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  • toldiboldi21 January 2011
    Really bad
    Even though I heard from many independent and reliable sources that this movie is bad, nay, one of the worst high-budget films ever made, I was skeptical. I have now watched it and can confirm it as one of the all-time low of international filmmaking. A drama without a single trace of suspense or excitement, a love story without a single romantic line, a teen comedy with very few traces of very trite and embarrassing humor, this movie is a MUST. Without having seen it, one will forever lack the experience of a truly, authentically, genuinely bad film.

    The only mystery that remains is who on earth sponsored this celluloid waste and what on earth made some of Hungary's prominent comic actors (notably Gábor Reviczky) subscribe to it.

    To sum up: the trite and/or hilariously out-of-place dialogs, the embarrassing discontinuities, and the sub-YouTube-dilettante quality of acting and directing make it difficult to believe that this movie was ever meant to be taken seriously to any degree, but the lack of even the slightest trace of irony leaves one with no other option than to assume that it was.
  • nagydomi5 December 2009
    I'm sorry I spent 90 minute of my life watching this movie
    Very bad movie, worse than an average elementary school play. It's simply not worth the time watching it. This is a banal teen movie with very few elements of originality: the rivalry of two teenage girls who in the end manage to work together for the benefit of a greater good. I think the authors took everything bad from the American teen movies, chewed it and spat it out. And this is how "" came into being. The story is told in a poor language and the poorest possible performance of the actors, maybe with the exception of Rékasi Károly and Reviczky Gábor. However their skills and experience are simply not enough to save the film. The worst is the lead actress, Labancz Lilla. I don't think she belongs to the guild of actors. She is very beautiful, extremely lovely but with very little acting talent. On the other hand, the whole movie is filled with beautiful wannabe-Barbies, extremely nice looking girls but none of them are above or near average as far as acting skills are concerned. The only edible thing in this picture is the soundtrack and perhaps the setting (it was filmed by the Balaton lake, Hungary)
  • rpeter885 July 2013
    Worst movie ever
    In only one word: Stupid

    The longer review: From the very beginning you know you're watching a bad movie. You know it, you feel it, you know you're guilty, but you can't stop watching it, because you feel it can't be worse. But it can. It can make the story shallow in every minute. The conversations are simply stupid, the "actors" are just moving through the camera and showing their asses (great asses thou) and the worst, they think they have to act like this... A must watch I have to admit. But it's not good, not even bad, it's the most awful piece of crap you can imagine. Watch this, enjoy the guilty pleasure, but please, have your right sense and admit: It should have never been made.
  • Vuk Tempest6 August 2014
    Regina is just not a protagonist, and the movie is really bad (spoilers)
    Warning: Spoilers
    1: Hungary is portrayed really wrong. As if We were rising up enough to have Cheerleaders. Like America. I love America, but Hungary trying to copy it? Thats another story. 2: Regina (played by Labanc Lilla, who should be a porn-star) is said to be the main protagonist of this movie. A dumb, all pink blonde, who is also egotistical, and just plain whorish, with no idea of it. I saw movies this thing is based on, and there, Regina's type IN NO Circumstances is placed on the protagonist role. Never protagonist!!! Regina should be, like, the antagonist, and should Bully girls who are not as popular as herself.


    Near the end, it is "revealed" who wrote those sex adverts in her name... yea, I don't think its true. Its more like the movie wanting another way to force the belief of the "protagonist" ti be better than what she actually is. But I will believe it wasn't Regina when bear cub rain falls from the sky. Regina looks and behaves like a whore (a bad, antagonistic one at that). Its impossible of a woman like her to resist sexual temptations.

    Spoiler ends

    3: this movie makes no sense whatsoever. The continuity just... there is none. They want me to believe that Regina is going through a character development, but I see none.

    4: those "cupp-cupp" slangs... Geez, so disgusting, there is no way this is what American high school protagonists say, like, EVER

    5: Terrible Acting, if there's any... Lets keep in mind that photo-models are the vast majority of these "actors", trained to pose for magazines we men buy for our creepy self entertainment. The movie shows too much breasts and butts to to be what it wants to be... It makes it more like a porn movie.

