Logan: You should be kissed every day, every hour, every minute.

Beth: What kind of a person drives from Colorado to Louisiana to work in a dog kennel?

Logan: I couldn't tell you. I walked.

Beth: You walked? You walked here from Colorado?

Logan: I like to walk.

Logan: How do you explain something that you can't even understand yourself?

Logan: Finding something like that... in a war... is like finding an angel in hell. So I kept it with me.

Beth: Why did you come here?

Logan: To find you.

Beth: [watching Logan work] Do you know if he has an off switch?

Ellie: I hope not.

Ben: I thought I was the guy next to you.

Logan: You're my best buddy. I'll always be next to you.

[Beth watches Logan working outside while she does the dishes inside. She cleans a pan without realizing she does it. Ellie notices that she looks at Logan]

Ellie: [smiling] Now, that's as clean as it'll ever be.

Logan: Do you still run competitively?

Beth: Oh no, now I just do it to clear my head. It's a lot cheaper than therapy.

Logan: So is walking.

Beth: Sorry, it's been a while.