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  • A sheer rollercoaster of emotions that dragged me through a kaleidoscope of Michael Jacksons life. My heart broke many times watching this and yet I felt so much joy knowing I got to share the planet at the same time as him. What did we do to him? This stunning film helps us understand that and more. Highly recommended.
  • This documentary leaves no questions unanswered, no stone unturned. It explores all the aspects of Michael Jackson's life, that have been portrayed in so many wrong ways by the media over the decades. A must watch not just for fans, but also for people, who want to see a more clear picture of Jackson and his life.
  • nliamdaisy18 September 2020
    This documentary is a must watch to those who believe his guilt.If it's watched with an open mind there is no way you will be thesame afterwards The conspiracy and mob lynching by the media in Jackson's life was extreme. Congratulations to all who made this. Hoping it will get on a bigger platform soon enough
  • 5 hours. the time passed so fast, that i thought it was only 15 mins. This documentary produced by 2 fans is so detailed, so accurate and is based on facts: court documents, videos, photos, interviews and history. You can't argue them. Unfortunately , MJ was the most bullied person in history and didn't deserve that. If you really want to know the truth behind of the hideous allegations, media propaganda and bullying, you must watch this film . One thing is clear - Michael Jackson was far bigger than anyone else , and the world didn't deserve him. Rest in peace , Michael. thank you for all you did for humanity and i'm very sorry you were mistreated this way for decades.
  • Brings nothing but facts. Details a lot of the truth and exposes many of the misconceptions of the man with actual evidence. It's long, yes, but that's because it has a LOT of information about many of the need-to-know topics about the man's life and the horrors he was put through. There is simply NO credible evidence the man ever hurt any kids. All the notable accusers went straight to civil lawyers hoping for a payout, never police. Watch Square One (which explains the 1993 allegations which kickstarted all the lies and which this has a very small fragment of included) and 'Lies of Leaving Neverland' (which exposes the fraudulent HBO film). Sorry Mr Jackson that I was never a big fan of yours til I learnt the truth this past year and I regret not appreciating you more when you were still around. You only meant good things for this world which clearly didn't deserve you. Best thing we can do for you is keep educating the moronic and/or misinformed and do a lot of good for people that you would do if you were still like like supporting charities and helping those in need.

    Do I have any criticisms? I dunno. Some people might not care for the 'virtual narrator' voice finding it a bit robotic but I was fine with that and the 'neutral' tone. I noticed a couple of spelling mistakes with a couple peoples names but it wasn't important and didn't affect anything. The documentary as a whole is superb and a must watch (even if you have to break down into parts to watch over several days)
  • This is exactly how a documentary should be made. Perfect facts and points that go on to show how Michael Jackson was terribly treated by the media. I didn't know much about it until I watched this documentary. A must watch!
  • dom_ad-6496718 September 2020
    THANK YOU for this amazing documentary. with SQUARE ONE MJ by Danny Wu, LOVING NEVERLAND brings some light to the hell Michael Jackson had to endure throughout his life. the never told story the media won't talk about because they are the ones who led to the ending of the life of this beautiful soul. Michael Jackson was a unique and pure soul, too good for this world. he never stopped being generous, even in death, he gave us it all and he deserves to rest in peace. Leave him alone. leave his children and his family alone. this documentary leaves me speechless, angry, heartbroken. the media need to apologize to Michael Jackson. US people need to fight to have a law to protect the deceased. Stop the lynching, stop the lies, stop the extortion attempts, stop the defamation, stop the hate, stop racism.
  • devonmcke-9819118 September 2020
    If I would have had the chance to see this before you died, I could have understood the real human behind the King of Pop, the real Michael Jackson... I'm sorry for my misunderstandings, Michael.
  • Ive had my doubts , but after this, there is no possible way you can ever believe mj would hurt a child . we didn't deserve him .
  • Michael Jackson was a great person. The man was bullied and made a ridiculous caricature out of with an ugly web of lies surrounding him. Once you dig deep into him in every way there's no way watching this won't make you emotional. He was a phenomenal artist, a legend, a humanitarian and most importantly a beautiful, kind-hearted and incredibly sensitive man.
