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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Our hero is an emergency room doctor who was fired after a bum rap where he had two heart patients under treatment, and one (a rich patron of the hospital) died while he attended the second.

    In an attempt to cheer him up, his brother takes him to the Hamptons for a party weekend. Accidental patients pop up despite his resistance to become involved as a 'private physician to the rich', and finally he gives in and agrees to stay in the area. He winds up agreeing partly because his other job opportunities appear to be blocked off for the time being, and because a local hospital administrator convinces him that he can help take some of the pressure from the local hospital staff, who are often beset by minor problems from rich and demanding people.

    The show was amusing, sexy, and seemingly well informed. I don't know what the market really is for private physicians, but whether or not it exists, this show sold the possible concept acceptably.

    So far, only a couple of episodes have seemed a bit flat. Most are lively and deal with medical issues that aren't so far fetched as those on House, for example. The show where the brothers agreed to accompany a rich family to a private island was a hoot, and my favorite to date.

    Of course, the success of the show in the long term will depend on their ability to come up with a couple of medical problems per show that aren't repetitive or trite, or making the Doc look like too much of an unbelievable miracle worker at a house call. This will be a more challenging writing puzzle than a hospital based medical show, or the standard murder mystery fair that USA has also been quite successful with.

    Follow up note: The writers seem to have reached the balance I mentioned a year ago. The season opening episode this year about the problems with the infomercial businessman was amusing, interesting, and dramatic, and the medical mystery involving him was also interesting and made sense at the end. My wife and I both continue to enjoy this show, and it is one of the few that the DVR is set to record all new episodes in the series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw the first episode and wondered how they're going to keep the medical MacGyver thing going... Then I was pleasantly shown that's wrong, this is a humbler version of House - where Hank Lawson does detective work between Divya - his assistant who seems to have some strained relations with her family, yet to be shown - and his brother Evan.

    Mark Feuerstein's character of Hank Lawson, is truly a Dr Robin Hood... He is paid handsomely by Hamptons' mentally stunted yet obscenely rich (exceptions being old-man yet teenager Tucker - whose great-grandfather invented the blender - and the subtly lethal Boris, who gave Hank his chance to debut) and at the same time he looks after the blue-collar crowd of the same Hamptons...

    Like the fisherman or dog-walker too poor for medical attention yet should have just the same care.

    One has to wonder what will happen with his gold-digging ex-fiancée who made it clear she was only interested in Hank when he was the darling of a New York hospital, how will this gel with the budding romance now emerging with Hampton Hospital Administrator Jill Casey? Even considering true reality, can Hank Lawson not sue for wrongful dismissal at his old job? He was trying to save lives on his day off, one survived and the other did not... Not because Hank was negligent, far from, but just due to the vagaries of chance.

    Like House, you learn new medical oddities - how ticks have neuro-toxins - but unlike House, Hank has a conscience. This interplays well with Jill's desire to get a Free Clinic rolling; Divya reconciling herself between family and a career and Hank's bother Evan seeing an opportunity to do better than before with this new accessory for the rich... A concierge doctor... One thing for sure, the USA network always make sure to develop series that have different angles on previously typical shows! Be it witness protection, rogue spies or in this case, an unfairly defrocked doctor.
  • Perfect fantasy show about how we'd all like the world to be. It's an "Ozzie and Harriet", "Bonanza" or "Waltons" for the 21st Century.

    We have too much "reality" and "shoot-em-dead" TV already. This little show is an antidote to that sort of violence.

    Highly recommended for anyone who wants to stay balanced in a violent world filled with violent TV.

    The setting in the Hamptons is something most of us will never experience, but that's okay. It's something we all could get used to very quickly.

