The Wild Pair (2003)

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6 November 2011 | dpfacialfan
| Rip off of Thelma & Louise
This is basically a rip off of Thelma & Louise with lots of hardcore sex. I'm really disappointed with this movie from a story point of view. There should be countless of possibilities to make a great story based porno movie from a movie like Thelma & Louise, were the sex scenes are tying nicely into the story. Hell, every movie with "outlaw" women on the run should be a great setup for a story based porno. The possibilities for some really hot sex scenes should be countless with a setup like that. I can see hot and steamy lesbian scenes between the women. I can see the women take on every guy they meet in hot sex scenes if it helps them outrun the law. I can see the women forcing themselves on a man and basically raping him in a hot threesome. I can even see the women getting into double penetration and gang bang scenes that tie nicely into a story like that. But unfortunately this movie has none of those scenes that could get a extra boost from the story. Instead we just get mostly random sex scenes that could be from any typical story based porno movie about relationships. Another downer with this movie is that we once again get too many close ups that really ruin some of the scenes.

One thing that this movie has going for it is the really hot women. The so called Wild Pair is made up of Avy Scott and April Flowers. I must say that every scene was at least somewhat enjoyable. The movie starts out with a scene between Avy Scott and her husband, played by Steven St. Croix. I really don't get why they use this guy in so many movies. This guy must have some major connections to be able to star in this many movies, it can't be just luck. It is really quite unbelievable that a guy with a cock as small as this guy gets to bang all these young hot quality pussies. Even if he gives the girls a good pounding, I can't really believe they enjoy it and that mostly really hurts the scenes he's in. In the scene with Avy we only see her give him a blow job. First she gets on her knees and sucks his dick and then we get to see a 69 with him licking her pussy and ass while she's sucking his cock. But what really bothered me was that they also use Steven for the threesome with Kianna and Aurora Snow. This was a good scene, but it would have been a great scene if the guy banging these chicks was packing a big meat hammer. I'm not a big fan of Aurora Snow's looks, but I must admit that she looks quite attractive in this scene.

The scene that disappointed me the most was the lesbian scene. It was a good scene that should have been great. This time they had really picked the best looking women in this movie for the lesbian scene. Usually the lesbian scenes in these story based porno movies disappoint because one of the women is ugly. Well, not this time around. Now we get two lovely blond ladies in Monique Alexander and Monica Mayhem to go down on each other. This is the first time I see Monica with blond hair and she has never looked better in my mind. The scene begins with Monique going down on Monica and then Monica goes down on Monique. After that we see the girls in a 69 licking each other. Sounds great, but unfortunately we get too many close ups. Both Monica and Monique have spectacular bodies, I would say they easily have the best bodies of all the women in this movie, but they never get their bodies on display for us and that is a real crime. There was also a really random sex scene with Britney Foster that seemed to just be thrown in there to fill time. This wasn't anything special, but at least it filled the time.

What also disappointed me was that there wasn't any lesbian scene between the main two ladies. I at least expected to see a threesome with April Flowers and Avy Scott taking on Lee Stone, but all we get is April taking on Lee by herself and Avy taking on Dillon Day in another scene. The scene between Avy and Dillon was quite good. This is at least the scene that shows the most of the girl when she gets "fucked". We get some great shots of Avy and her spectacular natural body in the reverse cowgirl. The scene with April and Lee Stone started off really great. Dammit this girl can suck a big cock. I was really surprised by this girls deep throat ability. She basically takes Lee Stone's cock and swallows it whole without any problems. That is really impressive considering he is probably packing at least 10 inches (25 cm). But then they start "fucking" and the scene turns really ugly. The reason for this is that once again they bring out that god awful condom. This movie was condom free till the last scene and then they had to ruin it. Too bad they didn't just make it a blowjob scene.

This movie had some potential and with some minor changes it would be much better. All in all I give this movie a 6 out of 10 for the hot chicks and some pretty hot scenes.

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