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  • jdocomeon29 July 2019
    Overladen with fan service and magic and techno-babble, the series had promise but the people who write it aren't actually trying to tell a good comprehensive story. Railgun is better.
  • The first three episodes felt a bit slow, confusing and hard to get. Still I thought it might be too soon to judge so after watching the first season ,I felt this to be a waste of time. The main hero randomly saves random girls and mostly that is all to it with some complicated names and factions, powers,etc. The thing is it could be enjoyed if not for the unnecessary erry music all the time and the flow of the anime sucks. In a manner it is slow and boring.
  • Anime has good story and some sense and watchable but I like to say some thing bug me.

    The Characters of hero is too devoted to only help girl or the author think the only girl need help like that happen here in this season he help almost 6 Girl and his father. WTF why only girl is taken as help for help. Yeah one time one of girl help hero. I think author just want to see his female fantasy in real life that only thing I can think of right now. This Anime on first season have shortage of male characters.

    Yeah I know that is a thing in anime genre but I like to see some hardcore strong female character that just want no help and be the part of story or put it just at similar level as hero male counterpart at least. But most of time anime just crush the thing.

    Still anime has some thing like to see like a person with zero magical power can defeat something that beyond any power. But railgun series is much better
  • The early episodes are often light and fun and surprisingly mixed in from time to time there are fantastic moments with depth and feeling which help define the characters and help balance the silliness, overall the first two seasons are very solid.

    The 3rd season however seemed to lose focus and suffered as a result, and its the first time I've considered picking up the manga's/light novels as fan base reports that arc wasn't done justice.