    The doctor in the series is exactly who we'd love to have for our personal physician (hey, he makes house calls!)
  • I really enjoyed this show for it's first season. I thought the characters were really likable, they were very funny, and some of the extremely exotic conditions rich people were coming down with (all on long island, who knew?) made the show fun and rewarding. The Dr (Hank) is great and the idea of saving someone at a rich recluse's house, then being given an amazing apartment, money, and the chance to rub elbows with the secretive elite plays on my fantasies terrifically. A lot of the rich characters fall into a typical neurotic mold but there are some like Boris the house owner that creates enough mystery to keep you watching for the next episode. The son with the distant father and crazy girlfriend is a great character. Evan the brother is Hilarious and has great chemistry with the main character. The Indian assistant Divya is really funny and I like the subplot of her dreams and her conflicts with traditional Indian cultural values. I thought the girlfriend character was OK but it didn't add much and the conflicts weren't very strong or justified. Overall a really fun show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I find this program to be a refreshing change from House who acts like a jerk to everyone including the woman who loves him and treats everyone like dirt. I have seen Doctor Movies and TV shows as far back as I can remember including the first Dr. Kildare of 1938 starring Lew Ayres that one was made before I came along. I have also seen the TV series with Richard Chamberlain and Ben Casey with Vince Edwards as well as every other one to come along with the exception of the Soap General Hospital. I think this program's writers have taken a new approach and even though one critic has written a very negative review saying they didn't like it and compared It to Burn Notice. I think that is completely wrong and missed the differences between this and other shows. For one thing it already looks like if there is going to be a love story it may develop normally without all the pit falls that keep up the sexual tension but get old fast in most series. That may fall to the secondary cast members leaving Hank and Jill to concentrate on solving medical challenges that are going to come up not only with Hank's practice but Jill's desire to open a free clinic. If I were reading reviews to see if this id a show I might like I'd tell that person to go to the USA Network site and start with the pilot, and I would add a line from the old Alka-Seltzer commercials. "Try it you'll like it". But then you'll have to decide for your self, because you're the only one who will know in the end if you like it or not. I hope you do and then tall a few friends about it.
  • With the dearth of scripted shows on the 4 major networks these days, I've been forced to check out the series on USA, TNT, etc. "Royal Pains" is a delight! I'm sorry the first season is over already. The HD is brilliant, the scenery around the Hamptons is glorious.....a great back drop for a really good series, full of humor and drama and just a mix of "MacGyver" thrown in. It's important to me in a series that the supporting cast is just as strong as the lead character, and here we have an eclectic group who complement each other, and their interaction seems effortless. I do agree with another comment that the chemistry between Hank and Jill needs to be tweaked in some way, but aside from that I do look forward to many more years of "HankMed" and I will be one of the first to by the DVD.
  • This show is great! I think it has the perfect mix of, well everything...the only thing I don't like is the character Jill, I don't think the actress is a very good actress she seems to be trying too hard, other than that I love everything about the show. I love Dr. Lawson and Evan!!! I can't wait until next summer!! Think this show has great potential. I love the different story lines and illnesses. I'm interested to see all the complex stories they can come up with. I have noticed that it's usually the simplest answer. I guess the appeal is as patients, we want a doctor that is caring and really life that doesn't really happen. I'm stoked for next season!!
  • I LOVE this show!! I was looking forward to this as a summer series when my other favorite shows ended for the season. I love doctor/lawyer/medical/murder/investigation/puzzle type shows, and this show totally hooked me by the first commercial break in the pilot! This is the first original show on USA that I've seen, because my life is so busy that I just don't watch that much TV, but I have made room in my schedule for Hank. I love the fact that Hank isn't just treating the ultra-rich, but also people who need him and can't possibly pay. I also love the fact that the series started with interesting and complicated characters and I am really looking forward to learning more about Jill, Divya and Boris. Some of the personality types that Hank has come across are not just limited to the ultra rich, I've seen people who are obsessed with WebMD and pro-biotic yogurt as well as people who try to stay out of the limelight but at the same time know everything that's going on with everybody. I can't wait to see what happens next! ROCK ON USA!!
  • Well I was avoiding this thinking it would be a lousy show. But who would have ever thought this would be a great show. well it doesn't have all the suspense the deep mysterious illness and what ever Dr. House had. but its still a lovable show. the actors fair well to sell the show. The chemistry between the couples are good. various small plots help to sell it better. the main character is lovable and is surprisingly calm. You may think that it's a cross between the Burn Notice and Dr.House but it's definitely something much more. well i was a little bit irritated with the accent of the Indian actress but what the heck the rest just covers it up.well all i can say is that this show is worth watching and its guaranteed to entertain you.Enjoy !!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The good things first: I really like the intro clip and the colorful cast. The general setting is original enough to be intriguing, too.