    6: that writing: Special thanks for those who were against the creation of this movie. The movie literally spits in the face of those sane people, who tried to save the world from this sexist trash. Cause Thats what it is: Sexist
  • attilapall29 September 2015
    What the ...
    You 'll like this movie, but before you have to remove your brain. I did not see the movie just a critic, but that was enough to know that this movie is just a joke. Now I watched the trailer and it's primitive like the movie. It wants to compensate the low level of the movie with boobs and asses. I t represents the woman as selfish, superficial, dumb and bitchy. Horrible actors and director. It's a shame for the movie industry and for Hungary too. The other rating with 10 stars must be somebody from the movie staff. I wouldn't wonder. All in all I wouldn't recommend to spend money and time to watch this. I would wonder if this movie made some profit.
  • sito8 April 2017
    Stolen time
    The worst film in the Hungarian film industry. Weak story, poor performance. Chearleding squad in Hungary? Good joke... The other 10 stars rating came from somebody, who's working in the staff... You can't stop watching it, because you feel it can't be worse. But it can. No one is wasting her/his time for this.
  • eltoro-1362414 May 2015
    Bad, really bad
    This movie is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Hungarian movies are generally bad and boring, but this one tops them all. Every aspect of the movie is amateurish. The acting is horrible, the story is stupid and the whole concept of cheerleaders in Hungary is just ridiculous. The only reason to watch this garbage is to see some hot chicks, but be warned, their lack of acting will turn you off very quickly. The whole movie is an embarrassment for everybody involved. THe main character played by Lilla Labancz. She is the worst of the "actresses" and makes me wonder what it takes nowadays to get a lead role in Hungarian theatre.
  • mateszalai27 December 2017
    How could it happen? The worst film I've ever seen
    This movie is the worst I've ever seen in my life. I know, that it was presented 8 years ago, but earlier was I not able to watch it entirely. The only thing that disturbs me is the fact, that people see HUNGARY after the name of the film. Hungarian movies are really good, it was a biggest mistake we've ever made and I really hope that we won't repeat it in the future. The worst Hungarian actors and actresses (they're absolutely not qualified and the don't have any talent just nice faces and body) were chosen to make a movie about something which is completely unimaginable in Hungary. All of the situations are as false as Lilla Labans boosts. (Sorry, but it's the truth) Everything is idealized, nothing can be imagined. Characters have no motivation and their biggest life goal is to dance without clothes in front of thousands of people. The worst is, that with this movie it is transferred to all of the young girls, that "prostituting themselves" is enough to become famous and successful. No, the life is much more harder, than the Á shows. Please forget to see it and delete from the Hungarian film hisory!
  • debrecenisrac3828 May 2017
    Color coded for nobody's convenience
    Well, what can I add that hasn't been said before... other than, if you love bad movies or ones with cult following, the names of Roger Corman and Godfrey Ho will be familiar.

    If anyone gets the chance to watch this, be aware, that neither Corman nor Ho was involved, but definitely inspired the filmmakers. So, there was this movie, where they needed actors who look nice on screen, and in that sense the movie delivers. The reason I gave this 3 stars is because from a technical aspect, the movie is watchable, the mute button exists for a reason.

    Anyhow, since Hungary is a small country, that has more celebrities, than a retainer of soap opera level beauty actors, the choice was made to give it the Ho treatment, and dub the actors over. I mentioned soap opera for a reason because the young voice actors and actresses do dub soap operas, high profile movies and video games. Imagine like having Scarlett Johansson lip sync to the voice of Idina Menzel, it's the level of how easily you recognize, who's on screen, and who's actually speaking. In other words, this movie felt like a failed Dawson's Creek or One Tree Hill pilot, where in addition of seeing butts and boobs we've also got the bonus dubbing voices at the ready.

    Speaking of dubbing, whereas Mr. Reviczky is completely unknown beyond his home country and foreign theater circles, he voices Robert De Niro in localization, which makes this a different take on the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie if they were measured in embarrassment.
  • dopesacare14 April 2011
    I didn't expect that! Good Movie
    Don't listen to these other comments because they don't know what true cinema is! i thought this movie was great from the start. its a attention grabber but it gets a little cheesy for 10 minutes of the movie but after that it gets so funny!!! a must watch!

    if you watch Paris Hiltons movies these are nothing like that. this movie is sweet and fun for the whole family. Lilla Labanc is an amazing actress. Gábor Forgács could win an Oscar if this was a drama. i will definitely watch this again. if you watched movies like Savaing Silverman, Half Baked, Clerks, and Dumb and Dumber... this movie is up there with them. seriously.