, the copper's office as well as the teacher's and shrink's home look like Bevery Hill's, but it's nice to look at.

    Cinematography, sound, all technical aspects are well covered.

    Well done! Watch it.