    The bad things: If you've seen one episode you've basically seen all there is to discover! The plot of all episodes is practically the same: Hankmed visits an eccentric patient having a near death experience. Hank saves the patient MacGyver style. The stubborn patient doesn't follow Hank's instructions and gets itself in repeating trouble, keeping Hank busy for the duration of the whole episode. Some boring love cr*p is happening in the background between the other characters, but that's pretty much it.

    I think the biggest problem is the characters (except Hank) are not given anything to do. They do not develop, the relations between them are stuck since episode 1. And the characters do not have room to break out of the stereotype roles they are given to play. This is a shame, since I sense great potential in some of the actors. Anastasia Griffith especially, (she plays Dr. Emily Peck), she does a hell of a lot from the little the script allows her, further I really like Paulo Costanzo (Hank's brother), though the writers are especially mean to him, not giving him anything to work with, but the role of the silly clown that everybody likes. I was long skeptical about Jill Flint's (Jill Casey's) acting skills, but I'm starting to like her after a pretty good emotional scene between her and Hank in an early episode of season 3.

    I didn't want to comment the typical American flair of the show, but I think it's a part of the problem. This is a feel-good show, everybody is smiling all the time, the characters are stereotypical and very cartoonesque and the dynamic of the plot is very shallow, since everything always turns out good in the end. This style of show-writing isn't interesting: the characters are unnatural, dishonest and boring and so is the whole show
  • Honestly, when I stared watching this show my expectations were pretty low. I thought the story seemed pretty boring and the setting - well I thought I've seen it all before. Moreover, I did not like ANY of the characters at first and some even annoyed me (like Jil and Evan - especially Evan!). However, the writers really develop all characters very well and after a couple of episodes I simply started to love each of them. Everyone has their own story and you simply get drawn into it and keep on wanting more. There is never too much drama, however there is ALWAYS something going on that keeps you watching. I believe this show has everything it takes: a bit of action, a bit of drama, a lot of fun and looots of nice, expensive locations, houses and cars. Do not give up on this show after the first episodes! Hank will not let you down, I swear!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm a sucker for doctor-related shows, but I'm usually severely turned off by the ones which start diving into soap-opera territory or are used to probe the lives of filthy rich doctors and the many women they sleep with and the many things they drink and their big houses. There were a few shows which started to break with that trend early on in this decade, most notably House, which showcases doctors performing medicine as opposed to a show all about the doctors and not about the patients. That may have changed, but my point remains that it was the original premise of the show.

    Royal Pains is a sort of hybrid. The plot revolves around a doctor, Hank Lawson, who, after performing emergency heart surgery on a wealthy donor to the hospital who dies due to complications, is fired from the hospital after he checks upon another patient who was crashing fast due to a heart attack. Despite the fact that Lawson probably did the right thing, and the man's death was likely not his fault, under financial pressure and legal threats from the family of the dead man, the hospital uses him as a scapegoat. Having been blackballed from essentially ever performing emergency medicine in a hospital again, his life descends into chaos, his fiancée leaves him, and he loses pretty much all of his possessions. His brother Evan picks him up for a weekend of partying in the Hamptons - yes, THE Hamptons - and end up inside of a party where Hank performs an emergency procedure to save a person's life.

    I'm willing to accept the implausibility of the whole situation, that a guy who has just lost his job and all of his assets liquidated, would go and party in a rich neighborhood for a weekend. For now. With that out of the way, he goes back to his motel, and gets a call from someone else who got into a car crash with his girlfriend. He performs another emergency procedure that saves his life, and word travels even faster when another woman calls upon him to... do a boob job.

