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  • The synopsis of this film intrigued me during my time at the Edinburgh Film Festival, so I bought myself a ticket and went along to the premiere. A tale of a young girl who searches for her real Father. Her naivety makes you want to laugh and cry with her throughout the story. You can sense how she wants to move on from the family life she has been born into. And I found myself willing her on to reach her goal. The rest of the cast were also brilliant, with some familiar faces in there too! The scenery was beautiful and the music was also very moving. There was a Q&A at the end of the film, and you could tell the cast and crew had worked so hard on this project. I also found out on the evening it was based on a true story. I would recommend this as a warming uplifting film which will touch the heart of anyone who has been through tough family times.
  • dcwoosey15 February 2020
    A touching coming of age story set in the beautiful North East of England and areas of Norway. Great performances by all the cast!
  • The main character TAsha is a charming but troubled teenager. She hates her life, sees her older sister getting away from it and she wants an escape route too.she finds this in the shape of her missing DAd and sets off on a journey to find him with no plan or clue. The story has many layers and explores the importance of fatherhood and a strong male presence in a daughters life. The scenery in both England and Norway is stunning and the movie is very impressive: engaging and thought-provoking.
  • What a brilliant movie!

    Bliss was a breath taking film in terms of both the beautiful Scandinavian scenery and moving story which was carried out flawlessly by the talented cast. In particular, Freya Parks, as Tasha Robson, was spectacular and I hope to see her talent showcased in further films.

    I found that the film supplies young girls with a brave and adventurous female heroine to follow in her quest to find her father.

    This type of film, allowing girls to relate to a powerful female role instead of a male one, is overdue and should be recommended as a great watch for all!
  • I'm a man who loved this movie as it's about time there was a story that highlights the importance of good fathers in families. The research shows that children with good fathers do better, so this film does a wonderful job of advocating for that cause. The only sad thing is that deadbeat dads out there are too insensitive to understand the subtleties of this film, so it may fall on deaf ears and the film makers might only be preaching to the choir.

    The very least I hope for is that this film helps guide young girls to at least understand that they need to choose carefully who they sleep with! They have the power. They should use it!

    I hope this film finds a distributor who can get it into theaters so that many people can enjoy this film and the message it imparts.

    Good filmmakers entertain, great filmmakers entertain, empathize and inspire. Bravo to Bliss!