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  • Marc Dorcel has released many a "tropical adventure" porn video, but for some reason they rarely live up to the potential of that genre (e.g., soft-core classics in the "Emmanuelle" and "Vanessa" vein of the '70s).

    He sent Walter Ego, a distinctly different guy per much footage of him in the "Making of" short subject included on this DVD (and not merely a fake name for Dorcel as IMDb has listed), to Southeast Asia with some lovely Eastern Euro actresses to shoot this rather bland exercise. Ego should have left his ego back in la belle France and brought back alive some stimulating, dramatic or adventurous footage, rather than this uneventful almost David Hamilton Sapphic nothingness.

    Zdenka is the central character who goes unnamed,.because she tells us what's going on in endless narration voiced by some voice artist lady in the studio. There are snatches of English dialog (cast is not French- speaking) drowned out by the voice-over in the manner that is often used nowadays for Dorcel releases.

    What seems like potential jealousy and in-fighting, as Zdenka moves in with an old chum Lucie living in a lavish Thai (or maybe Cambodian, it's never made clear) mansion owned by Lucie's gal pal Ellen Saint, but smooching followed by fingering and licking quells any Green Monster proclivities. This is hedonism on the half shell, in a parallel world where girls rule and men are at home watching the gals hump each other on porn videos. How Utopian can you get, asks the Bizarro Gloria Steinem of this world.

    Perhaps the highlight of the boring festivities is a solo scene of Sharka Blue masturbating -it's given prominence in the narrative, and the perfect-figured lady delivers. Otherwise, I felt almost uncomfortable eavesdropping on this assortment of one-track mind (sex) women, hopelessly waiting for something resembling narrative to begin.