    Two minor characters are introduced here. Divya, a young Indian woman, believes Hank is trying to set up in the Hamptons as a "concierge doctor", a traveling physician who goes to the patients' houses and gets paid directly for his services. Hank is initially disgusted by the idea and believes it's reminiscent of a system where the rich treat doctors like servants (despite the considerable profit). The other is Jill, the hospital administrator to whom Hank develops a certain attraction, who believes that his actions which got him fired were kind and that he could have done nothing to help.

    In this sense, the show seems to revolve a great deal around Hank's personal life as much as it does around the medicine. The show isn't immune to breaking the fourth wall, either, as Hank makes quips about learning emergency techniques from Macgyver and remarks that he "saw something on House". He remains a fairly likable character throughout, with a disdain for the over-opulent lifestyles of the filthy rich. When confronting the kid who was driving in the car crash, he is appalled to hear that the kid would rather just buy a new car for his dad (this car being a rare, million dollar commodity) than go and get it fixed. Instead of the rich and handsome doctor, you have the... well, still handsome doctor who values his ethics over money.

    That being said, the show isn't without its flaws, since I find the medicine to be unreliable in its depiction, and the Hamptons are rather caricatured - only about 15 percent of its residents are of the filthy rich type and the rest are anything from boaters to fishermen to commuters who work in New York City. As long as the show doesn't devolve into trying to flaunt too much of the lifestyles of the rich I think it'll be successful.
  • Last month late night I happened to watch two hour special of this series. I thought it's a usual "Average Joe Underdog" Story, the opening got similarities to the Jon Favreau/Vince Vaughn's movie "Swingers". But it turned out to the best Pilot episode I watched recently.

    Story of Hank Lawson(Mark Feuerstein) dumped by fiancée, forced to move on with the help of his best buddy/brother Evan Lawson (Paulo Costanzo). To get over the bad things Evan made him to party crash which was held by high class people and on that party Hank saves the life of a supermodel. The event led to another and he becomes the reluctant "Private Physician" to the rich and famous.

    With a good cast and great locations, this serial really blends CSI with Glamor. As a great fan of Discovery channel "Medical Detectives" and AXN "CSI", this serial takes a new turn on Information integrated Entertainment. It got the lot of subplots Work, Family, Medicine, Glamor, Wealthy, Hot Girls, This SERIAL IS GOING TO STAY.

    Of course, the success of the show depends on it's long run and I wish the writers will come up with Great Enriched Ideas. What the Wealthy celebrities are into, other medical outlooks. And I am total sure this serial is going to be a success and it wins where "Dr. House" failed.

    I give this one 10/10.

    Royal Pains = Guilty pleasure's another side.
  • This is a very charming series unfortunately without much depth of plot or character development. Anyone stepping onto a ladder will inevitably fall and lapse into a seizure requiring complex emergency medical treatment. Once a character has been stabilized, they will subsequently be diagnosed with a rare disease and will eventually be cured after suffering numerous heart attacks, more seizures, various bacterial infections and so on. Almost no one dies.

    The show is mostly ruined by Paulo Costanzo as "Evan". I don't know if Castanzo's mother is the producer, but the show gave him way to many scenes in exchange for his contribution to the series, which is a minus nothing. Constanzo "infects" mostly every scene with his distracting lack of talent.

    Costanzo's "humor" is a hybrid mix of Seinfeld and Pee-wee Herman, both of which Costanzo channels in virtually every scene. Costanzo's delivery and timing are predictably predictable and downright annoying. Just as Evan annoys the characters in the show, similarly he annoys the audience with his predictable, unfunny antics, stupid facial expressions, using too many words, and childish Pee-wee manic behavior.

    Here is my prescription. To enjoy the show you need to edit out Evan. When you see Evan entering a scene in one of his little pastel suits, and silly hat du jour, together with his little, puffy pee-we pout -- quickly FAST FORWARD through the entire scene until he is gone. Trust me, you will have missed nothing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have waited until today to write my thoughts on USA's new show Royal Pains, which debuted this summer and aired its final episode yesterday. Immediately I was taken with the story. The writers create instant sympathy for emergency room doctor, Hank, who loses his job because he wouldn't cater to a wealthy patient over another lower paying one. He does however manage to help both of them, but in the end the wealthy patient dies. He is sued by the wealthy patient's family and is unable to find a new job. Then his shallow fiancée leaves him, since he's not making anymore of the big bucks or has a promising career. Hank sinks into depression until his brother, Evan, a fun quirky character, helps pull him out of this by taking him away to the exclusive Hamptons for the summer.