  • This documentary is the most comprehensive examination into the treatment of Michael Jackson by a dysfunctional greedy and broken media. It makes you realize how many lies the world was and still is fed about this amazing , talented humble and generous man and it makes your heart ache at how poorly he was treated. Michael deserved so much better than the greed jealousy and hatred that he endured . This documentary does an amazing job of highlighting all the injustice through real facts and evidence. The research behind this documentary is nothing short of incredible. Warning... it's a a bit If an emotional Roller coaster ride. But so worth it!
  • bhnzkh18 September 2020
    Dont let media decide about your information. YOU decide after watching this. How cruel this world can be. Nobody can understand what great pain MJ went through. Definitely deserved better. Thank you the docu team for gathering all this information.
  • harshitpatnaik18 September 2020
    I have always had a shade of doubt about media reporting on Michael Jackson when he was alive regarding his skin tone, personal life allegations etc .. Thanks for this INFORMATIVE AND EYE OPENING DOCUMENTARY i have come to known about the salacious treatment MJ received from US&UK media ..
  • Very good 5 hours documentary with full reports and evidence and a lot of archive footage to tell the story of what happened to the biggest artist that lived to this world. Racism and greedy media and evil people tried constantly to destroy his hard-working legacy and his achievements with false allegations and tabloid Journalistic news. Being Black and the most successful man in the world is unfortunately a target. Racism has roots In daily society and money makes people forget that behind the icon was a human being! Thanks to the creators of the documentary for taking the time to share what Michael Jackson had to deal with. Worthy every minute!
  • pheebes7918 September 2020
    If you think you know how twisted and vile MSM is, you have absolutely NO idea just how much, until you watch Loving Neverland. A very factual, in-depth look at the life of MJ and how appallingly vile he was treated, all his adult life. Another fantastic documentary, to go with Square One. Both of these documentaries are a MUST WATCH, whether you're a fan of MJ, or not. He was the most ill-treated man when he was alive and still, in death. The media has blood on their hands.
  • It's heartbreaking to think this gentle, kind man was crucified by the media when the evidence of his INNOCENCE is overwhelming! All they had to do was spend 15 mins researching to find this out, but the Media and money/power hungry people had their own agendas on how to use his kindness to their advantage!
  • zanettig18 September 2020
    This documentary is very beautiful, it took a good stance on Michael Jackson, you can see how he was targeted and mocked by everyone, he was innocent and still is totally innocent!!! good job
  • If anyone has any question about Michael Jackson this is it! This is where all the answers are and that's the reason why it's so long! Finally a documentary explaining the allegations/extortions and all the media lies - decades of them! His own country did this to him! :( :( Absolutely heartbreaking! :( :(
  • maribel_meteora18 September 2020
    Heartbreaking. And congratulations to the creators behind it. Well done.
  • This is what a documentary should be. Based on facts and accurate account of the subject matter. Evidence upon evidence on how Michael Jackson was bullied by the media and how they manipulated the public, dehumanising him. A must watch.
  • futchterrell18 September 2020
    This show hw dirty and bias the media was towards Michael. They desired for Michael to guilty despite all the evidence proving his innocent. And loo at all the false claims, bullying, fake news media, etc did towards Michael. Seeing this misuse of the media, the system, etc, Michael is the example of BLACK LIVES MATTER. A pure injustice against Michael.
  • This is one of the best and honest documentary I've ever seen. So if you believe that Michael Jackson is guilty I am telling you, you should watch this. MOONWALKERS FOREVER LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON
  • This honest and factual portrayal of the events that led to the greatest hardship of one of the most iconic figures in history will leave you in tears! The creator chronicles the beginning of Michael Jacksons trials and tribulations stemming from his unwavering attempts to make this world better. His dedication to insuring that children most of all had a chance at a happy childhood was taken advantage of. Even his harshest of critical cannot stand against FACTS!
  • An exhaustive and extensively researched exploration of the life and times of the greatest entertainer in human history, the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The doc takes viewers on a ride of the rise of the world's most famous man and the injustices he experienced despite his vast fame, power and influence. Please watch this for the truth.
  • It is plain to see and it's laid out before your eyes. The global bullying, slanted media and racism. If you sat through 4 hours of the HBO documentary put out in 2019, this is a must see! If you're into true crime stories like Making a Murder or any true crime story, this is a must watch!
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