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  • This Girlfriends series went off the rails one movie ago, as Volume 27 dropped both the relationship to the label's Thornhill Diaries series as well as its scenes no longer taking place at the lesbian brothel known as the Lamoyne Hotel.

    So we get four random sex scenes instead of some semblance of an ongoing story line. Director Serene Siren has an actress say "twisted passion" a couple of times, but otherwise there's nothing identifiable with the series. Siren also stars in a vignette opposite young Ashley Wolf that is strictly fetish, with lots of footsie action and a deep affection for stockings.

    Silliest scene has fetish veteran London River doing a twerking contest with Adira Allure.

    Best segment features the always over-the-top Dana DeArmond as a blonde MILF with big breasts and bigger butt, condescending to use her trusty strap-on dildo on new roommate Jazmin Luv at a Lesbian Retreat.

    Tiny Ember Snow is paired with tall Bella Rolland in a very peculiar scene in which Ember phones for a "lift and carry special" which I foolishly thought would mean hiring a removalist. No, she gets Bella to carry her around the room and ultimately hump her. Obviously fetish, a genre in which Siren started her porn career, dictates the contents of this DVD.