Halloween II (2009)

R   |    |  Horror

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Laurie Strode struggles to come to terms with her brother Michael's deadly return to Haddonfield, Illinois; meanwhile, Michael prepares for another reunion with his sister.

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  • Scout Taylor-Compton in Halloween II (2009)
  • Scout Taylor-Compton and Tyler Mane at an event for Halloween II (2009)
  • Malcolm McDowell and Michael Nouri at an event for Halloween II (2009)
  • Sheri Moon Zombie and Chase Wright Vanek in Halloween II (2009)
  • Scout Taylor-Compton in Halloween II (2009)
  • Malcolm McDowell and Chase Wright Vanek in Halloween II (2009)

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30 August 2009 | necroscope24
Avoid at all costs *spoilers*
Before I say anything, I am a fan of horror movies. I like eighties horror, I like some nineties horror, and there's still some horror movies coming out today that are fantastic. Rob Zombies take on Halloween 2 unfortunately does not fall into that category at all. His wife being in the film is completely unneeded. This I believe stems from Rob Zombies need to put his wife in every film he makes. Basically stealing from Friday the 13th, Mikey sees his mom telling him to kill in his head. Also little Mikey and a horse pop up pretty frequently too. And for some reason Laurie sometimes sees his psychotic hallucination, which makes no sense at all. Everyone is trailer park style. Bracket has a huge mullet. Laurie is an unwashed annoying vegan trailer park resident. Annie looks like she should have a pack of cigarettes in one hand and a can of lucky in the other. A very large portion, I'd have to say about 20-30 min of the movie was wasted on filler dream sequences. In fact, a good amount of this film was just that: filler. It's almost as if he was having trouble deciding if he wanted a slasher, an art film, a gore porn, or a survivor drama. And what he ended up making was a horrible mess. In the original films, you barely ever see him sans mask. I believe there were two scenes in parts 4 and 5. In this movie he's constantly shown without it. And his hair/beard makes him look like a mid 80's rob zombie in that crap white zombie band. And finally, the biggest tragedy: the characters. Even in the first remake, Myers acted more like leatherface than the shape. He's supposed to be quiet, robotic, unfeeling, not running into a room yelling and screaming and stabbing the crap out of anything that moves. He's not supposed to have any emotions period. That's what made him creepy. Then he turned Loomis from the hero, the guy who blamed himself for what this monster did and wanted to correct it, into a opportunistic weasel. Donald Pleasence's Loomis was a bit of a jerk, and a little bit nutty, but at least he wasn't a profiteering slimebag. Rob Zombie is the biggest hack in Hollywood currently. House of 1000 corpses stole so much from Texas Chainsaw massacre. Halloween 1 was a barely acceptable mess, and Halloween 2 almost made it look passable. Hopefully this sequel puts the stake back in the franchise, because god forbid a third one comes out, I will not even watch it.

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Did You Know?


Until 2018, Danielle Harris was tied with Jamie Lee Curtis for the second most appearances in the Halloween series (at four films each) after Donald Pleasence (five films).


Annie Brackett: Look at me. What is going on? Let me just call my dad, okay? We can talk to him.
Laurie Strode: You know what? I have a message for your dad. Tell him that Angel says "fuck you"!
Annie Brackett: Who is Angel? Laurie!


(at around 1h 17 mins) When Laurie and Mya find Annie near death upstairs, Laurie tells Mya to go and call the police. Mya agrees, and slowly walks off screen, as Laurie turns away. The next shot shows Mya sprinting from that spot, with Laurie completely out of sight, not even standing in the door frame. But in the shot after, Laurie is clearly standing in the door frame, which was completely visible in the previous shot.

Crazy Credits

Stills of crime scene photographs of Michael's murders are shown over the credits.

Alternate Versions

The Director's Cut runs 14 minutes longer (119 minutes). Among the changes:

  • The opening scene with Laurie walking and Loomis being placed into the ambulance is longer.
  • The hospital dream scene has an extra sequence of Laurie attempting to cross over a pile of bodies.
  • An on screen title that said "One Year Later" in the Theatrical Cut now says "Two Years Later."
  • During the breakfast scene, Laurie and Annie now argue about going to the psychiatrist.
  • More dialogue with Laurie and the psychiatrist. Laurie looks at a framed inkblot on a wall and says that it looks like a white horse.
  • Loomis' press conference is expanded. Loomis discusses Michael's Oedipal complex, as well as the idea that Michael perhaps saw Loomis as a father figure.
  • Added sequence where Laurie runs a bath and begins to freak out.
  • Laurie stopping to play with a pig on her way to work is removed. She instead goes to the psychiatrist and tells her about playing with the pig (we see a few seconds of it, now in flashback), and how it triggered a nervous breakdown of sorts. When the shrink denies her more pills, Laurie freaks out and swears.
  • The scene where Annie finds Laurie drinking a beer in her room has been expanded: They have another fight.
  • A non-masked Michael (along with Young Michael and his mother) angrily looks at a billboard that advertises Loomis' book.
  • When Laurie and Maya come home from the party, there is a short added sequence of them making tea in the kitchen prior to going upstairs. There's also an added shot of Michael apparently walking out of the house.
  • Brackett's reaction to finding Annie's body is longer, containing video flashbacks of real-life actress Danielle Harris as a child.
  • The ending is significantly different: After Loomis enters the cabin, Michael throws him through a wall, and the two of them wind up outside. Michael then removes his mask, yells "DIE!", and stabs Loomis. The cops then open fire and kill Michael. Laurie then comes out, takes Michael's knife, and approaches Loomis with it, implying that she may stab him. The cops then open fire on her and seemingly kill her. We then fade to the same hospital footage seen at the end of the theatrical cut as a cover of "Love Hurts" plays on the soundtrack.


Kick Out The Jams
Written by
Michael Davis, Rob Tyner (as R. Derminer), Wayne Kramer,
Fred 'Sonic' Smith and Dennis Thompson (as D. Tomich)
Performed by MC5
Courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Company
By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

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