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  • The worst Slit Mouthed Woman Sequel(I think?) I have ever seen. Whats the use of using gore and blood without attacking the victims. Well, it was too melodramatic than a horror movie. Very slow paced. I watched the movie at least 30 minutes then I kept skipping till the end. At least the final scene surprised me. The direction is awful, the screenplay is a bit paled, the acting was poor and finally the Slit Mouthed Woman looks funny than ugly. More like a circus freak than a monster. Trust me people, the movie is really slow and I know all of you will guess what will happen next. Oh well, I hope my comment is useful.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    I'm normally fairly lenient on films, and the negative hyperbole that usually appears in the reviews. No, this was not the worst horror film I have ever seen, but I was surprised it received as high of a rating as it did.

    The pace was slow, not at all necessarily bad or unusual, especially in Asian horror, but there were far too many shots of the main character wandering around and seeing blurry figures off in the distance. Indeed, the bulk of the film consists of such shots. As other reviewers have said, there was gore, but rarely in connection with any actual violence (if that sentence seems to make no sense that's because it didn't make sense in the film either). Unexplained actions also can be used effectively in this genre but in this case they were simply unexplained (why does the policeman always give a goofy smile every time he sees a skeleton?!)

    Sadly there was potential with the backstory which could have been explored in interesting ways, i.e. "we become the monster we pretend to be" or "when people view you as a monster you can turn into what they think you are", etc. Alas, this backstory felt tacked into the main film, rather than, as it should have been, the main focus.

    I really wanted to like this film, but could only give it 3 stars at the end.