    I found myself rooting for Hank as he winds up unwittingly becoming an overnight success as a doctor to the rich - the very type of people he was most hurt by and lost his job over. And Hank's character truly cares for people, no matter who they are. He is smart, definitely the new "MacGyver" (as the show happily pokes fun at – anyone up for a Richard Dean Anderson guest appearance? Hint …hint to any writers of the show if you're reading this.) of medical shows, and it's also loads of fun getting to travel into the wealthy lifestyles and adventures of Hampton residents.

    One of the most enjoyable characters Hank meets is Tucker, a lonely rich kid whose father you later find out is mostly absent or when present battling a serious prescription drug addiction. Hank becomes a sort of substitute dad and I can't even describe how deep and powerful these scenes play. Great acting, and great writing. The episode where Tucker asks Hank to help get his dad get free from the addiction is one that truly inspired, and showed that this show is not to be taken lightly (though it is smattered with some fun comedic moments too.)

    Another brilliant character is Boris, Hank's mysterious and super wealthy landlord. And when I say brilliant, I don't use the word loosely. Throughout the season the writers keep his character shrouded in secrecy, and the casting for Boris is perfect, as Campbell Scott plays the mysterious tension with such smooth finesse that honestly he has become one of my favorite characters. I truly hope he returns, and the respected friendship they have grows. Hank can use all the friends he can get.

    Evan, Hank's brother is also a well rounded character portrayed with uncanny humor by Paulo Costanzo. He plays the fine line between funny sidekick and caring bro well. And if you haven't caught some of his side comments go back and watch for them – I wonder how much of that is from Costanzo's improv?

    Sadly along the way, it seems as if the writer's have forgotten what a smart, intelligent character Hank really is and have strayed from keeping the character consistent. There is no way he would fall for someone as fickle and shallow as Jill. Although some efforts were made to make it seem like we should root for her (she feels him losing his job was unfair and somewhat gives a care for her fellow man by trying to start a low income free clinic), she treats Hank like a plaything that she can use whenever she wants, no matter that she's still married. And the amazing thing is that the writers allow Hank to be so stupid. He just got out of a relationship with a shallow woman. He's a likable, sincerely dedicated guy, not a foppish immature idiot; we already have his hilarious brother for that. In order for me to want to keep watching please get rid of Jill. Hank continuing to grovel to her is embarrassing.

    I look for the next season with excitement and trepidation. I hope we're given more chances to explore life in the Hamptons. I certainly wouldn't mind shoving Jill off a high cliff, if we must have Hank involved then he can solve her murder using his mad medical skills. Otherwise keep the fun and depth, but be sure to bring back Boris and Tucker! Oh and RDA as a guest star of course.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When this show started out, it was about at an 8 for me. There were some minor concerns with clichés and character relationships (ahem Hank and Jill) that made me roll my eyes frequently. Regardless, I really liked the show for a good while. It got a little intense near the middle of the series with some of Boris' drama and Milos and all, which I was really excited for. But then after all that dissipated, we were left with virtually nothing. Divya gets married between seasons to Raj, and seemingly had no second thoughts about that whatsoever. There was no development of her character shown in the show to lead her to that point, it's like she just has a baby, meets Raj, and all of a sudden they're actually in love and getting married. Like what on earth? You left this guy in like the beginning of the series and now we're just going to pretend everything between you is hunky-dory and you'll just poof! Find each other again and get married in less than a season with little to no intense self discovery or character epiphanies or any such development? Like... what? And don't even get me started on Hank. He basically changes zilch the entire show. All eight seasons. He changes his mind about his dad and brother, becomes a bit more forgiving, decides he wants to settle down, great. But there was no search for himself. He had a total of roughly zero intense character turning points or moments of realization (well, maybe one or two) but half the show, he was just a single doctor who people would acknowledge occasionally is, in fact, a hot single doctor. He goes through these breakups and maybe gets pissed off for an episode. Then, like magic, he's just fine! Either that, or he'll specifically tell us the emotions that make him not fine and then someone will just have a calm discussion with him and he'll just agree and move on and never have it become an issue again. Conflict between Paige and Evan was always mild once they got married, I was never excited about any of their plots. Boris just got annoying after Milos because he just hides weird secret nonsense and that can basically summarize every plot of his.

