In the trailer can be seen that Ricardo and Felipe lose the train after Felipe goes out to the platform for a smoke-break. However, this scene was cut from the movie and changed for another where they lose the train after Felipe tries to seduce a young girl from another train set at the other side of the platform.

Santiago Segura: [cameo] The movie features multiple cameos of Segura's close friends.

In the movie is featured that the train travels from Madrid to Avilés from the late evening of a day to the early morning of the next. In real-life a travel Madrid-Avilés in train lasts about 4-5 hours.

Despite the close-ups and medium close shots belong to Avilés train station (where the movie ends), the exterior shots belong to the train station Puente de los Fierros, Lena (a Pola de Lena's town), located 76 km or 47 miles south to Avilés.

The movie features Avilés as a town where the children go to the camp. In real-life Avilés is a city and the third most important place of Asturias by relevance after the capital Oviedo and Gijón, with a surface about 27 square kilometers or 10 square miles and a population about 77,000 inhabitants (census of 2020).