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  • A story about virtual reality should have spectacular visuals to suggest a fantasy world, as in a video game. For this 4-part series by Digital Playground what we get instead is a couple of lousy, cheap sets as backdrop to sexual competitions in the Red Light Arena.

    Janice Griffith stars a sex slave sub to her Sir played by Michael Vegas - a kept woman forbidden to leave their home. She disobeys him by putting on his VR headset which takes her via an avatar (busty tattooed lady Karma RX) into the title game, which consists of neon lights and sort of a video arcade backdrop.

    Other avatars include Demi Sutra, Damon Dice and Ricky Johnson, while a dumb script by "Brittny Thique" has the real people like Janice (plus Demi) also appearing as avatars, leading to a threesome championship sex bout. Participant who cums first loses.

    It's all an excuse for four mechanical sex scenes, more tedious than arousing. Director Billy Visual does not live up to his last name, as the expected POV camerawork to suggest VR fails to materialize.