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  • Children's Hospital is great fun, especially for those of us with short attention spans. The jokes come and go faster than you can laugh at them. Don't expect the next Sopranos, but be ready for something you haven't seen anything like. It is only ten to twelve minute episodes so how could you not give it a shot. It's satirical humor shot on the set of scrubs is of the best medical spoof comedy I have ever seen! All episodes can be found online, youtube for example, and is also now on demand. If you are into anything on Adult Swim definitely check out Children's Hospital it is one of the best shows they have put out thus far.....
  • gjamesgames28 April 2015
    This show puts most comedies to shame in my opinion. The smallest details in this show are responsible for non-stop hilarity in the action packed ten-minute episodes. The writing and actors are perfect, and they only get better as the show moves along. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have a few laughs. I promise you will watch the first season in one sitting. For comedy lovers everywhere. This is a must see.

    What makes this show so funny? Its a lot of the little things done well. Characters are developed through obscene and random interactions with each other. Many aspects of the show are so abstract you really just have to laugh at the world they are creating. Character synergy started out great but only got better. Just watch and start laughing for yourself. Cheers
  • I don't think there was a single episode of this show yet that i didn't like. Children's hospital has that goofy screwball humor that is one part spoof and one part just complete ridiculousness. It makes fun of pretty much every hospital show as well as other genres of television, featuring random people who just start making out at the randomest times, comically pedestrian ideas about modern medicine and plays on just about every movie cliché ever. Its like a batshît crazy ode to really really bad television and all the hilariously idiotic things it brings. They break the 4th wall in the most entertaining way and this is literally a TV show within a TV show, Rob Coddry plays Cutter Spindell who plays Blake Downs. The show alludes to the fact that its shot in Brazil or Japan making no effort to hide that its shot in Los Angeles. They even use the famous Korean bell of friendship in San Pedro as B roll to make it seem like they've moved across the seas. I think pretty much every one of the characters has died at least once only to be brought back in the most elaborately confusing way possible, everyone in the cast has screwed everyone else at least once, sometimes all in the same episode. They open each episode with "previously on children's hospital" referencing irrelevant events that never actually happened on the show and frequently draw attention to their intentional mistakes in storytelling, like the fact that they have an OBGYN in a children's hospital or a fake "live show" that totally ends in a train wreck.

    This show is pure comedy gold and i suggest everyone in the world watches it. Its probably the only show in the world that made a fake spin off as a joke that actually get it picked up as a full series. Make that TWO shows. NTSF::SD:SUV is absolutely hilarious especially in its recent seasons, however, the Newsreaders spin off is more just a ripoff of onion news and they try way too hard.

    If you're still not convinced, just watch this scene and you'll understand.
  • Much better than I thought it would be. The jokes were well written and executed. There's actually original ideas here that they play with even into other episodes. The thing I really like is that (so far), they seem to be not holding back on how far a joke can go or even as to what subject matter. I hate shows where they have to be careful not to upset a certain group of people. There's also a wide range of celebrities appearing in the show. It even looks as though Henry Winkler will be a regular in the show. At least that's what I got from watching the upcoming scenes from the trailer. EXCELLENT!!! Finally a comedy that's well written, and that I can look forward to upcoming episodes.
  • Children's Hospital, Rob Corddry's ridiculous brain child, is not going to be every person's cup of tea. The comedy and subsequent dynamic of the show is so backwards and frivolous that it takes a certain kind of sense of humor, one could say a versatile one, in order to truly enjoy it. I like to believe that certain kinds of comedy, Children's Hospital for example, are not found funny for two reasons: one, it may actually miss the mark and not be funny, or, second, this is most common, people do not find things funny because they do not actually have a sense of humor.

    There are countless things in Children's Hospital that people can write off as stupid, moronic, dumb, or contrived, but what else are you looking for from a comedy? This is not Frasier, this is not a comedy that has set out to reinvent the wheel and adapt a doctoral parody into the most clever and brilliant show in existence, and it is imperative that the audience understands that. This is Rob Corddry and Rob Huebel we are talking about, both hysterical actors with impeccable timing and comedic talents, but neither of which will be accepting an Oscar any time soon. Each show, movie, film, or other piece of performance art is relative in its own right. Children's Hospital is no different. If I want to thoroughly enjoy myself, belly laugh at length, and follow some of the most ludicrously bumbling characters I've come across, I watch this show. When I want something with depth, drama, and consistent cleverness I watch Modern Family or Parks and Recreation.