    In summary, this show lacks emotion; very dry. There are a lot of missed opportunities for characters to be more dynamic, which is especially necessary in a medical show such as this where you can basically never understand the medical plots anyway unless you happen to be a doctor watching the show, which is inevitable simply by its nature. He's also the only doctor who could magically not lose a patient in literally years. It's like the show is trying it's damnedest to avoid delving into any deep emotional conflict, and suffering for it, moreso as the show progresses. It gets so bad that near the end of the show we basically don't see any of the conflict; the characters just have explicit discussions with each other about the issues they face, which is a snooze fest. Otherwise, it's at least interesting to see some of the medical stuff happen. Not an awful show, but did not live up to its potential either.
  • Where have the writers gone? The writing is very monotone. The characters have lost there charm and creativeness. Bring back Boris and the wife. Bring back the charm and fireworks of Hank and Jill. Bring back the plot twists. The Hank and Jill fire has been extinguished and Evan's life is DULL. The last creative episode I recall was Boris and the poison. That episode was full of good, crisp writing.I hope this show is not turning into a "formula" show.I know there is only 8 episodes per season but do not wait until the end for a GOOD script. Last season and so far(up to 2/8/12) episode the scripts are DULL. Bring back the fire and passion of the old Royal Pains.
  • ZinQ1 September 2018
    But could have done without the pointless, ever talking, worthless idiot, Evan! I have been fast forwarding his bits.

    It would have been so much better without that character.
  • 'Royal Pains'... .. yes, it did eventually become exactly that!! Maybe 6 stars - the entire series is like an hour-long, weekly video presentation for super-luxury real estate in The Hamptons (and designer clothing and accessories for women). With some very good performances, and some blatantly awkward ones as well, it must be said that casting for this series was mostly to blame for its failings.. yea, and lots of the writing was pretty poor too. One of the best performances is from Brooke D'Orsay. Every time on-screen, no matter the circumstance, standing head-and-shoulders above, she is just so spot-on in her role as Paige Collins (no wonder she's now appearing on several other shows). Streaming is probably not the best way to view this type of series. There's LOTS can become tiring VERY quickly when viewed without a weekly break (notably several of the more annoying and poorly acted characters). Now halfway through season 5.. and it's lookin very doubtful will be able to hang on till the finish (even with the much-used capability of streaming-forward). This would have been a considerably better production had more 'real-world' situations and people been allowed to surface on a more frequent basis... and should the catch-phrases 'concierge-medicine'..and especially 'Hank-Med' never be heard again.. that would be more than agreeable. PS.. did eventually finish season 5.. and all I can say.. can't help die-hard fans.. but for anyone else maybe thinking of buyin season 5 episodes.. do not bother!! Its gotten way-off-track.. this show REALLY should call it quits, and take the money and run.
  • I have now watched every episode of this series. That in itself says something about its entertainment value. But I think it's safe to say this show is not for everyone.

    "Royal Pains" has been compared to "MacGyver", because it concerns a concierge doctor (Dr. Hank Lawson played by Mark Feuerstein) who practices in the Hamptons, and he has the uncanny ability to construct whatever medical device he needs from articles at hand. His brother, Evan (Paulo Costanzo), handles the business and financial sides of the operation. Divya (Reshma Shetty) and Jeremiah (Ben Shenkman) are the medical assistant and associate doctor who round out the practice.

    The show focuses on their personal lives, too. Their lives provide plenty of drama and comedy. Henry Winkler plays the father who has never reliably been there for the boys.

