The format of this show combine the original mix between sitcom and live TV program. The two hosts claim to be in New York City following their American Dream, having to deal with a variety of everyday issues and in the meantime hosting a TV show with daily news from the world of cinema.

In the first episode Pierpaolo Benigni introduces Riccardo Festa inside the basement he just rented from Mr. Tony, the boss of an Italian restaurant right above. They argue with each other pretending to be unaware that they are already on air. This joke with the viewers eventually become a trademark of the show as Pierpaolo and Riccardo never realize in all the first season, reacting differently in every single episode, that they are on air when the show begins.

'Salvatore Costa' was introduced during the final part of the first episode. The two hosts, in order to add some action to the show, hired him as the steady-cam operator.

The steady-cam used by 'Salvatore Costa' is a wheel with a horizontal bar. The video camera is stabilized in the middle of it.

'Salvatore Costa' is the real camera operator of the show, not only in the fictitious part of it.

Vin Diesel was a special guest in the second season.

During the third season, one of the most iconic tv partecipants named "Doppiatore Matto" (real name Nicolò Benito Caoduro) conceived the name of the weekly column "Siamo Stati Ripescati".