    This show is spectacular in the sphere it operates pun intended.
  • This show is super strange a bit of an acquired taste, the first time my friend showed me this i was like, what the f*@# am i watching, but it grows on you so fast and soon becomes your favorite thing ever. No other show can be this smart and this dumb at the same time. All of the jokes are so meta, they hit on so many levels. Its a TV show about a TV show about a children's hospital, that likes to remind you that its a TV show. Sometimes i have to pause it because i am laughing so hard that i can't breathe and i start choking.

    And its not even the fact that this show is so funny, its surreal, like some sort of salvador dali greys anatomy acid trip... And it makes a kind of social commentary at times, that is just... Well how do i describe it? One episode they are spoofing the whole Cyrano thing, with the friend around the corner whispering you advice trope, only they keep outsourcing their advice so it becomes one giant game of telephone, only to reveal later that the girl he has been trying to woo has been doing the same exact thing. My favorite episode was the season 5 finale where the whole thing is shot with this hilarious but also super well shot and dramatic sequence, which captures both the emotional essence of something truly moving, as well as the comedic infusion of something created to parody that genre. Not to mention Kat accidentally saying "i love you, bye" while calling in a bomb threat. Her delivery, priceless. Or the episode where its supposed to be a parody of a live 3 camera show only it ends in a complete disaster.

    Just watch it.
  • Seriously, when I watch Scrubs, I literally fall asleep in my chair. The humor is so dry and the acting so stale, the dialogue so predictable that after watching a dozen episodes, I just gave up, realizing that the show was neither dramatic enough nor humorous enough and especially not creative enough for my tastes. (I'm not here to bash Scrubs, it was just the only other hospital comedy I've seen)

    But when Children's Hospital comes on: the clever use of politically incorrect humor, the exceptional use of situational, dramatic/tragic, and verbal Irony; the ability to turn what would be a tragic situation into an absolutely hysterical - a purely funny brand of hospital humor. However, it's not a show for everyone, as it may be pushing the boundaries too far for some: perhaps too absurd and too hysterical while often seeming devilish or distasteful - some people don't pick up on the satire or irony too well, but yakno', what can I say? As an Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Venture Bros., Always Sunny, and Futurama fan, I generally appreciate a more absurd, creative, and unpredictable sense of humor.

    With the show comes voiceovers that are actually witty and funny, instead of Zach Braff's monotonus and predictable monologues; clever characters, and excellent use of satire, I would highly recommend this to anyone ready to watch with an open mind.
  • I really hate when old people post about comedy shows that they just don't get (like Nimue1016). It's clear from that post Nimue already hates Adult Swim shows, which begs the question of why they are even watching Adult Swim to begin with. The fact that he/she refers to Rob Corddry as "the director" highlights the fact that they're clueless about the subject with which they are writing. I'm guessing he/she also hates Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show, Robot Chicken, etc.

    However, if you're under 30 and like a good comedy, this show is pretty damned funny. Rob Corddry is great as the clown doctor, and the rest of the cast is dynamite too. There's a great style to it with the "previously on..." way of showing new elements of the story as if it had already been included in past episodes. I especially love the "previously on" at the start of Episode 4, where Dr. Cat Black breaks up with tons of doctors, including some multiple times, and once while giving the doctor a hand-job. Lots of great sexual humor in this show, mocking shows like Grey's Anatomy. Definitely worth checking out if you have a funny bone in your body (which, apparently, Nimue1016 does not).
  • I just started watching this show in 2013 ... I live in Europe and don't always get the latest of everything, but in short I've found this show very, very fun to watch. The director/cast are clearly trying to deliberate (in a fun way) confuse the audience, particularly during the "previously on Children's Hospital ..." bit, but it just adds to the laughs if you ask me.

    The show's almost like a very abbreviated (only 11 minutes per episode) version of the old spoof show Police Story, but this does even better, mocking ER, House, Grey's and Scrubs - all of which had it coming. There's even a faint reference to St. Elsewhere if you're old enough to remember that.

    So glad I found this to fill the void left by 30 Rock. Lake Bell is hysterical. I hate Rom/Coms, but I'd watch one if she was in it.
  • The pilot starts with "Previously on Childrens Hospital", drop the mic, game over, they win. This is one of those rare shows that is very funny despite the fact that if features several unfunny mainstream actors. Did I mention the show takes place inside a Puerto Rican midget's fart, in Brazil? Or that Malin Akerman's character is actually Jon Hamm in a blonde wig? Great stuff, watch it.
  • bkbirge3 September 2013
    This show is all kinds of great. I just caught the first 2 seasons on Netflix and if they continued on in that vein then it's a classic for sure. You have to be a fan of deadpan absurdity to enjoy this but if that's your cup of tea you are in for a treat. Highly recommended, the "live" episode in season 2 has got to be one of the best.

