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  • lor_21 October 2020
    After a big, deluxe edition commemorating Volume 100 of "Women Seeking Women", Girlfriends Films reverted to subpar, even leftover-seeming content for #101. I've added it to IMDb, six years late.

    First half of the show presents a two-parter. The intro is dull and long-winded, as the issue of Zoey Holloway's daughter as not being interested in boys is discussed by Zoey with pal Jelena Jensen, as if this were novel subject matter, when in fact it is a leading candidate for default option in devising a Girlfriends scene.

    The kid (lovely young blonde Katerina Kay) is brought in along with JJ's cousin Lena Nicole, a counselor at a campus lesbian center, in one of the label's trademark 4-girl visual compositions.

    Semi-improvised dialog (also a label stock method) is extremely clumsy here, as Kay tells everyone that she has been watching lesbian porn taken from her mom's room. The group divides into couples, and Lena predictably seduces KK (with Katerina way out of character in demonstrating her prowess at cunnilingus and tribbing), while JJ and Zoey rummage through Zoey's collection of DVDs from the Girlfriends catalog, before indulging in some Sapphic sex themselves.

    Next segment has Ariel X styled kinda butch as a contractor working on remodeling Heather Silk's new house, a scene made laughable when Silk takes X to her bedroom to check out a door that needs replacing, with a strap-on dildo lying in plain sight on an end table. Ariel gets to put the strap-on to good use.

    Final scene is merely all-sex: Prinzzess and Lily Carter on a nondescript bed making love. Considering P's hundreds of scenes made for the label this seems like a rejected vignette rescued from the cutting-room floor.