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  • Amorality reigns supreme in this quite good romantic drama by Mike Quasar, who directed and co-scripted with up & coming source of narrative porn Shawn Alff (who usually works with Jacky St. James).

    Whitney Wright stars and provides considerable voice-over narration in a story of her playing an aspiring actress in Hollywood, who gets ahead after making the proper connections with husband/wife team the Turners who run an independent production company.

    Through her personal trainer Ryan Driller she gets hired as personal assistant to Jessica Turner, played by Sarah Vandella and beds down with her husband Gabe, played by Jake Adams. But nearly all cast members prove to be unfaithful to their partners over the course of the movie, sort of following the classic "La Ronde" structure of linear amorous couplings.

    The relentlessly cynical point-of-view expressed here is bracing, as even when dramatic moments occur it is clear that cheating is strictly business as usual in La La Land. Whitney and the ensemble cast do a fine job, making this one of the better Wicked Pictures releases in recent times.