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  • lor_17 September 2020
    Working from a Dick Chibbles screenplay, Stormy Daniels directs a mild send-up of police procedural crime films, its title obviously a riff on the old Hollywood story of the Black Dahlia.

    Asa Akira and Michael Vegas play police detective partners, with Vegas the straight man to Asa's rather stillborn attempt at comedy. Crew member Jack Vegas pops up as the bad guy, handling most of the slapstick humor.

    I wanted to get interested in the case they're pursuing, a serial killer preying on strippers. One of the corpses seen only in long-shot was a busty blonde, but unfortunately not photographed to make a positive iD that it could be a cameo by director Stormy.

    Chibbles' script throws in sex scenes awkwardly, more as interruptions rather than part of the actual story line.

    Asa is of course appealing in her sex scenes, as is lanky Alexa Grace as a stripper giving Michael a lap dance. One prominent role of a buxom blonde stripper goes uncredited (boo!) as she's not involved in the XXX content.