    Two others really deserve mention: Campbell Scott, who plays Boris, Hank's benefactor and most demanding patient, and Brooke D'Orsay, who plays Paige, Evan's beautiful girlfriend.

    Production values are spectacular. It doesn't hurt that the show is filmed in the Hamptons and on some foreign locations.

    Though Boris provides some intrigue, don't expect gun battles or car chases. This is a show about nice people who really care for others.
  • This is not a kind of show where you anxiously wait to see a new episode. It's kind of show that you can watch once in a while and you didn't miss anything. The idea is, a doc happens to help out a wealthy patient and soon after he becomes a private doc for secretive and freaky upper 5% wealthy patients in a preppy area. The show is hardly anyhow developing and it goes over and over again. A genius doc Dr. Hank Lawson Feuerstein is a weak and boring character. Evan R. Lawson is his younger brother, which a very cheesy and ridiculous character played by Paulo Costanzo, that tries hard to be funny but he keeps failing at it. I was impressed by Reshma Shetty, she appears to be very talented and interesting, but unfortunately her role is not built well either. Her desperate character is written into a lot of overacting and the show is static and repetitive. I'm starting to believe people would watch almost anything if it shows the glorious life of rich people. As far as it has mansions, expensive sports cars and giant pools, people will watch it. It's a little bit neat show, but I can't see much beyond that there.
  • Hank is a great caring doctor who winds up treating the ultra rich in the Hamptons. He takes on the most bizarre cases. Evan, his brother, only adds to the humor in the show with his wisecrack comments and escapades. You have to watch it! The guy he lives with -- Boris -- adds a slight mystery to show. And his assistant has enough medical knowhow and personal baggage going on to help out with the plot as well. The last main character is Jill -- she is the head of the local hospital and she and Hank are the romance builders of the show. She helps us show us different sides of Hank and plays along with Evan. The assistant also helps bring in a lot of humor with her interactions with Evan. The show is a nice refreshing medical show on the same lines as House -- but with more likable characters and more off the wall illness!
  • nisamtu22 December 2012
    This is one of the most idiotic things I saw on TV. If the two main actors ever had any acting classes they should ask for a refund immediately. The plot is just retarded... characters are about the most stupid and annoying things you can come across. Clichés are not just abundant, but they are mixing them from just about any genre they could think of. Who on earth makes this sh**t ?!?? Patheitc acting, laughable stupid plots... Awful. Stupid. There are school plays that are better this. And I am only still wasting my time and wearing out my keyboard because stupid IMDb insists that I write at least 10 lines about this cr*p.
  • Mark Feuerstein (Hank) carries the show MacGyvering medical miracles. While I really enjoy these scenes it might annoy me if I had a little more medical knowledge as the seemingly implausible might be impossible.

    Some shows are carried by the supporting cast (think Seinfeld or Frasier) this is not one of those shows. His brother, Evan, and love-interest, Jill, can both be annoying at times while Divya is often flat. None of them are good actors and the bad acting extends to the list of sometimes reoccurring characters as well.

    I love the good episodes and hate the bad ones. The funny thing is I may be able to start skipping the bad ones entirely because they alternate. I have liked episodes 1, 3, 5 and 7 and disliked 2, 4 and 6.
  • jan_lebbe25 December 2012
    I've began to watch this show because i liked the concept. A doctor who makes house calls in The Hamptons. I liked it from the beginning and et has a good story. On the other hand it's just not my kind of thing but it's just interesting enough to keep my attention. Mark Feuerstein and Paulo Costanzo are a very good acting duo and the acting overall is very very good. So overall i have to say acting is very good and the story is just average => 6/10

    But the reason i like this show the most is just because the visualization of the show is incredible so great props to the cameramen. It's just the way they always make such beautiful pictures, wow just wow! It's very well directed and filmed like no other show i ever saw before. Just a joy to watch => 10/10

    So if I count those two scores I get and 8/10 and that's a good score to project how good this show is. I don't say it's a must watch, but it's worth a try.
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