    This is raunchy without showing any skin and the jokes are all very much for adults. Make sure the kiddies are in bed when watching. The writing doesn't hit on all cylinders all the time but when it does it's comedy gold.

    If you are a fan of skit based wackiness then you will like this.
  • sonofom30 October 2010
    Humor is not a question of taste. It depends on the advance of one's mind! Those who did don't find this not no funny, just aren't as far... and probably never will not ever be. Either way, i say this started of pretty good and gets better and funnier with every episode! Well Done! Could be longer tho! The Humor is rough and most time's innovative and new! I like the variety! It goes all directions without any boundary! Would say it's most likely for fans of: Family Guy, The Simpsons, Scrubs, American Dad, The Office, My name is Earl, Married with Children, King of Queens, Adult Swim, Cheers, ... get it?! Quotes "ATTENTION STAFF - THERE MUST BE MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS " or " ATTENTION STAFF - THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD - ROCKY BALBOA "
  • This show is the greatest, and is up there with the likes of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "Arrested Development", and "Workaholics". I have no idea how they managed to assemble such a huge and talented cast, but I will just enjoy it and not ask questions! If you have been exposed to the comedy of the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater, or Comedy Bang! Bang!, then you will absolutely love this show. You owe it to yourself to at least try out the second season. The writer's are fantastic as well, and my personal favorite is "Give a Painted Brother a Break" written by the immensely funny Paul Scheer. I hope Adult Swim has the good sense to hold on to this series for as long as possible.
  • dshetlan29 October 2010
    Despite the show's exceptional cast, this is easily the least entertaining show I have ever seen. The show suggests itself to be a parody of medical dramas in general; unfortunately, it lacks story structure and any semblance of realism. There's a line where parody ceases to be funny and just starts being stupid - Children's Hospital crossed that line and walked into the next state. Given the show's plot lines and jokes (or lack thereof) I would assume that the show's creators started out with a goal of making a show that was indeed worse than "Tim and Eric's Awesome Show" . . . and unbelievable as it sounds, they succeeded.
  • I can't stand how mediocrity has become not just acceptable but the ordinary. This show is easily the ugliest display of brain washing trash T.V only surpassed by the likes of the "great" Jersey Shore. I thought Tim and Eric Awesome Show was as bad as it could get, this show proved me wrong and did so in leaps and bounds. It's been said that the humor is "new" and "fresh" and that if you don't understand the comedy you're just a closed minded fool. There is nothing new or fresh about this, people have been acting like idiots and recording it on video since television has existed. The "astounding cast"? please these actors are wasting their time, the few good cast members have way more potential than they display. I can't stand stupid and this show is nothing but.
  • Bryan-13 January 2019
    One of the most laugh out loud comedies there's ever been. Every episode plays out like a family guy skit, you never know what these people are going to say or do. It's amazing that there's only 21 reviews after 10 years.
  • jimel984 October 2015
    There are 17 (hopefully this will make 18) reviews of this show and only FIVE are negative, and they sure are negative. This one is NOT.

    Here you have a show that is sarcastic, snide, tongue in cheek and hilariously twisted. The premise, a Children's Hospital staff that are this self absorbed that the patient care is questionable at best would make one cringe. The one thing that truly affects human sentimentality and can bring about amazing sympathy (well, from CIVILIZED people) is children in distress, be it sickness, injury, horrible circumstances surrounding their young lives, etc. Civilized people feel that tug at the heartstrings when a child is at risk.

    Every kid who checks into this hospital is at risk, but thank God, it's NOT REAL. This show is done with SUCH disregard for emotional distress, it's like reverse psychology. We know what is happening is terrible, but it's done so well, it's amazingly funny. Thankfully, patient care IS not a focal point of the show so we do manage to hang onto the reality of...heck, lets just say badness. No, this show only has patient care on the edges so there's not too much. Even too much of a good thing can be bad.

    This show focuses on the nurses, doctors, administrators and staff as well as surrounding characters and their flawed existence, and flawed it is.

