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  • Sarah Vandella and Britney Amber show up early in their careers in this Bad Seed gonzo stinker from the team of Will Ryder and Scott David, lionized by the industry but painfully untalented pornographers.

    We get to see Britney, spelled "Brittany" here, in blonde mode and before she got breast enhancement. She and fellow blonde Sarah are humped by a sorry set of studs, and pink is the primary color of decor as usual.

    A complete waste of time.

    IMDb listed the show as "edited" from an earlier release featuring Jon Jon, but that's wrong (I'm trying to delete the error -very difficult since IMDb gatekeepers consider data already displayed as largely sacrosanct), as it's merely a DVD bonus scene on the menu, an advertising/cross-plug element of thousands of Adam & Eve/Bad Seed releases, not part of the main feature.