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  • Although I love some of their movies, I've always felt like Cheech & Chong's stand up routines are lewd, tasteless and don't compare to other comedians of their era. Their "stoners on a journey" schtick has made for some hilarious comedies, but in my opinion does not translate well to the stage.Richard Pryor, for example, was as vulgar as they come, but he was able to add substance and some biting social commentary to his act. C&C, on the other hand, just do vulgarity for vulgarity's sake. This movie was more or less a bad remake of a horrible concert movie, 1983's "Still Smokin". Unless you're a huge C&C fan, steer clear of this one. If you are a C&C newbie, I would recommend watching "Up in Smoke" instead.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Stoner skits galore in this live performance reteaming of the legendary comic team of Cheech and Chong(as well as Tommy's babe wife), reformed after 25 years. A Lewd and profane series of vignettes, unleashing a variety of bizarre characters based on an array of stereotypes aped to the delight of a San Antonio audience who greets them with constant adulation and hero worship. I think I enjoyed Tommy Chong's stand-up routines(especially the comedy regarding his cat)better than the skits put together with sequences featuring characters who are supposedly members of the audience(Chong dressed in S & M leather opposite Cheech in drag with a fake poodle; Chong as a stoner opposite Cheech as a wasted drug dealer)critiquing the show and performers. Skits include Cheech and Chong as mutts(!), "Let's Make a Deal"(this time the show has a contestant playing for chance to score weed!), two druggies parked in a car, musical interludes featuring a blind Mississippi blues man(played by Chong) and a Texas redneck(played by Cheech), among other wild concoctions. My favorite skit is without a doubt the old couple in a theater watching a porno(Chong as an old coot describing in distinct detail what is on screen while a mostly mute Cheech in old hag drag responds in kind; it's priceless!). Lots of raunch, so if you are easily offended at potty humor and sex and drug related material, best to stay as far away as possible. As expected, some of the humor is aimed at past president George Bush for the times where Chong was put in jail for his marijuana legal troubles. Lots of Mexican gags/jokes featured throughout in C & C's program.
  • Through the 1970's on into the early 1980's Cheech and Chong kept The World stoned with their brand of comedy. Millions of records were sold, several movies were made between Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios. The party seemed to never end but all that came to a screeching halt and Cheech and Chong went their separate ways. Cheech sobered up and became a big star while Chong just stayed Chong and smoked his way through the 1990's and into the millennium.

    This Live Concert taken from the Light Up America and Canada Tour gets Cheech and Chong back together again, They are older, fatter, wrinklier, grayer, yet still they are Cheech and Chong. This show was actually what they performed back in their club days in Canada before they came down to the U.S.A. and smoked everyone up.

    This DVD was released the same day as it was broadcast at movie theaters across the U.S. on 4/20.
  • Cheech and Chong are back and, um, smokin'! The duo performs in San Antonio, talking a lot about things that happened in recent years (namely Chong's drug bust). Naturally, there's a lot of plain old crude humor, but also shots of the guys as audience members and fashionistas, and even some shots of them changing costumes. But the best parts are of course the acts (which occasionally include Chong's wife Shelby).

    I've never seen C&C live, although my dad once did. If "Hey Watch This" is any indication, it must be a truly fun experience to watch those guys perform. I certainly hope to see them in concert one day. Really fun. So just remember what Mexican-Americans like.
  • I can't say that I'm a biggest fan of Cheech & Chong. I saw a few movies, they were pretty silly and funny, and I do like the guys. However this show was for hardcore fans only, not so much for casual fans. Comedy was centered on pot, fart and sex jokes, as it usually is with these two. They brought back many of their old characters which whom I was not familiar with.

    But to me it wasn't that funny. It's not like I was offended or anything like that. They managed to get a few short laughs and smirks out of me throughout the whole show. I am a pothead too and maybe I should have smoked some before watching it, I'm sure it would have made it more enjoyable.

    But I can't ignore the fact that the crowd went crazy over them and laughed all throughout. It was nice to see them still doing the same thing after all these years and I'm sure the fans appreciated it. To me the show wasn't that amusing but I gave it a generous 5 just because it's Cheech & Chong.