• WARNING: Spoilers

    Jessica Morgan (Autumn Reeser) is a wealthy lady who has people working for her, including a driver named Jerry (Michael Patrick Denis) stocked with Christmas peppermints. She is the new CEO of her grandfather's real estate company. Her driver finds the doodles she does while on business calls. Jessica visits her grandfather at the family mansion and is greeted by staff who are preparing for a holiday party. Jessica was raised here because her parents died when she was a child. Meanwhile in Glenbrooke, Colorado, a firefighter chief named Kyle Buchanan (Antonio Cupo) is fixing a church bell with his rookie firefighter named Ruthie Rolland (Latonya Williams). In Glenbrooke, people make wishes for Christmas when the church bells rings on Christmas Eve. The town is where Jessica's parents met. They made a wish outside of the church to be together. Jessica is escorted to the Christmas party by her grandfather Harold Morgan (Beau Daniels). At a family party, Jessica meets handsome Lucas (Jason Cermak) who is flirty but ultimately just wants to talk business land he may have available for the Morgan holdings in Napa. After the party, Jessica tells her grandfather she has decided to take a trip before she becomes CEO of the real estate company. Jessica decides to rent her mother's old home and just be an average person for a few days in their hometown of Glenbrooke. To keep a low profile, she borrows her drivers GMC RV for the trip and changes her name to Jessica Emerson. As Jessica arrives in Glenbrooke, Kyle is jaywalking. Jessica is distracted by Christmas carolers and almost hits him in her vehicle ruining his boxes of cookies. They wish each other a Merry Christmas and move on with their day. Jessica gets the keys to her cottage from Wyatt Mooney (Terence Kelly) who has decorated the grounds with Christmas decorations. Wyatt gives Jessica a list of Glenbrooke's Christmas events and a warm welcome. Inside her cottage, Jessica starts a fire in the wood stove without opening the flue setting off the smoke alarm, causing Kyle and Ruthie to stop by to put out the fire. Jessica thanks Kyle for his help, and he lectures her. He is very serious. Jessica's grandfather calls to make sure she arrived and direct her attention to a business email she needs to answer. The next day Jessica is at Glenbrew Coffee Store when it opens for business to use their wi-fi. She meets Teri White (Lisa McFadden) who runs the local arts center and is stressed about her Christmas open house. Thanks to busybodies like Shirley Carmonella (Kirsten Robek) who runs the coffee shop, everyone in the town already knows about Kyle and Jessica's run in Ruthie labeled the "ginger apocalypse" cookie accident and the smoke incident in her cottage and is already pining for them to get together. Jessica heads to the church to take photo like one her parents took. Kyle is there trying to repair the bell and helps her. They walk together into town. At the art center, Jessica is mistaken for the substitute art teacher, but she does help one student decide how to approach her painting. With nothing to do and nowhere to be, Jessica sketches in her notebook and finds time for herself as the snow falls. The next day Jessica is off to buy a Christmas tree. The fire department sells Christmas trees in Glenbrooke as a charitable fundraiser. Kyle helps Jessica pick out a tree and carries it back to the cottage for her. They decorate it in the rental home. Jessica talks about her dead parents, and Kyle mentions his mother is on a Christmas cruise of with her Bunco playing friends. Kyle's father recently died. They agree that Glenbrooke is the best town. Kyle further explains that he and his fiancée broke up because she wanted more than a fire chief's salary and a Glenbrooke life. Kyle sees Jessica's sketches and gives them a positive review. When they light the tree lights, they blow the transformer and Kyle leaves to investigate. Kyle restores the power and Wyatt delivers LED lights and the tree is complete. Jessica agrees to substitute teach the teen's art classes in town. Her lesson includes playing music and having the class paint what it makes them feel. Kyle is worried that the church bells will not ring this year because of the broken motor. Repairs cost $10,000 which the town and church do not have. Kyle arrives with ugly sweaters for the evening Christmas event, a visit to Wyatt's who play Santa each year among the Christmas Carolers. Jessica discloses to Kyle that the bells ringing means a lot her, and she asks Kyle to figure it out for her. She shares the story of her parents and shows him a photo. Jessica's parents died in a car accident on the way to hear the bells in town. Jessica also wants to reveal her wealth and career to Kyle but learns that Kyle distrustful of wealthy people who he claims have different priorities than his own. Jessica and the art students decide to sell their paintings to raise money for the bell repair. Her grandfather offers for the Morgan foundation to foot the bill, but Jessica declines. Jessica is worried Kyle will learn that she is wealthy but plans to tell Kyle after the Christmas fundraiser. Jessica uses social media to alert her wealthy friends in Brantley of the fundraiser. Kyle and Jessica read "The Night Before Christmas" to children at the art center. Terri learns Jessica's identity and pressure her to tell Kyle the truth, not wanting to see her lifelong friend get hurt. That evening, Kyle has prepared a fancy outdoor dinner in a Christmas tree lot. Jessica drinks beer right out of the bottle to show she is a downhome gal. Their date ends with a kiss on the cheek and the promise to talk about their new relationship tomorrow. That night Wyatt brings by a Christmas angel that belongs get to Jessica's mother to Jessica. At the arts center fundraiser, Jessica runs into an old friend who knows her as an heiress. The fundraiser is a huge success, and Kyle leaves to call the bell repairman. Jessica joins him outside, but he has gotten a text telling him that Jessica is a wealthy lady. Kyle sees Jessica differently and thinks she is dishonest and did not give a chance to make a decision on how to react to her reality. They break up,. Jessica offers goodbyes to Shirley, Teri and Dawn at the coffee shop and heads out of Glenbrooke before the bells ring. She leaves behind her sketch pad in her cottage. Wyatt finds the sketch pad and brings it to the coffee shop. Ruthie shows Kyle the sketches and tells him to give her another chance. He realizes he did not give Jessica a chance and is an idiot for letting her go. Ruthie covers his fire station shift and Kyle chases after Jessica. A road closure stops Jessica's progress toward Los Angeles. Kyle pulls up in his fire truck. They apologize in the roadway and agree to give the relationship a chance. They go back to town and find Jessica's grandfather at the rental home. He is supportive of her being in Glenbrooke and pursuing supporting the arts with the Morgan foundation and working remotely for his company as the CEO. On Christmas Eve night, Kyle gives Jessica a gift at the church. It is a remote control to start the bells. Jessica rings the church bells. They realize the bells brought them together as a couple. They kiss.