    The one character I will address simply because he's used on the advertising picture is Dr. Blake Downs played by one of the show's creators, Rob Corddry. He's a GLARINGLY obvious parody of Patch Adams. I avoid real medical dramas so I'm sure there are other obvious parodies, but I'm not seeing them. I don't have to, I just tune in, tune out and laugh.
  • Adult Swim should stick to cartoon and other animation programs. Children's Hospital is just awful. A show so stupid, that I'd imagine you'd have to be stupid yourself to enjoy the show. I actually forced myself to watch several episodes of the show to see if it was any good. In my opinion, every episode was worse. After 4 or 5 agonizing episodes, I finally had enough. Most of the humor is lewd and obscene or just plain ignorant and stupid. There is no sophisticated, witty, or satirical humor in the show at all. However, if you do like this show, then to each his own. Everyone has a different sense of humor. However, as for me, this show is definitely one of the worst.
  • I had the "pleasure" of watching one episode of this show late one night when nothing else was on, and I immediately lost faith in comedy. What is wrong with these people? And you, you who think this is comedy? Please, please just...just don't. The actors, at least, have some talent, but it is entirely wasted on this useless piece of television trash. I can't begin to explain how much this show disgusted me. What exactly is the point of the clown? Was the show written by dyslexic monkeys on heroin? Perhaps, perhaps...seriously, do not waste your time for even a second, it's a bunch of slightly talented idiots making idiots of themselves on camera and televising it. Stupid, stupid, and more stupid...
  • Well, the title says a lot of my general feel for this show.

    It's stupid, over-the-top comedy that attempts, and fails, to be tongue- in-cheek. This is pretty evident throughout the few episodes I've bothered to sit through. In one scene, a doctor walks in, talks about "Cutting open a child" for a minor broken leg, insisting it "MUST BE MORE!" This itself isn't really a killer, but it was so badly delivered (visibly pausing for theoretical laughter), that you can't help but wonder who they got to actually play in these sorts of roles. It was presented in that cheap and mildly awkward way that almost all Adult Swim Originals nowadays seem to exhibit. Then the "punchline" comes up: "Well you'd better be right... This time" and you see the 'director' of the hospital - some sort of odd clown. I, personally, groaned. Why were they trying so hard? Did they REALLY have to make the director a clown? There's satire, and then there's just... Overshooting. I mean, what's that supposed to say? Medical drama hospital directors are clowns? No. You can make them promiscuous, miserly, or overly obstinate, sure, but a clown is meant to be ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous. It's trying far too hard for a laugh and just comes off groan-worthy.

    Of course, then they occasionally do pretend to be "artistic," hiding under the aegis of "satire." It's satire in the same way that My Immortal is writing... Okay, it isn't that bad, but it does fail to deliver any sense of satisfaction and is only satirical in the most technical sense.

    Instead of having a comedic theme, or a series of comedic events, they provide a series of poorly delivered one-liners by budget actors. If you ended up liking "Saul of the Mole Men" or "Xavier: Renegade Angel" you might enjoy this, but otherwise... Watch Garth Marenghi's Dark Place. Same premise, but done well.

    Still, this is leaps and bounds better than a lot of the drivel Adult Swim puts on. Not good, but actually watch-able.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Rob Cordry and cast and crew knock it out of the park with this absurdist, surreal, over the top take on hospital dramas. it's like "Scrubs" on acid. Take every single stereotype from hospital shows and throw them in a blender with vain, horny, not very medically skilled, trying to advance their careers and simultaneously cover their asses attributes pour that formula into a great ensemble cast of comedians and skilled actors and you have "Children's Hospital". Rob's character is like a funhouse mirror of Patch Adams with a huge pair of lungs-shaped bloodstain (or possibly angel wings shaped) on the front of his scrubs where he either wipes his hands or is the collective blood of several patients. Their patients are conveniently ignored or just fodder for the crazy hi-jinks. There is a secret weird hierarchy of nurses. They slip into a strange MASH-like alternate universe for a season. Sexual harassment, blind ambition, wrong-headed philosophical observations and every kind of ridiculous stereotype are served in heaps. A nurse is promoted to surgeon because of an observation in the ER. The next day the head nurse vows to sabotage her. When she asks for a scalpel she's handed a corkscrew, asks for a defibrillator and is handed a pair of hamsters etc..and doesn't notice. They roam the landscape looking for and finding laughs at the expense of the medical community something that is usually made to appeal to people's sense of concern, caring and respect.
  • ewrh-824931 March 2018
    There really are factual people who think this is funny. Where is a neurologist if you need one? Or did a sleep to long and woke up in the actual idiocracy?